Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group

Bình YênJan 06, 2024 at 15:31

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Rosé updated her Instagram Story with a happy birthday photo of Jisoo with the caption, "Wishing you a very happy birthday, our cute eldest sister, Jisunni (Jisoo unnie). I hope you have the happiest day in the world. I love you."

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 1

While seemingly ordinary, Rosé's story was met with controversy because her abbreviation of "very" ("neomu neomu" in Korean) to "nomu nomu" was an expression considered hate speech.

South Korean news site M.oney Today reported that "nomu" was the word used by the opposition to disparage the late South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun.

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 2

In the past, g.irl group Crayon Pop was boycotted by the domestic advertising industry after using the phrase "nomu nomu" on social media.

It seems that the lead vocalist of BLACKPINK was also aware of the issue and quickly fixed his story afterwards. At this time, the controversy calmed down because netizens thought that Rosé should have written it accidentally.

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 3

On the other hand, a day before Jisoo's birthday, YG Entertainment announced that the eldest BLACKPINK sister will be the last member of the group to debut solo:

"While Jisoo has been busy with her world tour since last year, she still works with music professionals in her spare time. She completed the photo shoot (for the solo album) to keep her promise to her fans. Jisoo will be back soon with good news for you."

In another development, the combination of Jennie & Hyori - 2 female idols of 2 different generations made fans extremely excited.

As the opening guest for Lee Hyori's Red Carpet, BLACKPINK's Jennie proved her attraction to it girls with a series of trending topics. The show aired officially on January 5, but now social media has been buzzing with Jennie and Lee Hyori's interactions.

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 4

It is rare for viewers to see the combination of 2 top female idols of 2 different generations on 1 TV show. This made Jennie's appearance alongside Hyori even more explosive. In addition to the interactions, Jennie also contributed to the fun with extremely satisfying performances, notably the cover of Miss Korea with "owner" Hyori.

Miss Korea is on Hyori's 5th album Monochrome and has topped many charts when she debuted, so Jennie is also somewhat pressured to cover. However, the BLACKPINK member tried very hard to complete this performance with his seniors.

Not stopping there, Jennie also continued to "entertain" the show with her own familiar hit - You & Me. Like a fish meets water, she delivered a satisfying performance with no points to criticize.

In recent months, YG Entertainment has seen growth and decline in its stock price. This is because the news regarding BLACKPINK and G-Dragon has affected interest in YG. At the present time, YG's stock price has once again witnessed a decline after the four BLACKPINK members announced that they will not re-sign their individual contracts with the company.

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 5

Specifically, as of now, YG shares are at $36.35, down 6.39% from the previous trading day. Korean media believe that failed negotiations with the four BLACKPINK members regarding their personal activities have caused the stock to fall consecutively.

Although at the end of December, YG announced BLACKPINK's renewal of their group contracts, the inability to guarantee the re-signing of individual contracts has raised concerns about the future prospects of the entertainment company.

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 6

Jennie has now announced the creation of her own agency called ODDATELIER, while Jisoo is expected to work on personal projects under the agency run by her brother. Lisa and Rosé are expected to announce a change in their individual activities soon.

This change posed a challenge for YG as the company not only lost BLACKPINK but also faced the departure of G-Dragon. This makes YG's future more and more uncertain.

Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group - Photo 7

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