that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a "normal gene code"?

Minh LợiJun 04, 2024 at 17:14

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Ninh Anh Bui and Nguyen Tung Duong are still influential names on social media. However, recently, some statements and recent actions of Ning Duong Story have become the topic of discussion and controversy.

Accordingly, during a livestream from April 10, Ninh Anh Bui received a lot of questions about Pride Month - LGBT Pride Month. Ninh Anh Bui said the two also received many invitations to events this month but the couple declined, not wanting to call too much.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 1

The reason given by Ninh Anh Bui: "Because the episode we want to go to the ears is normal gene coders, so everything is light. We're not going to be doing anything too callative that month."

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 2

However, it is this sentence that makes many people in the LGBT community feel unhappy and think that Ninh Anh Bui uses the wrong term. Many articles have been published expressing how LGBT Pride Month is a longtime struggle for people in the community not to be discriminated against. However, the way Ninh Anh Bui uses the word "normal genetic code" is both confusing and intended to distinguish ordinary people from people in the LGBT community.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 3

"Opting out of Pride Month is your right. Do not like the noise and bustle of LGBTQ people when participating in Pride Month, it is also your right. Because each person will have differences in interests and orientations. However, when you separate Pride Month participants from the "normal" category, why are you indirectly treating them as "non-normal"? Especially when that "not normal" has been the stereotype that society has imposed on LGBTQ for years whenever they see the community speaking up for struggle. And people have tried to break that stereotype to f.ight for today's rights of the community.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 4

Now, a KOL is emerging, making m.oney through a beautiful love affair and, above all, a gay love affair (the main attention-grabbing factor) is labeling the community's own activities as "not normal", quoted in an article by account M. that is attracting the attention of the online community.

Below the post, netizens also gave a lot of mixed opinions. Many people believe that Ninh Anh Bui's speech is somewhat insensitive, misleading and hurtful to people in the LGBT community. Moreover, with her current position as an influencer, owning millions of followers on TikTok, people want Ninh Anh Bui to be the one to connect, give the right definitions or at least be careful in the way she speaks for everyone to understand.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 5

However, others said that Ninh Anh Bui did not mean to offend or discriminate against anyone. Because in his livestream, Ninh Anh Bui is also somewhat embarrassed in finding words to talk, avoiding touching certain groups of people or individuals. Those who have followed Ninh Anh Bui for a long time understand this way of talking "talk less and avoid" so they feel that there is nothing too encroaching in the use of words.

In particular, those who watched the livestream thought that the context at that time was confiding, telling idle stories, not an official statement. The message that Ninh Anh Bui wants to convey is mainly about the upcoming schedule, so if anyone is easygoing, they will let it go, and those who are more sensitive or attentive will give it for analysis and dissection.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 6

Previously, the couple's fandom also rummaged internally, wrote a letter confessing about "exiting fans" and pointed out the dissatisfaction points in Ninh Anh Bui that caught netizen's attention.

Accordingly, this anonymous post said that Ninh Anh Bui and Nguyen Tung Duong have had a closed fan group since only a few people knew about it. In this group chat, the Ninh Duong couple freely shared many photos, chatted closely, even facetime with fans. In addition, there are also some close friends of the couple who also appear here.

Worth mentioning, when operating in this group, fans said they saw more affectionate images of the couple with the promise: "People see photos that no other group has seen." However, for those who are not in the group, Ninh Duong Story requires absolute privacy, not to leak photos despite the memory of fans and those in the group are "laughing". This caused many fans of the couple to express their vulnerability.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 7

Along with that, many fans also expressed their discomfort with the couple's current assistant. Especially, when fans gave shirts, Ning Yang Story carelessly gave them to his assistant to wear. Or the fact that Ninh Anh Bui cares closely with the male assistant such as giving Tung Duong's shirt for this person to wear, picking up food for him,... also left fans unhappy.

In addition, the fact that the couple constantly attends events, combined with some celebrities is also one of the bullet points that makes fans think that the two use affection to market and be famous. Specifically, since going viral on social media, many people flattered Ninh Anh Bui as a male model that everyone must learn as gentle, only love 1 person, care,... However, netizens discovered that before following only Tung Duong on Threads, Ninh Anh Bui's account also liked and followed many other sensitive content.

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 8

Longtime fans of the couple claim that they love and support Ninh Duong Story because of their 10-year affection and not because of their brilliance or other talent. Therefore, the fact that Ninh Anh Bui has sensitive moves makes netizens suspicious, asking the question of whether he really always loves and only cares about Tung Duong as he always said?

that Ninh Duong Story refused to participate in LGBT events because it was not a normal gene code? - Photo 9

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