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Ngoc Trinh is in love with a strange guy, hinting at a new love after the Vu Khac Tiep scandal

Bút Chì16:48:54 16/06/2024
Ngoc Trinh suddenly posted a photo of herself confidently posing in a rainy setting with a strange guy. This move made the public suspicious that she had a new love after being suspected of having an affair with Vu Khac Tiep.

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Vu Khac Tiep responded harshly when Ngoc Trinh "fell out of love", 20 years of friendship ended?

Bút Chì07:37:55 15/06/2024
Vu Khac Tiep and Ngoc Trinh are said to have stopped h.anging out with each other even though they were close for nearly 2 decades. The two do not appear together at events like before, and also no longer follow each other on social networks.

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Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth?

Bút Mực06:49:44 21/05/2024
The image of Ngoc Trinh being intimate with manager Vu Khac Tiep suddenly caused a stir in public opinion. Before there were rumors of their separation, the two had known and traveled together for nearly two decades.

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Ngoc Trinh immediately unfollowed Vu Khac Tiep and silently confirmed her retirement?

Mẫn Nhi14:43:18 25/04/2024
Recently, netizens quickly discovered the confusing move between Vu Khac Tiep and his pet chicken Ngoc Trinh. Specifically, the beautiful Tra Vinh officially unfollowed Vu Khac Tiep on Instagram with nearly 6 million followers.

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Ngoc Trinh hinted at stopping playing with Vu Khac Tiep, implying that he was an unnecessary person

Khánh Huyền14:37:36 28/03/2024
Ngoc Trinh has recently appeared frequently with her friends after a long period of being involved in legal trouble. Many people are looking forward to the reunion of close brothers Vu Khac Tiep and his pet chicken, but recently she posted a message implying that the two had broken up.

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Ngoc Trinh returns to being a 'bad g.irl' after a noisy career, is she getting used to her old ways?

Phi Đức16:10:55 20/03/2024
It seemed that after the incident, Ngoc Trinh turned the car 180 degrees to pursue a discreet and gentle image. Yet recently she has caught people's eyes with her extremely bold style.

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Ngoc Trinh simply meets friends after the incident, who in particular continues to be absent

Snow17:00:30 06/03/2024
After being released, Ngoc Trinh quickly regained her spirit and returned to work. She also had a meeting with designer Do Long and photographer-director Le Thien Vien, but 1 person was missing.

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Vu Khac Czechoslovakia dodged Ngoc Trinh, has not seen him since leaving prison, remarked 1 s.hock

Bảo Nam07:10:17 05/03/2024
Referring to Ngoc Trinh and Vu Khac Czech, many people will immediately imagine virtual live photos, luxurious trips and trendy and expensive fashion styles.

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Ngoc Trinh is full of regret after all the noise, will she be "closed" to the path of art?

Minh Ngọc08:54:01 10/02/2024
On February 2, Ngoc Trinh was given a 1-year suspended prison sentence and released in court. Currently, Ngoc Trinh has returned to her daily life, continuing to fulfill her dreams and unfinished work.

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Ngoc Trinh Friends: The person with green tea phosphorus, who had to move out of the 100 billion mansion

Đình Như11:55:12 09/02/2024
Referring to Ngoc Trinh's group of close friends, many people immediately remember the splendid lavish parties, luxurious outings, everyone wearing a brand tree on their bodies.

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Le Quyen was glad when Ngoc Trinh was released, and became close to Wu Khac Czechoslovakia and the "pet chicken"

Phương Thảo19:01:55 03/02/2024
Immediately after the news that the beauty Ngoc Trinh was granted a suspended sentence and released on the same day, many friends, relatives and colleagues expressed their joy. In particular, Le Quyen surprised many people by also congratulating juniors.

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The female police officer escorted Ngoc Trinh to the court causing a fever, praised by fans as beautiful as a miss

Phượng Vũ15:48:27 03/02/2024
In the recent trial, besides the attention to the main character - model Ngoc Trinh, netizens also paid special attention to the beauty of the female police captain who escorted her to court.

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Ngoc Trinh was released, Dam Vinh Hung and the Vietnamese stars immediately took action

Nguyễn Tuyết12:23:57 03/02/2024
After nearly 4 months in detention, Ngoc Trinh was officially sentenced to 1 year suspended prison by the court to the joy of many people. Including Dam Vinh Hung and some famous Vietnamese stars.

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Vu Khac Czechoslovakia made a notable move after Ngoc Trinh's release

Phi Đức17:58:29 02/02/2024
At noon on Feb. 2, TAND HCMC. HCMC sentenced defendant Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (model Ngoc Trinh) to 1 year in prison but granted a suspended sentence for disrupting public order and released immediately in court.

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Ngoc Trinh hired 3 defense lawyers, appeared in court on Tet 23, Vu Khac Tiep gave 1 sentence of encouragement

JLO06:43:56 20/01/2024
Ho Chi Minh City People's Court will open the first instance trial of the case related to model Ngoc Trinh on February 2 (ie December 23 of the lunar calendar, 2023). The trial was held publicly, chaired by judge Nguyen Anh Tuan.

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Dieu Huyen: The female supermodel that Vu Khac Tiep promoted so much, is now a single mother

An Nhi17:14:44 17/01/2024
Dieu Huyen is a personable name with experience in the modeling industry. She suddenly turned left to cinema with dusty, rebellious roles... and her story of being a single mother caught the attention of many people.

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Quynh Thu was exposed to a shocking secret by her "neighbor" while her ex-lover was embracing a strange g.irl

Nguyễn Tuyết14:21:51 11/01/2024
After the photo of Duc Pham being intimate with a strange g.irl in a bar was widely spread, all information related to his ex-wife and Quynh Thu - the person who is said to have dated him - received special attention from the public.

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Vu Khac Czechoslovakia "suffered" when Ngoc Trinh was entangled in justice: Returning the villa, selling things online, a new way of talking shocked

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:26:33 06/12/2023
Since Ngoc Trinh was taken into custody, not only her every move but also the lives of those around her have been taken into account. Among them, the Czechoslovak boss has recently attracted attention as there is constantly a marked change.

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Wu Khac Czechoslovakia officially talked about getting married, returning the villa amid Ngoc Trinh's labor circle

Xuka13:26:54 05/12/2023
This work and life is far from the image of the long-legged tycoon always overshadowed by brands, luxurious trips with everything labeled 5 stars before.

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Ngoc Trinh suddenly made a move to "reappear" the online realm, appearing with a character that caused a "shock"

Nhật Hân18:31:27 01/11/2023
Previously, Ngoc Trinh shook the internet with information that the authorities prosecuted for disorderly conduct stemming from circus clips on the street. Recently, the beauty is said to have returned.

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"Copy of Ngoc Trinh" asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace

JLO15:44:02 28/10/2023
For a long time, Queen Ngoc Trinh and actress Le Ngoc Trinh have been compared by netizens. When Ngoc Trinh was still at the peak of her career, many people thought that Le Ngoc Trinh was a copy of her close friend Vu Khac Tiep.

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Vu Khac Tiep finally mentioned Ngoc Trinh, affirming that he would not sell his house to save his soulmate

Tuyết Ngọc11:45:04 27/10/2023
After many days since the case of model Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh being detained broke out, Vu Khac Tiep's new move related to beauty Tra Vinh has caused a stir in the online community.

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Vu Khac Tiep suddenly moved out of the 1800m2 million dollar villa after Ngoc Trinh was arrested, what's going on?

Yang Mi10:26:14 26/10/2023
Not long after Ngoc Trinh was detained, boss Vu Khac Tiep surprised many people and raised many questions when he suddenly announced that he would leave the million-dollar villa in Thao Dien.

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The assistant "turned his back" on Ngoc Trinh, and close people also "turned away" when the queen of gossip was detained?

JLO08:55:49 22/10/2023
Recently, Ho Chi Minh City Police decided to temporarily detain model Ngoc Trinh for disturbing public order after posting a series of clips of riding a motorbike in a dangerous position on social networks.

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