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"What's wrong with Secretary Kim?" Remade by China, netizens strongly objected

Minh Ngọc09:15:46 18/04/2024
Recently, there was news about the popular Korean drama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? is about to be remade by China, causing a stir on social networks. Chinese and international netizens expressed fear even though the movie hasn't cast any actors yet.

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The Kpop goddess who once played a villain was criticized: "Just looking at her makes me jealous"

Phong Trần14:35:23 24/02/2024
Once a top female idol in Kpop, both beautiful and talented, her name still retains its heat after nearly 20 years of artistic activities. However, the SM goddess - BoA encountered trouble when she appeared in Miss You Marry My Husband.

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Park Min Young denies running a "ghost" company with her scandalous boyfriend

Nhật Duy15:21:09 22/02/2024
Not long after having had great success with the movie Marry My Husband, Park Min Young was immediately caught up in a private scandal. The famous actress's scandal still revolves around the relationship between her and her scandalous tycoon boyfriend.

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She went and married my husband the Vietnamese version, "eating off" the Korean version because it was too similar to the original

Khánh Huyền13:07:30 17/02/2024
She Goes But Marries My Husband is a film that has received a lot of special attention from Vietnamese audiences. Social networks appeared many posts discussing the theory that if the film is licensed by Vietnam, who will the roles be suitable for.

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How real is it to appear in You Go and Marry My Husband?

Vân Anh15:18:25 04/02/2024
She Goes But Marries My Husband is extremely popular with Vietnamese audiences. Each character appearing in the film makes viewers feel impressed. Recently, netizens suddenly buzzed with images of actor Dieu Nhi appearing in the movie?

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Choi Gyu Ri: "sister-in-law" Park Min Young, the dinosaur rookie of the Korean screen

Khánh Huyền13:44:24 01/02/2024
Choi Gyu Ri, Park Min Young's lovely and easy-going brother-in-law in the new drama, is w.inning the hearts of the audience. She is considered a character who has contributed to illuminating the dark life of the heroine.

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Marry My Husband: Ratings increased despite Park Min Young's noise, BTS was taken advantage of

JLO17:43:51 23/01/2024
Marry My Husband is on track to surpass the 10% mark. Episode 7 of tvN's You'll Marry My Husband, broadcast on January 22, surpassed its own record with 9.4% nationwide and 10.4% in the capital area.

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Park Min Young was disappointed with her boyfriend's taste, thinking she would be equal to Park Seo Joon

Vân Anh16:49:02 21/01/2024
It is thought that goddess Park Min Young's boyfriend taste will be as good as Park Seo Joon and Ji Chang Wook. Yet, she met a tycoon with an ordinary appearance, but was also involved in a scandal due to embezzlement.

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Park Min Young received 4.4 billion in support from her boyfriend, deceiving the public?

Mẫn Nhi08:55:04 16/01/2024
Dispatch published evidence showing that Park Min Young received 250 million won (4.4 billion VND) in support from her ex-boyfriend's embezzled m.oney. Park Min Young's management also denied it.

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The movie She's Going to Marry My Husband was caught in the middle of Park Min Young's shocking scandal

Thiên Di17:26:04 15/01/2024
Regarding Park Min Young's scandal, many viewers of Miss Go Marry My Husband, starring her, left many heavy comments, affecting the film.

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Song Ha Yoon: The hottest "Tieu Tam" today, a talented actor capable of all types of roles

Phương Thảo09:49:46 15/01/2024
Song Ha Yoon is an extremely h.ot name when she takes on the supporting female role in the hit film adaptation of Miss You Marry My Husband. Her powerful acting, youthful beauty, and appearance as if she came out of a story made her receive a lot of positive feedback.

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Top Korean movies with the best leopard theme, Song Hye Kyo confronts Song Joong Ki

Phương Thảo22:47:29 12/01/2024
In addition to romance, the theme of revenge is also very popular with the audience. Grasping that mentality, Korean films continuously produce many masterpieces with this theme and receive positive reactions from viewers.

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You go and marry my husband: Ratings increased sharply after Park Min Young's "transformation"

Vân Anh22:35:25 11/01/2024
Episode 3 of the movie Marry My Husband will air on the evening of January 8. In this new episode, Kang Ji Won (played by Park Min Young) will show a significant change from the inside to the appearance.

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Park Min Young's "You Go Marry My Husband" made millions of people unable to take their eyes off

Kim Lâm17:11:24 11/01/2024
The movie Marry My Husband starring Park Min Young is currently causing a fever, attracting viewers with a series of dramatic details. The work is currently ranked number one in many countries, the rating is increasing rapidly.

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"You go and marry my husband": trailer criticized, airing episode 1 sobs again

Phi Đức18:15:30 05/01/2024
She Goes and Marries My Husband is tvN's 2024 opener drama that premiered its first episode on New Year's Day. Although it airs on holidays, it is already on pay radio, but She Goes and Marries My Husband still has a very good start.

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Park Min Young - Zhang Zhehan's love story 8 years ago was suddenly made public

An Nhi16:48:39 05/01/2024
After 8 years of being screened, the romantic drama Thanh Time was suddenly aired. This is a Chinese co-production project starring Park Min Young and actor Zhang Zhehan.

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Park Min Young spent so much time losing weight that she was emaciated, the new movie is still being criticized even though it hasn't aired yet

Khánh Huyền16:39:15 24/12/2023
Even though Marry My Husband has not yet aired, it has become an extremely h.ot topic, partly due to the first images of the female lead, played by Park Min Young, being revealed to the public.

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Park Min Young's new movie is criticized for destroying the original, her beauty after weight loss attracts attention

Châu Anh17:14:01 22/12/2023
Returning to the film race, Park Min Young attracted attention when her attempt to lose weight to only 37kg in Marry My Husband made many viewers sad. Despite her extremely respectful attitude, her new film still causes controversy because it violates the original work.

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Park Min Young revealed the identity of her husband, fans quickly compared to Park Seo Joon and regretted

Xuka11:40:38 01/12/2023
The first images of lead actor Yoo Ji Hyuk played by Na In Woo in "She Goes But Marry Me" have also been released. Possessing a handsome appearance and impressive height, the actor quickly won the hearts of the public.

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Park Min Young re-appeared on screen with a 37kg b.ody image, wearing a pitiful, emaciated hospital gown

Phong Trần16:31:20 23/11/2023
Park Min Young made fans impatient when she returned to the screen with a skinny b.ody of only 37kg. It is known that this is the character's appearance in her new movie that will be broadcast in early 2024.

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Park Min Young first appeared after ex-boyfriend's noise, celebrating a special day?

Mai Trúc16:46:21 09/11/2023
Park Min Young has just released a series of photos showing off her fresh figure, appearing for the first time after a long period of hiding due to her ex-boyfriend's noise. People discovered that this appearance coincided with the memory of her special day.

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Ha Hoang: Dao Anh in You and Trinh gradually "escaped" from the title "mobile flower vase"

Bảo Tiên10:28:12 27/09/2023
Possesses beautiful appearance, petite and sociable personality. Muse Ha Hoang, with her young career, is still increasingly proving her ability on the artistic path.

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Park Seo Joon got married, including wedding photos, the bride is not a "rumored girlfriend", why is the female surname Park?

Uyển Đình11:16:43 09/08/2023
Park Seo Joon's wedding photo was quickly shared wildly on social media. Accordingly, everyone was surprised when the identity of the bride was not the actor's rumored girlfriend but a cult female star.

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Park Min Young has a 'new love' after the noisy farewell to the virtual currency giant, the beauty of which eats away Park Seo Joon

Hoàng Anh10:03:44 09/03/2023
After a series of noises that affected her reputation, recently Park Min Young officially returned to the movie race in the new movie She Goes to Marry My Husband. Information about the famous comic series Marry My Husband (roughly translated: She Goes To Marry My Husband) by...

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