Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way

Tuyết NgọcApr 09, 2024 at 17:21

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Knowing that her boyfriend has malignant cancer and will have to undergo arduous treatment, the g.irl not only does not leave but is also determined to face all difficulties with her partner.

The g.irl in question is named D. (25 years old) has a military boyfriend named T. (26 years old) in Dak Lak. The beautiful love story of the two is known and admired by many people at the Department of Clinical Hematology, Central Military Hospital 108 (Hanoi).

Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way - Photo 1

Nearly 2 years ago, T. suddenly discovered that he had acute myeloid leukemia - a type of malignant b.lood cancer and began treatment at the Department of Clinical Hematology from August 2022. During the days of treatment, the soldier always showed bravery and steadfastness in fighting the disease to the end.

The disease caused his friend's white b.lood cell count to drop dramatically. When he was tired and had a fever, T.'s brother had to rush to the hospital to visit him. As for the rest, T. copes with the evil disease on his own.

It seemed that everything was fine, but one day in January 2024, the illness relapsed, and the indicators were not good. However, T. is always resilient and strong. In his previous visits to the hospital, he always went alone, but this time he was admitted to the hospital with a young g.irl.

Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way - Photo 2

According to nurse Do Thi Ly, Department of Clinical Hematology, Central Military Hospital 108, shared: "The person who came to take care of T. is a pretty g.irl, gentle and very polite. When I asked, I found out that this was D, T's newlywed wife. Last time, a few days after being discharged from the hospital, the two of them held a wedding in their hometown with the blessings of family and friends."

It is known that T. and D. are childhood friends, born and raised together in Dak Lak. When he was still in school, the soldier fell in love with a g.irl with a beautiful smile and was extremely active.

Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way - Photo 3

Time passed, when both had stable jobs, T. went on a business trip as assigned by the unit in Khanh Hoa, and by chance met D. also work there. Fate brought two people together.

While in love, T. suddenly fell ill and needed long-term treatment. But D. Still determined to stay by his side, take good care of him and get married. "I know my husband will have to undergo difficult and arduous treatment, but as long as we have a little hope, we will not give up. I believe that we will both overcome it... If we could choose again, I will still love and marry Mr. T," the young g.irl said.

Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way - Photo 4


D. shared more, not far from the wedding day, T.'s platelets were low. Both had to put everything aside to go to the hospital for treatment. For maximum i.nfection control conditions, D. Must wear hats and masks 24/7 and disinfect hands regularly. The illness made Mr. T. very tired and had a constant high fever. Although he didn't say it out loud, D. She said that just by looking into her husband's eyes, she understood everything.

"I'm tired and have a constant high fever, but I don't complain because I'm afraid you'll be sad. Whenever I see you like that, I try to tell funny stories to give you more motivation to overcome the pain," D. share.

Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way - Photo 5


Before getting married, T. asked D. Did not think twice. Because he is carrying a terrible disease, marrying him will make her miserable. But D. Still accepts everything because she wants to marry the person she loves and wants to be with for the rest of her life.

When witnessing how D. Taking care of T., nurse Ly was very impressed. "I realized that love is not just loving enough. Love is also about sacrifice, sharing and above the word "love" is also the word "loving" to be able to become an indispensable piece in life. each other," she said.

With love, kindness and sincerity, the young couple overcome barriers and come together. They both dreamed of a beautiful future, where there was a happy family of a soldier and a wonderful wife.

Discovering that her soldier boyfriend is seriously ill, the g.irl acts in a surprising way - Photo 6

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