Puka "offended" the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake

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The beginning of the year is the time when many a.ward ceremonies are held to summarize the past year in showbiz, recognizing the efforts of artists. As a guest at an awards ceremony, Puka made a mistake and then had to apologize.

After many years of hard work and dedication to his work, Puka has now had a certain place in the hearts of a large audience. At awards ceremonies and famous showbiz events, actresses are present and dressed splendidly. The appearance of beauties in crowded places is often enthusiastically received and welcomed by the public.

Puka offended the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake - Photo 1

On the evening of January 10, an awards ceremony took place in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting the participation of many Vietnamese and international artists. Many outstanding artistic products and individuals have been deservedly honored in various categories. Notably, during last night's awards night, the web drama "Thach Sanh Ly Thanh" crew encountered a funny incident when the a.ward presenter misread the film's name.

Accordingly, actress Puka was assigned the responsibility of announcing the w.inning film in the Best Web Drama category. However, Puka mistakenly read 'Thach Sanh Ly Thanh' by Ngoc Thanh Tam as 'Thach Sanh Ly Thong'. Before this disastrous mistake, Puka was reminded by fans.

That same evening, the actress posted a status line filled with confusion: "I bow my head and apologize to the whole crew of Thach Sanh Ly Thanh. Pu announced the wrong name without really knowing. Just think Did I read that correctly, so I just kept calm. When Pu's fans came down, Pu told me that I realized I had read it wrong. Sorry, Ngoc Thanh Tam, look at the clip and see that you're laughing a lot, I'm sure you're not angry with me huhu. And Finally, congratulations on the film w.inning big with three Green Star awards this year."

Puka offended the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake - Photo 2

Puka's timely apology to the film crew Ngoc Thanh Tam aroused sympathy from the audience because of her professional and polite behavior. Most of the audience thought they could sympathize with the actress's unintended incident. Member: "Everyone will understand, it will be okay", "Puka was just unintentional"....

Besides, netizens also think that Puka's mistake is not too serious and can be ignored, because the fairy tale Thach Sanh Ly Thong is so familiar to everyone, so it is also a matter of habit for Puka to read it out of habit. easy to understand.

In addition, Puka also carefully asked everyone to tag Ngoc Thanh Tam's name in the post to interact. However, Ngoc Thanh Tam has not yet appeared to receive an apology from Puka.

Puka offended the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake - Photo 3

It is known that on this awards night, Ngoc Thanh Tam received 3 major awards. These are: Best Actress, Most Popular Actress and Best Web Drama A.ward. Ngoc Thanh Tam expressed her happiness and gratitude when receiving so much love from the audience.

Puka offended the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake - Photo 4

It can be said that not only the artists receiving awards are nervous, but the artists standing on stage are also very nervous and nervous, so they are more likely to make mistakes, not just Puka. For example, Hari Won once read Chau Bui's name to receive a fashion a.ward, but prolonged the word Bui, causing people to mishear it as a sensitive word.

Puka offended the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake - Photo 5

Diem My 9X, when trying out the program at the HTV a.ward, introduced her co-host that "Mr. Dai Nghia is an MC with all the elements of a painting competition", but said the phrase "all the same" twice, causing her to have to covered his mouth in confusion. Or Nhan Phuc Vinh was once called Phan Phuc Vinh by the wrong name by a guest during a Golden Kite awards ceremony.

Puka offended the Vbiz tycoon and quickly bowed his head to apologize for the disastrous mistake - Photo 6

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