Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react?

An NhiJun 09, 2022 at 14:06

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The Chinese social network is buzzing with the news that Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai will become the male and female leads in "Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6". Before this rumor, many viewers were concerned about the quality of the film.

The news that the movie Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 is preparing to make fans extremely excited. The main cast list of the film was initially rumored to be played by Tong To Nhi, Ngo Loi and Trieu Kim Mo. Although knowing the possibility that this young star, good acting will fully reunite in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, it also shows that the potential of the film is quite large.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 1

Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 tells the story of a Vietnamese b.oy Kim Trieu who brought his sister Viet Ky to join the gang for many years. Once, by chance Viet Kim Trieu and Viet Ky knew the young master Lac Chieu Ngon. Thanks to this meeting, Viet Ky learned that her biological mother was the owner of Con Bang cup of Xuc Ngu cup - the person everyone had to be afraid of and feared.

Coc owner Con Bang has a kind of "miracle medicine" that every year causes suffering. Viet Ky has always longed to find her biological mother, but now she has to choose between friendship and justice. After all the events that happened, the integrity of Viet Kim Trieu and Viet Ky was not shaken. With the help of Lac Chieu Ngon and other friends, they dig deep to find the truth of the secrets behind the "elixir".

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 2

Recently, a lot of information on Chinese social networks shows that Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 has "closed" the main actors are Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai, not Tong To Nhi, Ngo Loi, Trieu Kim Mach as rumored. initial. Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai are considered to be a couple. However, Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 still raises concerns about the quality of the film.

It is known that Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 is an S-class historical film project (a project with great investment, focusing on actors and production team) produced by Dang Tan. Recently, however, Dang Tan's S-level projects have caused viewers to question their quality, such as Kinh Song Thanh (Ly Dich Phong, Tran Ngoc Ky), Tha Thi Thien Ha (Duong Duong, Trieu Lo Tu). )... Because not only the patchwork content, but also the techniques of these films are very "virtual", disappointing viewers. Therefore, the expectation for Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 was also unintentionally reduced.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 3

Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 is expected to start filming next July. The main cast of the film has not been officially announced yet.

Talking about Hua Khai, he is one of the expected beauties of Cbiz. One year he went in and out of the film crew continuously, the work was also broadcast evenly on the platforms, but in recent years, Hua Khai's career seems to be hovering in the middle, unable to turn on the show. 1st line member.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 4

Hua Khai began to receive attention after the success of the role of Phu Sat Pho Hang in the battle set of Dien Hi Cong Luoc. However, the follow-up works were not well received, Douban scores were all below 7 points, even some were only rated 2.7/10 points even though his co-stars were all famous flowers like Zhao. Lo Tu, "Photo Queen" Chau Dong Vu...

In addition, Hua Khai's acting was also commented on as "drifting and drifting". There are movies that Hua Khai plays quite well, but most of them are still a bit stiff and lacking in emotion.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 5

Meanwhile, Ngu Thu Han can be said to be the name mentioned when talking about a star who can balance both singing and acting. Ngu Thu Han was widely known when participating in the survival entertainment show "Youth With You 3" and successfully debuted as a member of the g.irl group THE9.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 6

Besides, she is also a successful little flower with a series of roles in the movies: My Magical Boyfriend, The One I Love Most, The Moonlight Variation...

In 2020, she participated in the acting project The Next Station is Happiness. Her role as Thai Man Man in this film received a lot of sympathy from the audience. Not only that, her couple received more love than the lead couple. Also thanks to this role, she entered the Top 10 most popular female characters of 2020.

Thanks to this movie, she left a lot of impressions in the hearts of fans.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 7

With a lovely, bubbly appearance and natural acting style, she always refreshes herself through each role. It can be said that Ngu Thu Han is one of the idols who have successfully entered acting and received many compliments.

Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react? - Photo 8

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