Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has "borrowed" SM Ent's hit, netizen: "Son Tung's sister?"

Bảo TiênOct 05, 2023 at 10:38

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After a period of silence, Fang Ying had recently returned with the Blindfold to Catch Him. The song quickly trended on social media. However, once again Phuong Anh's product is still "borrowed" from others?

Recently, Phi Phuong Anh returned to the music industry with the song "Blindfolded Catching You". Still promoting the youthful, colorful concept, Blindfolded Catching You is a catchy song, easy to listen to, easy to understand. Before the release of this song, the model had a viral promotion on social media when she was congratulated by a cast of beautiful African boys to congratulate her on the release of the MV.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 1

Once again, Fei Fang Ying was suspected of plagiarism. After its debut, many social media users compared the tune of Blindfolded Catching England to Red Velvet music. Specifically, Phuong Anh's new song has a catchy hook that is almost reminiscent of Russian Roulette. The same instrumental and rhythmic deployment caused Phi Phuong Anh to be pointed out for the possibility of "borrowing" the 2016 hit of the SM g.irl group.

Russian Roulette is one of the songs that made Red Velvet famous, affirming the musical color and diversifying the unique concept, many variables that SM built for 5 girls.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 2

Faced with the question of "borrowing" hits from Red Velvet, netizens divided into many opinions. Many comments suggested that both songs were referenced, using samples from the Tom and Jerry soundtrack. However, the song "Rusian Roulette" was completely refreshed by SM's creative team, so the above reference was refuted, and Phuong Anh and the crew were "old road horses" referring to K-pop music products too much.

Besides, many people believe that although they are somewhat similar, it is difficult to identify as plagiarism, Blindfolded Catching England still has many differences from Rusian Roulette.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 3

Previously, Phuong Anh and his management company were repeatedly accused of plagiarism. The most controversial is the construction of MiiNa's image like Rosé and the series of peeling MVs borrowed images from Korean movies. The song "Sad Can't Let Go" was also placed next to Sick Enough To Die because of the similarity in the melody. Therefore, netizens are quite strict with music products from Phuong Anh or her company.

It is known that representatives of DREAMeR Entertainment - the management unit of the group DREAMeR has also officially issued a statement regarding the issue of being accused of "plagiarism" of BLACKPINK's image last time.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 4

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 5

DREAMeR Entertainment acknowledged all the flaws and took the main approach of disciplining the creative director – the person behind MiiNa and Bao Uyen's 2 controversial creations.

"Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from you about the image of 2 DREAMeR members, MiiNa and Bao Uyen, is somewhat similar to the image of BLACKPINK. After many thorough discussions, we would like to send to the audience our sincerest apologies for the negligence in idea moderation", the representative of the company shared.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 6

The company pledged to remove all suspected "plagiarism" images of MiiNa and Bao Uyen on the social media platform. The unit also expressed its apologies to the audience and the 2 girls for causing a lot of noise during the past time.

At the same time, the company will self-review the production stage in the near future. They hope the audience will continue to support the career path of 2 members MiiNa, Bao Uyen as well as the group DREAMeR.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 7

Recently, new member of DREAMeR, MiiNa, caused public outrage by releasing a poster image identical to BLACKPINK's Rosé. Not long after, member Bao Uyen continued to appear with the same outfit, hairstyle, accessories and pose as Lisa. Even the two images use the shattered glass effect.

Vietnamese fans are disgruntled with the company ignoring public criticism and continuing to "plagiarize" the image of the group from Korea. The audience claimed that the company was deliberately creating a market to attract public attention and decided to boycott the girls.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 8

However, with the return of Phuong Anh, the apology seems to be just "words of the wind". Although the song "Blindfolded Catch" is still "swinging" by some young people and H.ot Tiktokers. But it can be seen that with this debut, Fee Phuong Anh no longer receives support and recognition from the audience.

Fei Fang Ying, who has just returned, has borrowed SM Ents hit, netizen: Son Tungs sister? - Photo 9

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