Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins' faces, their mother shows off her slim figure

Châu AnhJun 17, 2024 at 13:29

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Recently, Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh held a one-month party for their two children, Jimmy and Jenny. At the party, not only did the twins' appearance become public, the mother also scored points thanks to her slim figure and "undeniably beautiful" visual, happy next to her husband.

On the evening of June 16, Phuong Oanh attracted attention when she shared a happy moment with her husband and two twins with the message: "Happy second month, b.aby bird, the whole family loves you." In the shared image, the two children have a plump, adorable appearance as they inherit beautiful features from their parents.

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 1

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 2

In the image posted by Phuong Oanh, she and her husband wear luxurious black outfits with radiant smiles next to their twin babies. The actress boldly wore a body-hugging dress, showing off her curves. Meanwhile, Shark Binh always has a happy smile on his face.

Phuong Oanh's second birthday party was attended by a number of artists who are close friends and colleagues of the actress such as actress Thanh Huong, Miss Ngoc Han...

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 3

Right below the post, friends and audiences simultaneously left comments congratulating the actress's family. "What a steal! I wish you two good health and eat well, grow up quickly!"; "Wish my two children who eat well will grow up healthy and have a peaceful life!"; "Phuong Oanh gives birth very skillfully when one b.aby looks like the father, the other looks like the mother"...

In particular, Phuong Oanh surprised with her beauty after 1 month of being a "milk mom". Even though she has to stay up all night and doesn't have time to exercise, the actress still maintains her beautiful, radiant appearance and slim b.ody. "Quynh doll's" waist has returned to being as small as if she had never given birth.

Many viewers also think that Phuong Oanh is becoming more beautiful and attractive than before giving birth. Many people left comments asking for the actress's experience in getting back in shape quickly after giving birth to her first c.hild.

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 4

Not long ago, Phuong Oanh revealed that she had lost about 17kg. Previously, the actress gained 20kg in the last month of her pregnancy. She said she works hard to eat healthy and take care of her b.ody so that her surgical wound can recover quickly.

Phuong Oanh affirms that balanced nutrition is essential to restore health and have smooth, supple skin after giving birth. Shark Binh's wife pays attention to consuming protein, fiber and vitamins through nuts, cereals, green vegetables and fruits. Salty dishes are mainly boiled, steamed or sauteed instead of fried or stir-fried with lots of oil.

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 5

Before getting married, Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh dated for about a year. The two encountered a lot of noise and criticism when they made their love story public. Overcoming everything, in July 2023, Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh held an engagement ceremony. In October 2023, the actress announced the postponement of her wedding and confirmed that she was pregnant with her first c.hild.

Sharing about her pregnancy journey, Phuong Oanh said: "In the first 3 months, I struggled with morning sickness, just sleeping made me tired, I was ecstatic all day, I kept getting dizzy like I felt severe motion sickness. Through those days At the beginning of the 13th week, all the signs disappeared. Now I can go out and eat, and I'm as healthy as usual. Now the kids are getting bigger so my stomach is heavy."

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 6

On May 14, actress Phuong Oanh announced that she had "successfully" given birth. Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh's two babies include 1 b.oy and 1 g.irl, named Jimmy - Jenny. Shark Binh stayed by his wife's side when she "went through labor" and gave birth. "So we have successfully completed the first stage. Thank you, my dear children, for always cooperating so that I can have a healthy and meaningful pregnancy. The upcoming journey is still very long, we are together." Try your best" - Phuong Oanh shared.

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 7

After 1 year of living in the same house with Shark Binh, both of their lives became more and more peaceful. The actress said that she feels happy because she has a psychological husband who supports her in everything. Many people expressed their admiration for the happy married life of Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh.

Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh publicly r.eveal the twins faces, their mother shows off her slim figure - Photo 8

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