Chau Tan was "touched" after Trieu Vy, exposing the tricks of Cbiz stars to establish a ghost company

Duyên TrầnAug 28, 2021 at 09:03

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Recently, Chinese showbiz was bewildered by the information that Trieu Vy was secretly assassinated. After that, MXH continued to spread the information that she was issued a red wanted warrant. This is a notice given to a fugitive who needs to be quickly arrested and extradited to his home country.

After Trieu Vy "falled off the horse", a source said that more powerful and famous figures of the entertainment world would fall into the same situation. Cbiz is going through its most intense purge ever.

There have been many people who are said to be zoned for investigation, including Hoang Canh Du, Huynh Xiaoming, Dieu Di - Van Chuong, Zhang Ziyi... and most recently, Trieu Vy's "eternal" enemy - Chau Tan was also named.

Chau Tan was "touched" after Trieu Vy, exposing the tricks of Cbiz stars to establish a ghost company - Photo 1

Chinese social networks are spreading information that Tan Quang Nien company, run by Chau Tan's biological father, does not have a license, violates the contract and does not fully repay the debt even though it is overdue. It is known that the number can be up to 34 million yuan (equivalent to 119 billion dong).

Failing to pay in full on time, Chau Tan's father's company is being sued for lack of trust. The person who accused Chau Tan's father's company of losing information also revealed that the authorities were investigating the fact that Chau Tan was the one behind this Tan Quang Nien company and countless other ghost companies. Most of these companies are doing business on behalf of the actress's biological parents.

Once something happened, Chau Tan could completely "retreat", preserving his innocence because his parents took the blame and avoided legal punishment.

It is known that Chau Tan's fans are equally scared because Chau Tan is the big flower to join Kinh Khuyen - Beijing's group of artists and writers, with the biggest power in Chinese showbiz today. In the context of Kinh Khuyen being swept away by the authorities, Chau Tan's fans constantly prayed.

However, the above information is still just rumors, not confirmed. Because the fact that Trieu Vy was sealed has such great influence, there have been many fake news released to capture views. Currently, Chinese showbiz is in a state of tension. The functional agency has conducted an inspection of all industry activities, severely sanctioning violators and units.

It is known that Chau Tan is recognized as one of the four great flowers of the Chinese entertainment industry with Zhang Ziyi, Trieu Vy, and Tu Tinh Loi. Chuong Tu Di is no longer as attractive as before, Tu Tinh Loi - Trieu Vy is limited to acting, only Chau Tan is still plowing on the set. More than 2 decades of his career, Chau Tan rarely gets into big scandals, related to law, and even less dignity. Therefore, fans still hope the above rumor is just fake news.

In 2010, artists like Chau Tan, Ly Bang Bang, Nham Tuyen, Huynh Xiaoming, Tran Khon, To Huu Bang,... all had their own offices with a small scale, only about 20 employees. . Soon after, these Offices showed the ability to market in a methodical way.

Chau Tan was "touched" after Trieu Vy, exposing the tricks of Cbiz stars to establish a ghost company - Photo 2

Artist's studios, besides taking on the function of managing artists' artistic activities, also become a place to support them to pour m.oney into film and television projects, sign contracts with new faces. and run a side business. In other words, the stars have turned their offices into small investment companies.

Two close artists in Chinese showbiz, Chau Tan and Tran Khon in 2017, also co-founded Dong Than Vi Lai Culture Management Company. Artists such as Nghe Dai Hong, Hai Nhat Thien then signed a contract with this unit. In 2020, Thu Ky joined Dong Than Vi Lai.

According to art researcher Hoang Chuyen, he pointed out that the fact that celebrities m.ake m.oney based on the secondary market, rather than acting, has become an industry phenomenon.

According to a newspaper in China, by comparison, setting up private offices is a great way to avoid taxes. This is also Sohu's view, even saying that celebrities in China are using the form of personal studios to "legally evade taxes".

China's personal income tax law stipulates that an annual income exceeding 960,000 yuan will be taxed at 45%. Thus, the salary of 160 million yuan must pay 71.95 million yuan in taxes, but through the artist's private office, he can save at least 10%, or 15.9 million people. yuan.

Furthermore, if the artists' studios are located in areas on the government's 5-year tax-exempt list such as Khorgas (Xinjiang), Indochina (Zhejiang) or Wuxi (Jiangsu), the number The more m.oney you save, the more m.oney you can save. That's why many manufacturers flock to small cities.

Sina said the number of individual artists' studios in the past three years has increased significantly to nearly 533 private studios and 1,887 companies under personal names. In 2018, Fan Bingbing was the name that was investigated by Chinese authorities when using a "yin-yang contract", taking advantage of the personal office to evade taxes. She was fined up to 130 million USD.

Chau Tan was "touched" after Trieu Vy, exposing the tricks of Cbiz stars to establish a ghost company - Photo 3

The tax evasion scandal of "red carpet queen" Pham Bang Bang has caused many Chinese artists previously on the list of suspicions of the General Department of Taxation to apply for compensation to avoid heavier penalties. As a result, in 2018 China's tax authorities collected up to $1.8 billion in taxes from celebrities.

The incident of actress Trinh Sang once again caused agencies in China to once again pay attention to the "tricks" of the artist world. The Central Propaganda Department of this country has just issued a directive to correct the existing negative behaviors in the entertainment industry, especially the issue of shouting salary prices, taking advantage of yin and yang contracts to evade taxes.

According to Xinhua, artists if found to be illegal this time may not be tolerated because they have learned lessons from Fan Bingbing before. So even if many Chinese stars divest or dissolve their offices, they can still investigate and punish illegal acts at the time of breaking the law.

Chau Tan was "touched" after Trieu Vy, exposing the tricks of Cbiz stars to establish a ghost company - Photo 4

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