How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now?

Nam PhươngJul 16, 2021 at 15:52

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Escaping the noisy nurturing dispute after her biological mother passed away, the current life of Mai Phuong's daughter in the nanny side received great attention from the audience.

After actress Mai Phuong passed away, her daughter - Lavie - suddenly became a name that attracted great attention when she fell into a drama about custody disputes. Specifically, while her grandparents insisted on taking her b.aby home to take care of her, Lavie's biological father, Phung Ngoc Huy, expressed his wish that his daughter would be cared for by a nanny while he could not return home to pick up her c.hild. In the end, Mai Phuong's daughter was "in the same house" with her nanny and was taken care of with great care and dedication.

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 1

After more than a year of her mother's d.eath, Lavie's latest image surprised people because she looked extremely radiant and happy, the older she got, the more similarities she had with her mother. Currently, Lavie is in the process of replacing b.aby teeth, so her smiling face is both funny and lovely. However, in order for the b.aby not to be disturbed and have a peaceful childhood, the nanny family rarely posts pictures of the b.aby on social networks.

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 2

It is known that Lavie is studying at an international school as Mai Phuong's wish before her d.eath. She is very obedient, hardworking and achieves many excellent achievements. "Thien Nhu (Lavie's real name) is always diligent and active in every class. Math and Vietnamese are my two favorite subjects", the school commented. This makes Hoa Mi's family - Lavie's nanny - happy and excited.

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 3

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 4

To Hoa Mi, Lavie is like a sister in the family, every free time she spends time with her. The nanny is the one who teaches Lavie to study, listens to music and reads to her before going to sleep. From time to time, Lavie was taken by her sister to eat and play outside. When the epidemic season could not go to the beach, she "invested" in the swimming pool with floats, playing with her very happily. In particular, Lavie loves to make cakes. Hoa Mi let me tinker with the dough, bake the cake, creating many memorable memories in Lavie's childhood.

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 5

As for Lavie's biological father, he is currently stuck in the US, hard work but still provides m.oney to raise Lavie. Phung Ngoc Huy wishes to bring his children to the US to settle down to easily take care of and compensate for the b.aby's affection. He confided: "I am focusing on working to earn m.oney, taking care of my b.aby and saving enough to be stable. After that, I hope to return to Vietnam, then the father and son will go to the US together. I like to carry the b.aby. go to school, even if it's hard, I still want to."

On the evening of April 28, Oc Thanh Van took actress Mai Phuong's daughter and her children to the press conference to launch the movie Trang Ti. The rare appearance of b.aby Lavie quickly attracted the attention of the audience and the media.

During this event, Oc Thanh Van spent some time sharing something about Lavie's current life. The actress couldn't hide her choking when she mentioned her late best friend: "Lavie is currently still living with the nanny. And Snail's mother is also close to Lavie's current house. But please reply to me. That's because there are still other relatives, just hope that the b.aby grows up peacefully and safely.

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 6

Snails see that I have the ability to raise children. I have an endless passion for motherhood. So having children like this, all of whom call me mother, is already my greatest blessing. If there's anything I can do for the kids, I'll try. Fortunately, the children are all very good and understanding," Oc Thanh Van confided.

When asked if little Lavie is sad and mentions her mother, Oc Thanh Van revealed: "This story cannot be answered in just one sentence, for a c.hild whose fate is so special. I'm sure you can imagine, it won't be like a normal c.hild, but now, he is very happy, studying well, growing up fast and gaining weight faster than Snail's Cola.

How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now? - Photo 7

I was very well taken care of with 2 nannies. That's what Snail's mother has to thank you for because you overcame the impossible and thank the two nannies so much for really loving you."

In particular, b.aby Lavie was also commented as a copy of actress Mai Phuong, causing Oc Thanh Van to admit: "Sometimes I don't dare to look at my eyes because I am too similar to my mother".

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