Pham Bang Bang "drops" the article publicly supporting the tax evasion artist

team youtuberMay 01, 2021 at 15:49

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Fan Bingbing's actions reminded everyone of her tax evasion scandal 3 years ago, but this time, the actress received support from netizens.

Recently, Pham Bang Bang attracted attention when "slipping like" an article on Weibo with the following content: "Hopefully after Pham Bang Bang will publish a list of 11.7 billion yuan (equivalent to 11.7 billion yuan). 41 trillion dong) overdue tax payment Don't just force one person to die, publish the whole thing to correct it, don't use the salary limit order to fool the public. status quo, it is excellent to be able to resolve this situation quickly."

Fan Bingbing's actions reminded everyone of her tax evasion scandal 3 years ago, but this time, the actress received support from netizens. Cnet believes that when facing the law, everyone is the same, Pham Bang Bang is wrong to evade taxes, but she should not be the only one to suffer the penalty.

Earlier on March 29, the story of 75 A-list artists related to 647 companies under their name and wiped out more than 200 companies (with offices) was ranked No.1 h.ot search Weibo. In which, the number of artists with nominal company ownership currently has the highest Huynh Xiaoming (43 related companies), Zhang Ziyi (29 related companies), Tran Khon (25 related companies). , Ly Than (21 companies), Trieu Vy (16 companies)...

Pham Bang Bang released an article to publicly support tax evasion artists - Photo 1

The reason the noise surrounding tax evasion continues to attract attention is because recently, Trinh Sang has been investigated for suspicion of signing a yin and yang contract to avoid an extremely high tax when receiving a salary of 160 million yuan. about VND 570 billion) from the crew of Thien Nu U Soul.

According to the source, many tax evaders were very worried and quickly paid up the missing amounts to avoid being penalized because perhaps this time the Tax Department will definitely do it more closely than at the time of Pham Bang Bang. guilty. However, the public believes that those with the above "tax evasion conspiracy" should be named and severely punished to avoid other similar cases in the future.

Pham Bang Bang released an article to publicly support tax evasion artists - Photo 2

The People's Daily newspaper analyzed, the basic salary of Chinese workers is 1,500 USD/month, and Trinh Sang is more than 311,000 USD/day. To earn more than 24 million USD, they have to work for 1,600 years, while female stars only take about 2.5 months.

According to Sina, the artist's remuneration for more than a decade has reached unimaginable numbers.

In the 2000-2005 period, the actor's salary only accounted for 20-35% of the total production cost. Since 2006, the share of wages has increased to 50%.

After 2010 until now, the artist's remuneration price has continuously increased, accounting for 70-80% of the total cost. In a word, a movie project has a budget of 100 million yuan, the actor's salary is 60-70 million yuan.

A typical example is the story of Ruyi's harem, the remuneration of the two main actors Huo Jianhua, Chau Tan and other stars, accounting for one-third of the total production cost of 46 million USD. Or to invite actor Christian Bale to act in Golden Temple, the producer spent 15 million USD, accounting for 1/6 of the total investment cost.

According to People's Daily, the artist's remuneration is increasing year by year, especially in A-list stars and idol artists.

Sina said that in 2006, when she played a supporting role in The Condor Heroes, Yang Mi's remuneration was only about $7,726. After emerging thanks to the Palace of Radiant Pearls, her salary reached $46,000/episode and kept increasing. As of 2018, the actress's salary has reached 132,000 USD/episode.

Pham Bang Bang released an article to publicly support tax evasion artists - Photo 3

Pham Bang Bang released an article to publicly support tax evasion artists - Photo 4

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