B.aby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother!

Hoàng PhúcJan 03, 2022 at 14:43

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The new image of b.aby Lavie has attracted the attention of many people.

Recently, on the social network appeared the image of Lavie as a c.hild model for an acquaintance's fashion brand. It can be seen that the daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong is now grown up, she has long legs that surpass her peers. In particular, Lavie is like a "child version" of her late mother because her smile and eyes can't go anywhere.

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 1

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 2

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 3

Previously, at the end of April, the movie "Truong Ti" had its premiere in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of many famous artists such as diva Hong Nhung, Meritorious Artist Huu Chau, Xuan Nghi, Hai Trieu, Oanh Kieu, Toc Tien, Kieu Minh Tuan, Hua Vi Van... Notably, the appearance of b.aby Lavie, Mai Phuong's daughter, next to the nanny and actress Oc Thanh Van, attracted a lot of attention. everyone's concern.

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 4

Accordingly, the g.irl wore a beautiful white dress, her head was tied with a cardboard bow, and her pretty face made many people whisper. Lavie always follows Oc Thanh Van and is very attentively taken care of by the female MC. Before the comment that b.aby Lavie grew up to resemble her mother, the actor "Flip Face: 48H" nodded: "Snails don't dare to look at her eyes. It's terrible."

Thanh Van snail said that b.aby Lavie still lives with two nannies. The female MC happily shared: "Currently, I am still very happy, studying well and growing up very quickly, gaining weight faster than the Oc Cola. In general, I am very well taken care of by two nannies. And that's what but Oc's mother must thank me for overcoming the seemingly impossible difficulty, and must thank the two nannies very much for truly loving me."

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 5

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 6

The two girls of the Oc Thanh Van family also love and cherish this l.ittle g.irl very much. Actor 8X humorously described: "Three women assembled like a band. New g.irl band, everyone". When asked about having a large family, Lavie would have to be more difficult to take care of, having a b.aby, the female MC said that she herself has an endless passion for motherhood: "There are children like this calling me. As a mother, that is my greatest blessing. So, if I can do something for my children, I will try. Fortunately, the children are all very good, understanding and caring for others. ". Especially for a c.hild whose fate is somewhat special like Lavie, the female MC feels very grateful that the c.hild is always safe and healthy.

After nearly 2 years of Mai Phuong's d.eath, it can be seen that Lavie is being cared for very well. The g.irl is being raised by two nannies while waiting for Phung Ngoc Huy to complete the procedure to bring her c.hild abroad. Besides the two nannies, she always receives special attention from Oc Thanh Van. The female MC often appears by her side on special occasions, taking her out and loving her like a biological c.hild in the family.

This kid is now 8 years old, he is smart, agile and loved by many Vietnamese stars and the audience.

Lavie's nanny said that the b.aby was very obedient and understanding. The depth and affection of Mai Phuong's daughter is also reflected in many other aspects such as recently Lavie went to the temple to burn incense for her mother on the first anniversary of her d.eath. Not only that, on Mai Phuong's birthday, Lavie and her nanny went to buy cream cakes and wrote along with the words "the whole family misses mom". Thereby, it can be seen that the l.ittle g.irl always has love and nostalgia for her late mother.

Baby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother! - Photo 7

Meanwhile, Phung Ngoc Huy also said that his life is difficult but still wants to take care of his daughter by himself. He currently lives in the US and makes a living selling online. His biggest dream right now is to accumulate enough m.oney to reunite with his daughter Lavie. "Baby Lavie is being cared for very well by two nannies. Hopefully in the near future she will return to Vietnam, and then her father and son will go to the US. I dream of taking her to school, even though it's hard, I want to have a hard time. and that" - Phung Ngoc Huy shared.

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