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My Tam's side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong

Phong Trần12:24:25 15/05/2024
Social networks suddenly spread the news that female singer My Tam will adopt the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong. This information received attention from the online community. My Tam side also officially spoke out about this.

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Late actress Mai Phuong's 4th year of d.eath, daughter Lavie had a choking act

Phúc Sen14:30:46 31/03/2024
Social network users are spreading the image of b.aby Lavie - daughter of late actress Mai Phuong on the 4th anniversary of her mother's d.eath. The image of the b.aby remembering his mother made many viewers unable to bear it when they saw it.

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Phung Ngoc Huy was accused of a.dultery by his wife in the US when she had cancer, neglected her children

Thảo Mai06:52:17 20/02/2024
On social media sites, shocking information has spread about actor and singer Phung Ngoc Huy. The reason comes from the facebook of a person with an account named Ni Chieu Anh.

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My Tam acted sweetly with her daughter Mai Phuong, her attitude surprised

Hoàng Phúc15:38:45 02/02/2024
Recently, the nanny of b.aby Lavie - daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong and Phung Ngoc Huy showed off Lavie's happy and close moment next to her idol, singer My Tam.

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Oc Thanh Van settled in Australia, close friend Mai Phuong clarified about the donation to Lavie?

Hoàng Phúc15:05:13 04/01/2024
Regarding the information about Lavie's savings book that is interested again, singer Truong Bao Nhu voiced that this m.oney is still kept safe for Lavie, without any copper chipping.

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Phung Ngoc Huy revealed important information about b.aby Lavie, emotionally told about the moment she met her daughter again

Snow15:04:24 01/12/2023
Phung Ngoc Huy's revelations about meeting b.aby Lavie again after a long time apart made many people cry. He couldn't forget that sacred moment and cherished every moment he spent with his daughter.

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Phung Ngoc Huy was shocked when he saw his daughter sitting on the side of the road, saying something that made everyone feel sad

Mai Trúc11:31:44 13/11/2023
Seeing Lavie's daughter sitting on the side of the road in pictures on social networks, Phung Ngoc Huy in the distance was extremely shocked. The male singer said something that made everyone feel sad and sympathetic.

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Phung Ngoc Huy revealed that his daughter was the first person to do this and was moved when her daughter reminded her of her biological mother

Uyển Đình13:46:17 02/10/2023
Reuniting with his daughter after 8 years of separation, Phung Ngoc Huy could not hide his emotions. In particular, returning to Vietnam this time, the male singer said that when his family went to the airport to pick him up, no one saw him, but his daughter recognized him.

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Phung Ngoc Huy returned to the US without bringing b.aby Lavie with her for a reason, r.evealing 1 thing everyone heard was surprised

Bình Minh18:54:50 05/09/2023
Last holiday season, while little Lavie and her nanny went out, Phung Ngoc Huy had to return to the US. The actor has just shared about not being able to pick up his daughter to stay with him.

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Phung Ngoc Huy burst into tears, dumbfounded when visiting his late ex-wife Mai Phuong

Yang Mi13:35:18 29/08/2023
Besides returning to Vietnam to reunite with his young daughter Lavie, Phung Ngoc Huy also recently visited and lit incense for the person he once loved - the late artist Mai Phuong, making many people emotional.

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Phung Ngoc Huy celebrates her daughter's birthday, nanny reveals Lavie's strange attitude towards her father

Juni Nguyễn10:05:01 22/08/2023
In addition to being reunited with her daughter after many years, Phung Ngoc Huy also recently held a warm and happy birthday party to make up for b.aby Lavie during many years of separation.

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Phung Ngoc Huy before reuniting her daughter Lavie had to endure this during her 8 years in America!

Bảo Tiên14:40:12 16/08/2023
Luu Gia Bao - Phung Ngoc Huy's soulmate said that before the singer had the opportunity to visit his daughter in Vietnam, his life in foreign land was not as people thought.

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Rumor lover Phung Ngoc Huy expressed his attitude when Mai Phuong's daughter was about to go to the US, promising 1 thing firmly

Hoàng Phúc12:45:10 12/08/2023
After many years of separation, recently, Phung Ngoc Huy has returned to Vietnam, reunited with b.aby Lavie - his common c.hild and the late actress Mai Phuong. However, what interests the audience is the singer's rumored girlfriend attitude.

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Phung Ngoc Huy reunites with daughter Lavie after many years, her reaction is surprising

Ning Jing21:44:55 10/08/2023
After a long time settling in the US as well as taking care of all procedures, Phung Ngoc Huy recently returned to Vietnam to reunite with b.aby Lavie after many years of separation. This is also considered good news for b.aby Lavie.

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Phung Ngoc Huy set a date to return to Vietnam, hurry to do this before reuniting with his daughter Mai Phuong

Huỳnh Phúc19:44:09 21/07/2023
So finally, the reunion that the entire online community has been waiting for and hoping for has come true. The recent sharing of male singer Phung Ngoc Huy makes the followers happy and emotional.

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Actress Mai Phuong's daughter took a yearbook photo showing her outstanding long legs, a point very similar to her late mother

An Nhi14:01:56 26/06/2023
B.aby Lavie - the daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong was taken by a nanny to take a yearbook photo to mark the milestone of 10. She attracts attention with her outstanding height, bright eyes and smile just like her mother.

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Phung Ngoc Huy explains the reason for shaving his head, related to the good news about Vietnam to welcome his daughter Lavie?

Kiko13:59:17 22/06/2023
Immediately after announcing that he would return to Vietnam to pick up his daughter Lavie, Phung Ngoc Huy caused a stir when he suddenly decided to shave his head with the implication of letting go. Recently, the male singer had to explain the reason behind.

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Phung Ngoc Huy shaved his head before returning to Vietnam to visit his daughter, saying a bewildering sentence

An Nhi08:20:18 21/06/2023
Since actress Mai Phuong died, Phung Ngoc Huy has not had the opportunity to meet her daughter Lavie. Until recently, the actor appeared with a very different image that made the audience worried.

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Phung Ngoc Huy returned home to reunite with his daughter, touched after 8 years of separation, father and son met each other

M.A11:59:08 17/06/2023
Since Mai Phuong's d.eath, Phung Ngoc Huy has always been tormented about their common daughter. He settled in the US but for many reasons could not return home to pick up his daughter. Finally, after 8 years of separation, the father and son are about to be reunited.

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Phung Ngoc Huy works hard to livestream sales, earn m.oney through Tet to look forward to seeing you soon

KENG08:28:21 30/01/2023
As soon as the Tet holidays passed, Phung Ngoc Huy quickly appeared on the sales livestream. Following him on social networks, it is easy to see that the actor does not rest every day but works hard to make a living. Phung Ngoc Huy is known to the audience as a singer and...

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Phung Ngoc Huy: A long slip because of abandoning Mai Phuong's mother and daughter, leaving to go abroad to trade and earn a living

N.P16:05:37 02/10/2022
Once popular with the role of the son of Quoc in the Gate of the Sun, Phung Ngoc Huy thought that he would have a successful career, but instead, loudly abandoned Mai Phuong when she was pregnant and did not accept the responsibility of raising children, causing Phung Ngoc Huy...

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Mai Phuong took more than 2 years, Phung Ngoc Huy could not return to Vietnam to reunite with his daughter for this reason?

Minh Hà16:51:53 26/09/2022
Leaving Vietnam to settle in the US, Phung Ngoc Huy experienced his life by selling online, looking forward to being reunited with his daughter Lavie every day. Because he could not return to Vietnam, the male singer provided sufficient economic support for the two nannies to...

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Mai Phuong's daughter misses her mother dearly, standing still in front of the photo with a sentence that makes everyone feel sad

N.P14:38:36 19/09/2022
Losing her mother when she was only 6 years old, Lavie - Mai Phuong's daughter always makes many people sad, even though she lives happily with a nanny, she never stops missing her late mother. 2 years have passed since Mai Phuong permanently left the world, many viewers still...

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Phung Ngoc Huy sent birthday gifts to his daughter Mai Phuong after being blamed for not coming back to visit her

Minh Hà16:02:17 13/08/2022
Although it is still a long time before Lavie's birthday, Phung Ngoc Huy thoughtfully sent her favorite gift from the US to Vietnam as soon as possible. The nanny excitedly revealed the gift the b.aby had received from his father. Living with 2 nannies, b.aby Lavie - the daughter...

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