Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other half's face, 1 point like his ex-wife

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Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh was comfortable showing off her lover's face. The other half of Buu Loc owns a beautiful beauty, tall, slim b.ody. The two look very well matched.

Accordingly, recently, on his facebook page, Nhat Kim Anh's ex-husband, businessman Buu Loc, shared a series of photos taking his son on a summer vacation at a luxury resort in Cam Ranh. Prince Buu Long is plump and lovely. The b.oy is excited to experience interesting games with his father at the beach and water play area.

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 1

The most remarkable thing is that on this trip, Buu Loc's new girlfriend also accompanied him. No longer hiding the other half's face, ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh freely showed off her lover's face. This g.irl has a delicate and good-looking face with white skin and big eyes, and her b.ody is also quite slim. Through the way she dresses, it can be seen that she is quite stylish. The two look very well matched. Some netizens even think that the new love is similar to Nhat Kim Anh because the singer also has a moon skin and a round face.

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 2

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 3

Buu Loc married Nhat Kim Anh in 2014 and has a first son, Buu Long, whose intimate name at home is Tin. The couple divorced in noise and spent 3 years fighting for custody of their children. Fortunately, both have found a common voice with the best wishes for the development of their son. They are now good friends and ready to appear together on your special day.

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 4

Nhat Kim Anh confided: "I have been fighting for several years and followed the case to the Supreme Court. At the most stressful moment, during a Facetime with my c.hild, Mr. Loc won the phone to argue about his studies. Witnessing that scene, she shouted: "Parents don't take me anymore, I'm tired".

That statement of my son made me wake up and ask myself "Why do I have to do this?", "What do I f.ight for if it comes to me and is moody and sad every day?". I know that when I stay with my father, I will miss my mother, and when I am with my mother, I will miss my father. Both me and my ex-husband at that time fought just because of our selfishness, but did not think much of the children. That made me decide to take the initiative to shrug it off and tell him: "I don't sue anymore. You can let me visit my c.hild, it's okay if I don't visit but let me know your situation.

Perhaps Tin's father also woke up after his son's statement, so he also changed his attitude and was no longer stressed. We agree on how to make your c.hild feel the best, the best. It can be said that we have been "suffering to the end", the family is now very happy and light. That's what we both wanted when we first got divorced.

My ex-husband and I are now like friends, we can talk happily and freely talk about our children."

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 5

Sharing in an interview not long ago, Nhat Kim Anh said she was satisfied with her current life. Besides singing and acting, the female singer is also busy with business. Despite the difficult economic situation, the actress said "fortunately everything is fine".

Recently, on her personal page, Nhat Kim Anh posted a picture with an extremely luxurious charisma, standard female strength. She wrote: "Self-reliance is the strongest support". Not only exuding a powerful aura, Nhat Kim Anh also shares the secret to becoming strong like this.

After the "turbulence" in life, Nhat Kim Anh said that in the present, she is trying to improve herself. The actress confided: "I live according to the Buddha's teachings, the rest is left to chance. I want it to come, and sometimes I don't want to come back when it's not good."

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 6

If you follow Nhat Kim Anh, you will see that the singer often shows off her daily life on her personal page. After entering the business field and achieving success, Nhat Kim Anh has now bought a 220m2 villa in Ho Chi Minh City.

Inside the villa there is a large garden. On her personal page, the actress shared a series of fruit-laden fruit trees in her garden, making the audience admire. Nhat Kim Anh spends a lot of time taking care of the garden as a way to relax after a tiring working time.

Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh took his son to travel with his new love, showing off his other halfs face, 1 point like his ex-wife - Photo 7

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