Thuy Tien showed off her "huge" numbers on her account, making people admire

Lan ChiJun 17, 2024 at 14:51

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After announcing the good news of having just completed her master's degree in Switzerland, Thuy Tien continued to make her mark on fans, releasing a huge number on her social media account. This milestone partly shows her attraction. her talent and beauty in the Vbiz world

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 1

In the field of Vietnamese beauty, Thuy Tien is considered the name with the greatest appeal to the public. Up to now, it has been 3 years since Thuy Tien was crowned Miss Grand International. Although every year Vietnam has many flowers and crowned runners-up, the beauty born in 1998 still retains her attraction to the public. She has a "huge" number of followers on social networking platforms.

On her personal page, Thuy Tien just showed off her new milestone 3 years after her coronation. Specifically, the queen's TikTok account has just reached 5 million followers - a not small number, proving that her name is still interested and supported by many audiences. At the same time, her TikTok channel currently has more than 195 million likes.

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 2

On her TikTok channel, Thuy Tien regularly posts youthful, humorous content as well as spreading positive energy to young people. Not only does the queen have "trending" content, her TikTok channel with 5 million followers is also a place to update charity and community-oriented activities. Not only on this platform, Thuy Tien is also one of the post-Vietnamese girls with a "huge" following on Instagram.

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 3

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 4

After 3 years of being crowned Miss Grand International, Thuy Tien persevered with social activities. At the same time, the 9X beauty still prioritizes spending time studying. Thuy Tien once shared about officially w.inning the Executive Master of Hospitality Management scholarship from SHMS University Center. This is the largest hotel management training school in Switzerland. The beauty said she had never thought about studying for a master's degree, but she hopes she can inspire young people.

"Before now, Tien has never thought about studying for a master's degree, but for the sake of those who are following and accompanying her, Tien also wishes and hopes that she can convey a little motivation to help. It's helpful for you, even if it's small. Thank you for everyone's love and support, it gives Tien more motivation to go beyond her comfort zone and develop herself even more. ", the beauty shared.

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 5

Because she was busy with a tight schedule, she chose the distance learning system. The beauty is expected to go to Switzerland in November to receive her diploma. In parallel with community activities such as "Cheer Up", "Little Things", Love School and the reality TV series of "Dawn and Farmer", Thuy Tien also cultivates her knowledge. myself and determined to pursue my education. The beauty shared that with each project she participates in, she has the same desire to use her influence and story to convey messages about effort and effort to young people.

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 6

Most recently, Thuy Tien has just completed the project of bringing electricity to the highlands at two schools in Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province. Meaningful project to help the learning and spiritual development of highland children here.

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 7

In the near future, Miss Thuy Tien will also appear in Duc Phuc's comeback MV - First Day After Breakup - marking the male singer's second collaboration with Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien. Previously during Tet, Duc Phuc had a collaboration with Thuy Tien from the MV Going to Chua Duyen Pagoda, one can see the bond between the male singer and Miss Hau.

Looking at the song title as well as the poster, it is not difficult to guess that this will be an emotional pop ballad song. This is also Duc Phuc's popular music genre, and it is not difficult to predict that it will become a hit for the male singer in the near future. The MV will be released on the evening of June 20.

Thuy Tien showed off her huge numbers on her account, making people admire - Photo 8

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