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Second hottest game show: accused of suggesting male stars display excessive sexiness, causing frustration

Hoàng Anh13:44:58 17/07/2024
Recently, the online community has been abuzz with promotions about the press conference event and the broadcast schedule of "Brother Say Hi" from the QN account - said to be a senior producer of the program. Through social networks, this person uses words that are completely...

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Thuy Tien was "turned away" by her close senior and posted a scandalous article, responding to it to attract attention

Uyển Đình11:31:00 26/06/2024
Thuy Tien - Duc Phuc are close brothers in both work and everyday life. Recently, the queen even participated in the male singer's MV. However, recently, Duc Phuc spoke out against Thuy Tien, attracting people's attention.

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Thuy Tien wore makeup for 2 hours and was harshly questioned by Duc Phuc because she only showed her face for 5 seconds.

Trí Nhi13:43:45 24/06/2024
Miss Thuy Tien just made people excited when she suddenly appeared in the competition of team Duc Phuc, HIEUTHUHAI,... at the show Anh Trai Say Hi. The 5-second r.eveal but the visual explosion quickly went viral across social networks.

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HIEUTHUHAI "spits smoke" because of Duc Phuc's patriarchy in Drunk Brother

Hoàng Anh16:16:40 20/06/2024
On the broadcast of the show My Brother Says Hi, HIEUTHUHAI had unexpected confessions about group leader Duc Phuc. The male rapper criticized his senior's production as cheesy, but Duc Phuc's side was determined to protect the idea to the end, even though shelves are labeled patriarchal

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Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen "dumbfounded"

An Nhi07:06:00 20/06/2024
Being a secretive queen when it comes to love, when she posted a status line announcing their breakup, Thuy Tien made her fans surprised. Many people left comments to comfort the queen.

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Rumor has it that Thuy Tien has her first movie role, starring in the movie Linh Mieu?

Thảo Mai17:06:22 18/06/2024
At the present time, the story of post-transformation girls acting in movies is no longer a new thing. Recently, information on social networks began to spread that Thuy Tien is about to have her first movie role.

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Thuy Tien showed off her "huge" numbers on her account, making people admire

Lan Chi14:51:35 17/06/2024
After announcing the good news of having just completed her master's degree in Switzerland, Thuy Tien continued to make her mark on fans, releasing a huge number on her social media account. This milestone partly shows her attraction. her talent and beauty in the Vbiz world

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"Korean eating saint" revealed after weight loss, current physique surprised fans

Bình Minh15:18:29 16/02/2024
Recently, the popular Korean eating saint made people surprised by his incredibly slim physique, post-weight loss. She looks as beautiful as the idols of Kim Chi.

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Duc Phuc was shocked when suddenly a fan asked for an autograph, the reaction made many people "turn around"

Phong Trần17:14:50 11/01/2024
Present at the press conference to introduce Orange's album called CAM ON, Duc Phuc encountered a situation of both crying and laughing when suddenly fans rushed out to ask for autographs. The guy's reaction made many people turn around.

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H'Hen Niê 'surpassed' a series of stars and received great news, Den Vau - Duc Phuc matched the queen, locked in top 3

Đức Trí09:34:12 19/12/2023
Miss H Hen Niê, Den Vau and Duc Phuc became three rare artists to receive great honors at the recent Vietnam Creative Advertising Awards ceremony. Surpassing a series of big names and receiving a reward is a great happiness for all three.

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Hoa Minzy openly leaned on the shoulder of a "hidden" guy, whose identity was surprising?

Thanh Thanh10:14:44 01/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Hoa Minzy made people stir when she shared a happy moment when leaning on the shoulder of an unmasked son. The singer's identity came as a surprise.

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Hoa Minzy revealed a photo wearing a wedding dress, and was also led by Duc Phuc - Erik into the ceremony. Is the truth surprising?

Mai Trúc09:36:48 30/11/2023
Recently, social networks were abuzz with the moment Hoa Minzy wore a wedding dress. Not only that, the female singer was also led down the aisle by two close juniors, Duc Phuc and Erik. However, the truth behind is surprising.

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DTAP: The team that created the hit "See Tinh" for Hoang Thuy Linh, making music when everything was just zero

Bảo Tiên11:54:26 26/10/2023
They are the people behind Hoang Thuy Linh's successful songs, collaborating with famous global artists. But the combination of the 3 musketeers in the beginning were just completely strange names, no one paid attention.

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Lam Phuc: Hotboy who once weighed 100kg made My Tam shake, "upgraded version" of Duc Phuc in VN Idol

Gia Linh11:40:58 15/10/2023
It can be said that Lam Phuc always has positive energy that makes people love him. Phuc is also proof of the saying that talent does not wait for age when it made all 3 judges admire.

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Huong Jiang 'tormented' antifans before a series of false speculations, unexpected reasons related to Hoa Minzy

Đức Trí11:10:46 04/10/2023
Transgender beauty Huong Giang has just had an article that caused a stir online, suddenly shouting Hoa Minzy's name to spread false rumors about the relationship of the two, tormenting anti-fans to prevent negative information.

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Phan Duy Anh: "Buddhist Phenomenon" has a million-view hit that Tran Thanh favors, suffering due to illness

Nhật Hân12:32:47 30/09/2023
From the busking phenomenon, the male singer made his mark with two million-view hits that covered everywhere. Taking advantage of the victory with The Voice 2017, Phan Duy Anh quickly received the love of the audience.

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Hoang Thuy Linh criticized her juniors for being "young and green" but being "less smart" than Duc Phuc at this point!

Gia Hoàng17:09:39 15/09/2023
Recently, Hoang Thuy Linh was suddenly exposed for speaking out in front of her juniors in a television program. From here, netizens made many comments about the female singer's behavior compared to her criticized juniors.

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Hoang Thuy Linh was kicked by his "best friend" amid the noise of "love to teach life", 1 male star openly "sided"

Huỳnh Phúc15:45:38 14/09/2023
The singer was suddenly kicked by her best friend amid becoming the focus of public criticism for being condescending. Notably, a male star openly sided with the singer who surprised fans.

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Huang Thuy Ling, who used to teach junior life, now suffers from sarcasm: "Thanks to Chi Pu to teach how to sing."

Gia Hoàng07:26:54 12/09/2023
Hoang Thuy Linh continues to become the talk of the online community about her ability to sing live. In the midst of a storm of criticism, the singer's statement was suddenly dug up by netizens for sarcasm.

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Thuy Tien was "shocked" because her assistant, Misthy, Duc Phuc "fainted" while filming

Ning Jing07:33:44 09/09/2023
Graduate trainees Thuy Tien, Misthy, and Duc Phuc ended their journey of living with agricultural products, experiencing Vietnam's rich agriculture. However, in this episode, the trio encountered many problems.

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Miss Thuy Tien carelessly sang in front of Duc Phuc, the singer's reaction caught attention

Hoa Tuyết19:37:26 06/09/2023
After hearing Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien o.ff her talent to cover the song "Sunshine of Anh", singer Duc Phuc's recent move immediately surprised fans.

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Thuy Tien was helpless because Misthy 'more than lost' using the trick, Blessed One was to open the live show

Yaya10:07:03 11/08/2023
The trio of apprentice farmers Thuy Tien, Misthy and Duc Phuc once again gathered in Dong Thap. Also here, the sweaty grandmother experienced lotus making for the first time, competing in a bustling comedy.

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Duc Phuc - My Tam's favorite student, ready to do 1 thing because the teacher makes everyone emotional

Bảo Tiên17:03:19 01/08/2023
Many years have passed, but the love between My Tam and Duc Phuc is still as strong as in the beginning, making the online community admire. Duc Phuc was also praised for learning many good habits from his teacher.

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Hoa Minzy expressed a "harsh" attitude when she was "pushed the boat" with Van Toan, repeating the love story with Cong Phuong?

Minh Lợi10:31:38 18/04/2023
Hoa Minzy is one of the most popular young female singers today. In addition to the hit songs, the stories about Hoa Minzy's private life are equally interested. Although Hoa Minzy has repeatedly affirmed that she is currently a single mother, focusing on taking care of her son...

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