The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist

Phong TrầnApr 19, 2024 at 23:28

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Each different land will have festivals related to the cultural and spiritual life of the people living in that land. However, associated with festival activities, a place in the world today still holds strange contests that are "unbelievable" to many people.

Egg and powder throwing contest

Participants dress in military style, then "attack" each other with two very common cooking ingredients: chicken eggs, duck eggs and flour.

During "combat", people also have the right to use smoke bombs and fire extinguishers. Sometimes they use a hose to wash away the flour and egg mixture stuck to their clothes.

This 200-year-old traditional festival usually starts from 8 am to 5 pm with many activities, the most prominent of which is still this messy-looking game.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 1

When the festival ends, the participants look like moving bread covered in flour mixed with eggs.

Meanwhile, the streets looked equally messy with water, flour, eggs and remnants of smoke bombs and fire extinguishing spray.

The f.ight "attracts" Ong

Participants in this leather crawling event in China compete to see who can keep the most live bees on their bodies in a certain amount of time. Needless to say, it didn't attract many competitors...

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 2

In 2011, only two people participated in the competition. Each person has one hour to attract as many bees as possible while standing on the scale. The winner holds a total of 26 kg, equivalent to more than 200,000 bees on their b.ody.

Cheese rolling festival

Cheese rolling festival is ranked among the "craziest" festivals in the world. This festival dates back to the 15th century, held annually at Cooper Hill (England) on the last Monday of May. At that time, tourists and locals will flock to the small village of Brockworth, Gloucestershire, to immerse yourself in this strange festival.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 3

Today's festival is transformed from the ancient ritual of dropping objects from the top of the hill, such as candy, to welcome the new year and pray for good crops. To this day, people will let a block of Gloucester cheese shaped like a wheel, weighing about 3-4kg, wrapped in a wooden shell, roll down the hill. Hundreds of players ran after it. Whoever touches the cheese rind first will be the winner.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 4

It sounds simple, but the rolling speed of the cheese block can be up to 112 km/h due to the steep terrain. Furthermore, there are parts where the slope of the hill is up to 50 degrees, which means it is almost vertical. Therefore, when players run fast, they can easily fall over.

Due to the dangerous terrain, many players were injured. In 1997, 33 players suffered serious injuries, causing local police to ban the event the following year. By 2010, this event was canceled again.

In order to ensure safety for players, in recent years, the organizers have replaced the traditional cheese with a similarly shaped sponge to reduce rolling speed. However, some accidents such as broken bones and dislocated cervical vertebrae still occur. Although the police and media have repeatedly spoken out about the dangers of the festival, it still takes place every year and attracts a large number of players.

World Worm Digging Championship

Since 1980, the "World Worm Digging Championship" has become an annual event taking place in the village of Willaston under the strict management regulations of the International Federation of Worm Digging and Collective Recreation (IFCWAP). ). During the competition, participants will use many methods to lure worms out of the ground to catch as many of them as possible.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 5

Common methods to attract worms include sticking pitchforks into the ground or playing musical instruments to attract the worms musically. The world record was set by a 10-year-old g.irl in 2009, who found 567 worms in 30 minutes.

Competition for men running in high heels

Every year "Race in High Heels" is a competition that takes place on the streets of Madrid, Spain, attracting the attention of both locals and tourists. This is the kick-off event for the upcoming Gay Pride festival in the Spanish capital.

To participate in the contest, candidates must be men and wear heels of at least 15 cm. The organizers will use careful measurements.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 6

Some members found their own ways to fix their shoes. They use adhesive tape to stick it around, making it convenient to move.

Chess boxing

Chess boxing is a sport that combines both mental and physical challenges. Competitors switch between boxing matches and playing chess.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 7

The original idea came from a Dutch man with the intention of using it as a form of performance art, but it was picked up and became a real televised sport, sometimes even broadcast airs on ESPN.

The most unique competitions on the planet, seemingly impossible to exist - Photo 8

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