Tran Thanh's sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react?

Phượng VũJan 11, 2024 at 10:26

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After the noise of private photos being accused of rude behavior, at the red carpet press conference of the movie Mai broke out, Uyen An recently responded directly. She confided her feelings and apologized to those involved.

On January 9, Uyen An became the center of attention because she was involved in scandal while attending an event in Ho Chi Minh City. The source of the incident started with the character believed to be the actress's personal photographer obstructing and cutting in line at the reporters' area of the media units working.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 1

Worth mentioning, when being reminded for his uncharitable actions, this person used rude words and intended to intimidate the other person. After that, a reporter complained right on the red carpet, surprising Tran Thanh's sister because she had not yet grasped the developments.

At that time, Uyen An looked outside and gently replied: "This is not the case, are you kidding? How could she say that?". Even though Phuong Anh Dao reassured her, the actress still looked confused and quickly moved out of the red carpet area to go inside the event.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 2

Besides being "frozen" because of the funny and crying incident, the star of Nha Ba Nu was also "thrown with cold water" in the face by her brother, who affirmed that he had no intention of inviting her to act in this movie. Accordingly, Tran Thanh told his sister that if she wanted a role, she had to go to the casting herself.

"I do not give any favors to Uyen An. Tran Thanh's younger sister also did not have a role in the film from the beginning, Uyen An won this role herself from her own acting ability after the casting," he said. Hari Won commune said.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 3

On the afternoon of January 10, Uyen An officially spoke up about the noise of the past day and, on behalf of the crew, apologized to those involved and the public. "To be honest, An himself was very surprised and confused when the incident happened because An did not understand what was going on.

But if there are any mistakes from the crew or my photocopier, An would also like to apologize on behalf of the crew to the reporters and photographers who were affected and upset by the team. I hope all of you who love An will please ignore this matter. An would like to apologize and thank you once again," she wrote.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 4

Netizens said that this is the "tragedy" of Tran Thanh's sister because she was not the one at fault but fell into an awkward situation. The fact that Uyen An, representing the crew, directly posted a letter admitting her mistake and hoping for sympathy helped her score points in the eyes of the public.

Through this incident, many people also commented that they hope that the crew of artists in general and Nha Ba Nu stars in particular need to pay attention to their actions and have more appropriate and professional handling when working at events.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 5

Although she has only joined showbiz not long ago, Uyen An is already known as a potential young star. One of the reasons why the actress is famous is because she has a biological brother, Tran Thanh, and a sister-in-law, Hari Won.

In early 2023, Uyen An exploded with her role as Ngoc Nhi in the Tet movie "Ba Nu's House". Although the content is still controversial, this project still earned more than 470 billion VND, becoming the highest-grossing Vietnamese movie in history. The work was successful and the actress also rose to prominence quickly.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 6

The past year of Tran Thanh's younger sister was also highlighted by ambiguous information related to actress Quynh Ly. Although neither of them has once confirmed that they are dating, their "hidden public" actions have made the public almost certain that they are a couple.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 7

Quynh Ly - Uyen An are said to have loved each other before filming "The Lady's House" together, but when the work was released, the audience really noticed the relationship between the two. In the movie, Quynh Ly plays the role of a friend who has secretly loved Uyen An for a long time. After the female lead went through a breakdown, he approached and expressed his feelings. At the end of the movie, Uyen An's character decides to give Quynh Ly a chance.

Tran Thanhs sister apologized on behalf of the crew for the red carpet incident. How did the fans react? - Photo 8

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