Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited

Hoàng TrangFeb 29, 2024 at 10:02

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According to transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - president of the Miss Universe pageant, the videos recording the closed meetings of the Miss Universe organizing committee that are being spread on social networks have been edited and cut. combined with bad intentions.

On February 24, the Miss Universe organizers quickly posted a press release about the controversial incident on beauty forums. Previously, many forums posted a video recording a private meeting between Ms. Anne - owner of Miss Universe and the contest's team.

Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited - Photo 1

According to the content in the clip, Ms. Anne affirmed that the Miss Universe contest will not have an age limit, allowing transgender women, married women, and children to participate, but will not let these people win. win. Ms. Anne also affirmed that their participation in the contest was only to increase audience reach and business.

This clip quickly created a wave of controversy on social networks, with most audiences criticizing Anne and the Miss Universe organizers. Ms. Anne was also criticized for profiting from people with special circumstances such as married women, children and transgender people.

Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited - Photo 2

Faced with this noisy incident, the president of Miss Universe quickly posted a correction on her personal page. Mrs. Anne wrote: "Thank you for always being here no matter the situation. I always love you from the bottom of my heart."

In addition, she also asserted that these videos were edited in a negative direction, out of context, used to manipulate others, causing confusion and misunderstandings in public opinion, leading to wrong conclusions.

"In light of recent misinformation and efforts to defame the Miss Universe organization, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to the core values we have championed over the years. The Miss Universe Organization has worked tirelessly to promote inclusion, transparency, integrity and we will not be affected by baseless accusations. I hope the world does not go reeling from this drama. This nonsense soap opera. I still don't understand why this man, to whom I was once good, would want to cause harm to me and the organization. We are talking about one of the episodes of the new reality show. It's not about the competition," Ms. Anne explained.

Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited - Photo 3

In addition, Ms. Anne also affirmed that the Miss Universe organization has always been a symbol of empowerment and diversity: "We remain committed to our mission of providing equal opportunities and honoring the beauty of every person." individual, regardless of background or ethnicity. We wholeheartedly embrace and champion the expression of beauty in its many forms.

Ms. Anne also believes that the illegal actions of the person who released these videos did not achieve their goal because the contest always has smart, strong fans who can distinguish between real and fake.

The female president affirmed: "We always have kind supporters who truly love the Miss Universe brand and believe in our core value of promoting diversity. I am a transgender woman and a mother who has fought for gender equality all her life to get to the position she is in now. Why do I have to live contrary to what I believe in? God has given me a purpose to live, inspiration and spread kindness."

Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited - Photo 4

However, Ms. Anne's explanations were considered a weak response to anger from public opinion. Many malicious comments are still aimed at the female billionaire after the video recording her words at the private meeting was revealed.

Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited - Photo 5

Previously, a video recording of a private meeting between Ms. Anne and the Mexican team on October 23, 2023 was posted online by a former employee of the Miss Universe organization named Rodrigo Goytortua. However, this person chose not to disclose any other sensitive information for legal reasons. Currently, this former employee's revelations are causing a stir on beauty forums.

Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited - Photo 6

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