Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binh's stepson, the clip clearly states the whole

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Shark Binh's daughter has just celebrated her 11th birthday with her family, she was held a cozy party by her father and stepmother Phuong Oanh. Releasing the clip on social networks, netizens immediately scrutinized Phuong Oanh's attitude towards her husband's stepson.

Recently on his personal page, Shark Binh posted an article congratulating his daughter Phuong Chau (also known as b.aby May) on turning 11 years old. The businessman wrote: "Happy birthday to the sweet Ms. May". In particular, in the video posted by businessman Nguyen Hoa Binh, although Phuong Oanh did not show his face, he was next to excitedly cheering and singing to celebrate May's birthday very enthusiastically. The actress constantly complimented her beautiful b.aby, urging her husband to press the camera to have the best photos. Under the video, many people complimented the cuteness of the star of the movie Taste of Love.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 1

Previously, Shark Binh's ex-wife also held a birthday party for her daughter at a luxurious restaurant. Here, she showed her ability to play the piano skillfully. Before registering to marry Phuong Oanh in June 2023, Shark Binh and his ex-wife, businessman Dao Lan Huong, had 2 children together, b.aby Jin (Minh Quan) and b.aby May (Phuong Chau). After their parents separated, the 2 children stayed with their mother. The businesswoman spends a lot of time taking her 2 children to hang out and travel to many places. She also invests in her children to learn the sports of the rich from a young age.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 2

Regarding the relationship between Phuong Oanh and his 2 stepchildren, Shark Binh once shared that the two sides love each other. Previously, the businessman repeatedly posted intimate photos of his children with his "stepmother" Phuong Oanh. Currently, Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh have a happy life with twins 1 b.oy and 1 g.irl, plump, lovely, admired by many people.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 3

Not long ago, Phuong Oanh posted a vlog updating the life of a nursing mother. The actress said that her current life only revolves around two twins. Although she left the two children in a private room very early, she woke up tomorrow morning and quickly went with her children.

Notably, Phuong Oanh also revealed a principle that before entering the b.aby's room, everyone must disinfect in 3 steps to ensure hygiene.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 4

"Because the children are still very immature, Oanh always tries to ensure that the room is sterile. Every time an adult enters and exits or comes into contact with other air, they must be disinfected to ensure the most hygiene possible and also avoid bringing bacteria or other pathogens into the children," Shark Binh's wife shared. Although this is Phuong Oanh's family's own principle to protect their children, it has encountered mixed comments from the online community.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 5

Under the video comment section, many netizens commented on Phuong Oanh: "I have m.oney, so I can see bacteria everywhere I look", saying that she is too fussy, many cumbersome procedures, but when her c.hild is fussy, she may not have done all the steps of such disinfection. There are netizens who also advise Phuong Oanh to keep her children too carefully, it will be difficult for them to adapt to the outside environment in the future.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 6

However, many netizens reacted to the somewhat negative comments, saying that Phuong Oanh's caution was reasonable. Because the two babies are less than 1 month old, their bodies are still very immature, so the more they can prevent the risks of harm to health. When parents have economic conditions and time, taking care of their children more carefully than usual is not worth such an ironic discussion. Moreover, these are the own principles in Phuong Oanh's family, so it is unfortunate for outsiders to talk and criticize. In the face of the controversy of the online community about how to protect her c.hild, Phuong Oanh did not have any response.

Phuong Oanh reveals her true personality with Shark Binhs stepson, the clip clearly states the whole - Photo 7

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