People's Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpop's singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention

Hoàng HônFeb 21, 2024 at 14:16

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In recent days, social networks have actively spread many clips combining People's Artist Le Thuy's voice with a series of popular youth music songs from Korea, Thailand, Europe and America to Vietnam.

Some of the most searched songs include K.ill this love, Zoom, Farewell Lock, soundtrack Back in time to love you... with the saying "Le Thuy - real name is Duong Le Thuy". In particular, the pages posting the clip all note that this is a product of AI (artificial intelligence technology) to avoid affecting the female artist.

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 1

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 2

Le Thuy's voice was impersonated by AI in a series of foreign songs

However, since the above clips continuously "stormed" social networks, People's Artist Le Thuy has received many messages from the audience wondering about her innovation in music at the age of U80. Many people even left negative comments, expressing their discomfort when they thought that the female artist chose music that was not suitable for her age.

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 3

People's Artist Le Thuy was misunderstood by the audience about changing her music style

Faced with the initial noise, People's Artist Le Thuy quickly posted a long article on her personal page to correct this misleading information.

Le Thuy wrote: "Many older audiences are not as good with technology as me. They heard for a moment and thought that Le Thuy changed the music style. They didn't understand, so they were very confused and shocked. Because before, I only sang Cai Luong and Cai Luong songs. Being loved by everyone is also due to Cai Luong singing. Today I would like to clarify that youth songs, rap music, Korean music... are products of AI technology, not Le Thuy's real voice. ".

People's Artist Le Thuy said that she does not change the style of Cai Luong music, nor does she have a need to renew her image by singing youth music. At the age of U80, the female artist's happiness is to stand on stage to sing Cai Luong for the audience.

"I will only sing Cai Luong until my health does not allow it or you no longer want to listen, then I will say goodbye to everyone. I am still "Le Thuy singing Cai Luong" as always, and in the future too. will be like that".

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 4

Le Thuy corrected the above incident

In addition, People's Artist Le Thuy also sent a few words to the people who made these clips: "If the children like my singing, I thank you very much and appreciate it. However, if you only do it for fun, A few songs in the spirit of art are okay, but you shouldn't go beyond the limit."

The "exceptional actress" of the Southern Cai Luong theater also affirmed that she would seek legal intervention if the incident seriously affected her image: "We are living in a new technology era." , many things can be created with machines or software, but what is real will still be real. But if there is a team behind pushing you to constantly use Le Thuy's image to intentionally mislead the audience about Le Thuy and once the allowable limit is exceeded, Le Thuy's family will have to ask for intervention from the law enforcement agencies and relevant departments. Remember that Whatever it is, if you stop at the right time and don't violate it, it will be beautiful."

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 5

The female artist will take legal action if things go too far

Talking to the media, singer Duong Dinh Tri (son of People's Artist Le Thuy) said his mother was not too upset about the above issue. However, she just wanted to make a correction so that older audiences would know the truth and avoid letting things go too far.

People's Artist Le Thuy's son said: "When watching these clips, my mother and I were also surprised because the voice in the clip is very similar to the real thing. But my mother only sings Cai Luong, she cannot cover youth music or any other music genre. Young people can understand what an AI product is, but older audiences who are not tech-savvy will be confused when listening to those clips. I think it's okay to do it for fun, but if you push it too far, it will affect you. affects the reputation and love that the audience has for her mother."

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 6

Le Thuy's son said his mother was not too upset about this incident

Peoples Artist Le Thuy was upset because AI impersonated Kpops singing voice, so she asked for legal intervention - Photo 7

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