Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz?

Hoàng PhúcSep 03, 2022 at 19:52

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Choosing wide clothes, comfortable to move, fat b.ody, Pham Bang Bang is sparking rumors of good news. Previously, the paparazzi caught the 40-year-old actress attending a family gathering with a mysterious man.

In a series of photos posted on social networks, Pham Bang Bang wears a long skirt, has a bold figure, loose hair, and outstanding white skin. She stood next to her mother, the two laughed and talked happily. According to 163, currently, Pham Bang Bang's mother is her assistant and representative, so all her activities are associated with her.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 1

After a series of photos of Bang Bang and her mother appeared on Weibo, many people said that Bang Bang had failed to lose weight. Another audience asked, "Why does Bang Bang share a video teaching how to lose weight but r.eveal such a chubby figure?". Some viewers speculated that she was pregnant, so her new b.ody was round, because before that, she appeared many times with a slim appearance.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 2

Bang Bang and businessman Quach Nham Long are currently in a stable relationship. Recently, some people took pictures of the actor having dinner with his boyfriend, both affectionate and sweet. In June, she wore a ring on her little finger, believed to be an engagement ring.

Before that, at the end of 2021, Pham Bang Bang was rumored to be pregnant and gave birth secretly at Nanjing maternity hospital. Immediately after the rumor was spread, the actress' management company denied it.

At that time, Pham Bang Bang affirmed that social network users have the right to freedom of speech, but must also be responsible for acts of spreading untrue news, affecting the artist's honor.

She said she would be strong with antifans. The actress has a team of more than 10 lawyers, regularly w.inning lawsuits for honor rights.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 3

Pham Bang Bang is currently 40 years old. Although not completely dropped from showbiz, her career has not shown signs of prosperity, especially in the field of film and television.

Fan Bingbing was born on September 16, 1981 in Shandong, China. From a young age, she soon showed an artistic talent inherited from her parents. At the age of 17, the beauty started her acting career and became known to many people when she played the role of Kim Toa in the movie Hoan Chau Cach Cach.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 4

Over 20 years of artistic activities, beauties have appeared in many famous works in both film and television such as Vo Mi Nuong Legend, I'm not Phan Kim Lien...

Since 2018, the impact of the tax evasion scandal has caused Fan Bingbing to be fined 130 million USD and banned from broadcasting in China. The actress rarely appears on fashion magazines and events of Chinese showbiz. This makes the audience who love the actress Pham regret.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 5

In December 2020, Pham Bang Bang was chosen to appear on the cover with her brother Pham Thua Thua on the cover of China's T Magazine. But after a while, the advertisement "Pham Bang Bang became the cover face" was removed from Weibo.

Under pressure from public opinion, T Magazine had to remove the article on social networks, suspend it and promise to refund those who had ordered the newspaper before. It was not until last June, after nearly 2 years, that the actress could reappear in a Chinese magazine - Glass China.

Despite the influence of the broadcast ban, Pham Bang Bang did not give up her intention to return to showbiz. She takes advantage of every opportunity and invitation to collaborate to warm up her image and maintain her influence with fans.

In the appearances, Pham Bang Bang made a good impression. Her photo sets are professionally done and the beauty of the Pham family is getting better and better.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 6

In the latest photo series for Puss Puss magazine (China), August 2022 issue, Pham Bang Bang pursues a mysterious, mysterious and s.exy style. Flawless white skin and a compact, elegant face help Bang Pham score absolute points. Under the set of photos, the online community was devoted to Pham Bang Bang's perfect look and welcomed her back.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 7

The set of photos in Puss Puss magazine marks Pham Bang Bang's next return on Chinese media after the "two years of photo removal" incident and continues to receive positive responses from fans. After two years, it seems that Chinese public opinion no longer looks too harsh on Fan Bingbing.

Pham Bang Bang is pregnant with a former soldier, a successful plan to "rely on" the giants to return to showbiz? - Photo 8

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