Jennie reveals rare "2nd personality", acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage

Uyển ĐìnhAug 17, 2023 at 07:07

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) has always been known to the audience as an idol who always exudes extremely luxurious charisma. However, Jennie has admitted that this is not her real personality in real life that surprised everyone.

Jennie can be seen as a representative of the talented female idols of Kpop. Besides, she is also the "face of the brand" and creates a series of style trends, conquering fans around the world.

Jennie can be said to be the most "marketable" member of BLACKPINK when many scandals large and small without appointments but meet clung to her from the first days of her debut. With a beautiful face, personality, the first impression Jennie gives is a luxurious and unapproachable lady. Fans confessed to finding it difficult to approach her, it wasn't until they met her in real life that they broke down!

Jennie reveals rare 2nd personality, acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage - Photo 1

The audience always sees an energetic, burning Jennie on stage but the singer suddenly reveals herself to be shy. In a recent interview, Jennie said: "People who know me will agree that when I'm down on stage I'm very quiet and shy. But that goes away when I step on stage. At that time I will turn on BLACKPINK Jennie mode."

It can be said that popularity also has a downside when Jennie often receives many mixed comments from the online community because of her personality. However, through many situations, the audience realizes Jennie is actually a person with a kind personality.

Jennie reveals rare 2nd personality, acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage - Photo 2

Jennie had the opportunity to participate in "Running Man", they all played hard and brought laughter to the audience. Especially Jennie, so many luxurious "big sister" images on the stage that YG trained disappeared quickly only through ... 1 episode of "Running Man".

Although the "image collapsed", in return Jennie has gained a decent fan base, it seems that fans prefer an adorable Jennie to what she shows on stage. Jennie's personality is quite "rich", both weak and disruptive. Jennie has always been the most enthusiastic supporter of the members' jokes. Once, Rosé had a coat style that was loose, slacking off her shoulder blades... Jennie didn't miss the opportunity, she also immediately dropped one side of her jacket. And turned to o.ff to her sister Lisa: "This is right, this role is right!"

Jennie reveals rare 2nd personality, acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage - Photo 3

During a concert in Indonesia, Jennie saw a fan in a wheelchair being jostled and shoved by other fans. She then removed her hairpin and gave it to her friend. This act of loving fans could not help but make fans feel both heartwarming and a little jealous.

The identity of the lucky fan was also quickly found out by Blackpink's fan community, surprisingly this person was Jennie's antifan from the beginning from her time as a trainee for YG.

Antifan after receiving Jennie's hairpin was also inspired to become her true fan. This beautiful act of Jennie helped her score points with fans. Besides the criticism of Jennie, there are still many positive comments from the Korean online community for Jennie. Many viewers expressed their sympathetic view of the pretty g.irl because the idol is a warm, kind person by nature.

Jennie reveals rare 2nd personality, acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage - Photo 4

BLACKPINK once said in an interview that their personalities are completely different from what they show on stage : "Time seems to pass quickly, although on stage we all show everyone the most confident side, but in real life it is a bit unfamiliar. This makes us want to perform even better as well as taste more challenges, maintain our performance and continue to move forward."

Jennie reveals rare 2nd personality, acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage - Photo 5

The image of 4 beautiful, confident and brave BLACKPINK girls on stage can confuse fans with their true personalities. In particular, Jennie has always been commented as a float just because of her cold and luxurious image. However, behind the glory, the BLACKPINK girls no longer have a gorgeous and haughty look. 4 girls with 4 different personality traits is what really attracts fans!

Jennie reveals rare 2nd personality, acquaintance admits real personality is far different on stage - Photo 6

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