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Rosé criticized for disrespecting Jisoo, Jennie has new people after leaving the group

Bình Yên15:31:23 06/01/2024
Rosé updated her Instagram Story with a happy birthday photo of Jisoo with the caption: "Wishing you a very happy birthday, our cute eldest sister, Jisunni (Jisoo unnie). I hope you have the happiest day in the world. I love you.

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Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions

Mộc Trà16:06:35 04/01/2024
This time, the online community was abuzz with the news that BLACKPINK's Jisoo will sign a contract with Biomom to manage his personal activities in the future. Biomom is a brand of infant supplements founded by Jisoo's older brother.

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Jisoo - Rosé ignore Jennie - Lisa m.aking l.ove loudly, striving to assert their names: Clear evidence!

Mộc Trà15:13:16 15/12/2023
Meanwhile, since becoming Dior's Global Ambassador in 2021, Jisoo - a member of the group BLACKPINK - has proven herself to play an important role in boosting the brand's revenue.

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Rosé was suddenly honored by the world, revealing proof that BLACKPINK are all "flowers with owners", someone is about to get married

Bình Yên10:50:57 06/12/2023
Rosé was also honored to appear on the cover of the Iconic Number with 5 other famous faces, including filmmaker and actress Taika Waititi; journalist and TV presenter Lee Lin Chin; actress, filmmaker Nicole Kidman

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Song Hye Kyo continues to be exposed after revealing a mysterious love affair with her boyfriend Rosé

Bình Yên12:09:56 13/04/2023
According to Allkpop, on the evening of April 11, Riccardo Tisci - former creative director of Burberry shared about a visit to a luxury villa owned by fashion designer Eva Chow. At the dinner party, Rosé (Blackpink) and actor Kang Dong Won were also present. The photo went...

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Jennie is the most in love in BLACKPINK, Rose is not the right type: From BTS to CEO

Nắng10:54:09 17/12/2022
Recently, netizens were extremely excited when Rose Blackpink was suspected of dating the CEO of Spotify. Before that, the female idol also had many similar doubts. Below is a list of people who have been rumored to be dating Rose. 1. Mark (GOT7) Rose and Mark have been involved...

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Daughter Johnny Depp publicizes new joy after father and Amber Heard's lawsuit

Nắng09:31:48 05/06/2022
This is the first time the actress Lily-Rose has appeared since her father Johnny Depp pursued a defamation lawsuit with Amber Heard for more than a month. Recently, paparazzi captured the moment actress Lily-Rose Depp fell in love with her new boyfriend - rapper Yassine Stein...

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Rose (Black Pink) is racist in America, Kpop fans are shaking

Nam Phương20:01:35 13/11/2021
Many fans have stoned a man in the US for acting uncivilized towards a member of the group Black Pink. Temporarily putting aside domestic activities, in the past few days, group Black Pink has had busy schedules in the US. If Lisa and Jennie moved to Los Angeles, on November 10...

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