Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"?

Hoàng PhúcAug 01, 2022 at 10:50

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Trinh Sang has decided to file a lawsuit in the court of Shanghai, China, suing a media company because it thinks that this unit is illegally enriching from her image and information.

According to 163, Trinh Sang currently lives in the US and has not returned to China. However, the actress still sued a media company to court on the grounds of performing a trick to bring her down, in order to gain illicit profits. The trial will take place at 2pm on August 16, at the People's Court of Chongming District, Shanghai City.

Trinh Sang's side confirmed that while her case was still under investigation, there was no official conclusion, the media company Thuong Dich Van Hoa set her up with many crimes, banned her from speaking, and insulted the dignity of the company. actress.

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 1

Since then, Trinh Sang has been attacked on social networks for a long time. The company benefits from increased engagement. This company even exploited private information about her children.

Previously, in December 2022, Trinh Sang filed a lawsuit against 5 different Chinese film and entertainment companies over a dispute over m.oney for the film Tan Thien Mai, in which she played the female lead.

In the application, the actress said that these partners did not pay the full amount of remuneration as originally committed. Trinh Sang's side made efforts to contact the parties involved, requesting payment but did not receive a response.

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 2

The total amount she demanded to be paid was up to 108 million yuan (more than 373 billion dong). This is the amount she agreed to when she took on the role of the female lead in the film. The above remuneration is also considered the highest ever in the Chinese entertainment industry. However, in March 2022, the actress suddenly withdrew the lawsuit without giving an explanation.

After being banned from artistic activities, Trinh Sang went to the US to win custody of children with ex-husband Truong Hang, but lost the lawsuit. Currently, the actress is learning how to take care of a young c.hild. Occasionally, she posts pictures of her new life. Her Weibo account was deleted after the scandal.

According to the beauty, Watching the meteor shower, eating well, sleeping peacefully and having a comfortable time with two children is her biggest wish right now. Trinh Sang said she felt less pressured when she left showbiz, living in a foreign land where few people recognized her.

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 3

According to On, Trinh Sang raised a dog in the US. She is trying to learn English to integrate into the local life. At the same time, the actress attended a child-rearing course and participated in psychotherapy with experts at the request of the court.

The actress confided that she missed her family in China, but did not dare to return home for fear of causing trouble for her loved ones. The 31-year-old beauty confirmed that she had given up the notion of returning to the entertainment world. She knew she had no chance after making an unforgivable mistake. Trinh Sang plans to switch to being a YouTuber, creating content to earn income.

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 4

At the end of last 4, through a Twitter account bearing her name, the actress posted an audio file sharing her heart after a year of leaving showbiz because of a private life scandal. The actress hopes the media will stop reporting on the scandal, and at the same time begs the audience to stop the act of cyber v.iolence against her.

She confided, "After last year's event, a lot of people kept trampling and attacking me. Until now, they still have no intention of letting me go. Why is that? I'm really tired. Please forgive me. Stop impersonating me, pretending to be my fan to steal my privacy, cyber v.iolence and making up stories to damage my honor."

In another post, the actress said that she had healed herself after the s.hock of losing her career. "I will get up from where I fell for the rights and dignity of a woman," she said.

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 5

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 6

Trinh Sang, born in 1991, is a popular actress in China with films such as Let's Watch the Meteor Shower, Love You at First Sight, and the Summer Solstice.

In 2021, she received the penalty of permanently banning the waves, being ostracized from the entertainment world of billions of people after being entangled in a tax evasion scandal and abandoning her twin. Trinh Sang repeatedly expressed his regret and wished to have the opportunity to redo his career, but was not accepted.

Trinh Sang fled to the US and still had to continue to stand trial, the last chance to "turn the situation around"? - Photo 7

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