Shark Binh surprised with his '18 year old' visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence

Thanh PhúcJan 12, 2024 at 16:17

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Businessman Shark Binh made people excited when he suddenly showed off his appearance like an 18 year old b.oy on his personal page. Everyone was surprised because it was so different from the usual Shark Binh. Hong Dang and the Vietnamese stars also immediately poured in their compliments.

Recently, Shark Binh briefly posted a status line boasting: "New year, new hair." His image was praised by fans for looking like he looks 10 years younger. Still loyal to short, black hair, Shark Binh knows how to style it to look more voluminous than before.

Since Phuong Oanh's wedding day, Shark Binh's appearance has changed 180 degrees. The male businessman began to refine his style and also changed his hair to make it more youthful.

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 1

Shark Binh's real name is Nguyen Hoa Binh. With more than 20 years of successful startup experience, the male businessman has helped many young Vietnamese people have a clear direction in starting a startup, as well as providing useful advice with very high spiritual value. .

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 2

In addition to being famous in the business field, Shark Binh is also known to many people for dating Phuong Oanh. Despite many "turbulences", Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh has come to a perfect ending. The couple officially "came home" on July 26 with blessings from many family, friends, and colleagues.

Phuong Oanh once revealed her chance to meet Shark Binh. She said that the male businessman was the one who "fell in love at first sight" with her when they first met in 2022. Shark Binh was also the one who proactively asked for the beauty's phone number and from then on got to know each other and talked. .

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 3

Shark Binh always cares and makes Phuong Oanh feel moved because of his intelligence, understanding and humor. After returning from a business trip abroad, he expressed his feelings and the two decided to date.

When she first announced her relationship, Phuong Oanh admitted that even though she had lived independently since she was 18 years old and was confident in herself, she was still depressed because of the noise of love. "I couldn't have imagined before that I would be loved by everyone and given many beautiful words. Yet when the love story with Mr. Binh was shared, everything seemed to change 180 degrees. They used many even words. scolded me. My close friends and staff burst into tears when reading malicious comments about me ," the actress said about the difficult period.

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 4

During the two years together, Shark Binh spoke up many times to defend and explain to protect Phuong Oanh. The male businessman confirmed that Phuong Oanh is not the third person. Phuong Oanh said she does not regret falling in love with Shark Binh. The actress confided: "Even though many people misunderstand, constantly torment me, and even curse me, thanks to you and my loving relatives, I have more motivation to face and overcome it."

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 5

Currently, Phuong Oanh is also pregnant with twins with Shark Binh. Phuong Oanh said that in the 4th month of being pregnant with twins, she gained 4kg, reaching the 60kg mark. After her health stabilized, Shark Binh took Phuong Oanh to travel everywhere and is currently only spending time taking care of her pregnancy and has no plans to act in a new movie.

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 6

Actress Phuong Oanh also shared that she follows a scientific diet to ensure the health of both mother and c.hild. "I was afraid of meat dishes in the first months of pregnancy, but luckily I craved vegetables and fruits. I like to eat more vegetables so my b.ody doesn't gain too much weight. However, this is the time I'm pregnant, so I'm quite panicked about my current appearance. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a difference in my limbs and b.ody..."

Shark Binh surprised with his 18 year old visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence - Photo 7

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