Duong Yen - Duong Mich and a pair of Chinese beauties "from friends to enemies", why should it be?

Hoàng PhúcApr 01, 2022 at 07:22

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Duong Yen - Duong Mich, Pham Bang Bang - Truong Hinh Du ... used to be very close, but suddenly one day the public was surprised to realize that they were "face to face".

Many people exclaim, friendship in showbiz is something of a luxury if insiders can't overcome temptations or conflicts about material, love, and career competition. Many pairs of Chinese stars from friends to enemies are also because of that.

Yen Street - Duong Mich

Duong Yen and Duong Mich met and became close friends when they acted together in the movie "Fairy Sword period 3" (2009). Since then, they have always accompanied in important events, willing to share secret stories and treat each other like b.lood.

When Duong Yen broke up with her boyfriend Khuu Trach and was in pain, Duong Mich called every day to comfort her. Duong Mich is sick, Duong Yen put aside many jobs to take care of her friends. Duong Yen is the only artist invited to Duong Mich's wedding, even taking on the role of bridesmaid. The rare friendship between the two people in the showbiz market was once praised by the media as "China's best secret".

Duong Yen - Duong Mich and a pair of Chinese beauties "from friends to enemies", why should it be? - Photo 1

After a while, the public no longer saw Duong Mich and Duong Yen appear together in big events, nor interact with each other as much as before. When Duong Yen held a wedding in October 2018, Duong Mich used the excuse that he was busy with work and did not attend.

The coldness of the close friends made the public raise a big question mark for them. Chinese media said that this beautiful friendship was fractured due to competition in movies as well as advertising contracts. While Duong Yen constantly shines with Lifetime Together, Hoat Sac gives birth to incense..., Duong Mich doesn't have many outstanding works besides Tam Sinh Tam Tam.

Duong Yen - Duong Mich and a pair of Chinese beauties "from friends to enemies", why should it be? - Photo 2

In 2016, Duong Yen played the role of Trieu Mac Shenh in the TV version of Lifetime with You, while Duong Mich played this role in the movie version. Therefore, they are constantly being compared by the Chinese press in terms of acting, even the fan community of the two actors are constantly fighting each other on social networks. The fierce competition at work may be the main reason why Duong Yen and Duong Mich's friendship no longer retains its original purity.

Pham Bang Bang - Truong Hinh Du

By co-starring in the movie Vo Mi Nuong, Pham Bang Bang and Truong Hinh Du became close sisters. However, their friendship met with turbulence when actor Ly Than appeared.

Duong Yen - Duong Mich and a pair of Chinese beauties "from friends to enemies", why should it be? - Photo 3

The end of the legendary Vo Mi Nuong, Pham Bang Bang caused a stir in the entertainment industry when publicly dating Ly Than. However, Ly Than is Truong Hinh Du's ex-boyfriend - who is a close friend of Bang Bang.

When the dating news broke, Truong Hinh Du opened up about Pham Bang Bang getting into her relationship with Ly Than. The two beauties constantly have articles attacking and mocking each other on social networks. However, at that time, Truong Hinh Du was not supported by the public because of the past scandal, and was accused by Ly Than that she had an affair with someone else while dating him.

Trieu Vy - Chau Tan

The friendship of two famous flowers in the Chinese entertainment industry began when they collaborated in the movie Hoa Skin (2008). 4 years later, they continued to return to the second part of the film, but the close sisterly relationship was a thing of the past.

Duong Yen - Duong Mich and a pair of Chinese beauties "from friends to enemies", why should it be? - Photo 4

According to the staff of the film Painted Skin 2, each actor is equipped with a separate chair. While Chau Tan was recording his scene, Trieu Vy was backstage kicking his co-star's chair. When Chau Tan questioned, Trieu Vy calmly said: "You are not here, but the chair blocks the way of other people, so I pushed it aside".

Chau Tan asked to rebuild the chair but Trieu Vy did not listen, causing a great controversy forcing the crew to separate each person in a corner to reduce stress. Later, on the set of Painted Skin 2, actress Nhu Y story's harem fully used a stuntman to avoid meeting Trieu Vy.

The reason that Trieu Vy and Chau Tan became discord is said to be a dispute over the remuneration for the filming of Painter 2. Although they are both female leads, Trieu Vy received 4.5 million yuan (15.7 billion dong), while Chau Ton was only paid 4 million yuan.

Although they have denied rumors of discord, but seeing how the two flowers avoid each other at most events, the public also implicitly understands that their friendship has broken down.

Luu Gia Linh - Tang Hoa Thien

In the 1980s, Tsang Hoa Thien and Leung Trieu Vy were very popular in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. They have been together for 6 years but often quarrel due to differences in personality. Every time she argued with her boyfriend, Tang Hoa Thien often turned to her close friend, Luu Gia Linh, to ask her for advice and to act as a bridge to reconcile.

What made Tang Hoa Thien unexpected was that the appearance of Luu Gia Linh put an end to her love story and actor Luong Trieu Vy. Not long after breaking up with Tang Hoa Thien, the actor surnamed Luong publicly dated Luu Gia Linh, making Hoa Thien warm and angry, deciding from the face of his close friend. Luong Trieu Vy's mother also used to hate Lau Gia Linh because of this, because she had long considered Tang Hoa Thien as her daughter-in-law.

It took three decades for the two beauties to let go of their old animosity to be able to appear together.

Duong Yen - Duong Mich and a pair of Chinese beauties "from friends to enemies", why should it be? - Photo 5

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