Sam "made up for tangled hair" when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing

Thanh PhúcJun 08, 2024 at 15:05

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The two actresses have caused a storm of public opinion when they gave birth to a "pair of b.aby dragons" together, diaper mothers Phuong Oanh and Sam have a life of taking care of their children, which is of interest to many people. Some people "make up for their tangled hair", others are too careful to the point of controversy.

In 2024, many Vietnamese artists will successfully "hunt b.aby dragons". In which, Phuong Oanh and Sam were lucky to welcome male and female twins. For the first time as a "diaper mother", the 2 actresses are busy taking care of the children, not hiding but often showing off their children on social networks.

In February 2024, Sam "opened" Vietnamese showbiz with his first pair of "baby dragons". The names at the house of the 2 children are Ijin and Ijun. At first, when working as a "diaper mother", Sam admitted that it was very pressured, making up for the coaxing c.hild to cry at night. The actress "lamented": "I've been reeling in ambiguity lately, it's not easy to be recognized by my mother."

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 1

"Before, I didn't understand how hard it was to be a mother. Now that I have experienced it, I really understand that motherhood is too sacred and precious. This is very fun, in the past, every time I invited married sisters to go out, people often said that they were busy taking care of their children, I didn't understand. I still thought in my head: 'What is the hard work of being a mother, if I have the conditions, I can hire a maid to help'.

But it wasn't until I went through it that I understood, being a mother has 1,000 nameless jobs, always following me every day. In addition, because I love my c.hild so much, I always want to do it myself, I hope to take care of everything best," Sam added.

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 2

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 3

Currently, Sam is used to taking care of children, Ijin and Ijun are getting bolder and busier. When Ngo Kien Huy and Jun Pham visited, the 2 children were not afraid of strangers, smiling very cutely. Thanks to the help of her Korean husband and relatives, Sam also has time to return to work and artistic activities.

Sam registered his marriage in April 2023, so far he has kept his foreign husband's identity hidden. She only revealed that he is an adult, used to cooperate in business, and is always ready to do everything to bring happiness to his wife and children.

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 4

On May 14, Phuong Oanh gave birth to twins 1 b.oy and 1 g.irl, affectionately named Jimmy and Jenny. After 3 weeks of being promoted to the position of "diaper mother", the actress expressed her "melancholy with no way out", only h.anging around taking care of the children all day. Every morning when she wakes up, the first thing she does is go to her children's room to see and say words of love.

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 5

Phuong Oanh said that Jimmy and Jenny are easy to eat, sleep well, and rarely cry. Currently, she receives the support of relatives and nannies, so she is not too tired. Sometimes, the star of the movie Taste of Friendship is also "chased" by the nanny because he is afraid that Jimmy and Jenny will get to know their mother and not let others take care of her.

On her personal TikTok, Phuong Oanh recently attracted attention when she revealed the rules before entering her children's room. Accordingly, everyone must strictly comply with the 3 disinfection steps to ensure safety. Under the actress's post, many viewers left comments about how to take care of her children. Some people think that Phuong Oanh is too thorough, some support this method.

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 6

Before the controversy, Shark Binh's wife explained: "Because my children are still very immature, I always try to make sure the room is sterile. Every time an adult enters or exits or comes into contact with another atmosphere, it must be disinfected to ensure the most hygiene possible and also avoid bringing bacteria or other pathogens into the 2 children."

In some moments shared by Phuong Oanh on social networks, Shark Binh also helped his wife take care of her children. Despite being busy, the businessman still spends time preparing "heart letters", decorating his house to welcome his wife and children to discharge from the hospital. This made the movie star Quynh the doll extremely emotional. Previously, the couple had to postpone the wedding because during pregnancy, Phuong Oanh had severe morning sickness. Therefore, the audience hopes that in the future the twins will appear at their parents' wedding.

Sam made up for tangled hair when giving birth to twins, Phuong Oanh shared the same situation, argued about 1 thing - Photo 7

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