Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this

Uyển ĐìnhMar 20, 2024 at 15:47

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Recently, Ngoc Trinh just released a new set of photos that received many comments praising her beauty as well as her choice of sophisticated outfits compared to before. However, the beauty was still reminded of one thing by the audience.

After the trial for disturbing public order, Ngoc Trinh was released from the detention center to return home to receive a 1-year suspended sentence and a 2-year probation period. After more than 3 months of "absence" from social networks, Ngoc Trinh reopened her personal pages and gradually returned with excellent photo sets. However, it is easy to see that Ngoc Trinh's current style is no longer as bold as before.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 1

Typically, female models dress more discreetly, preferring a gentle style like a muse. Even though her outfit is "concealing", she still cleverly shows off her seductive b.ody lines, especially her slim waist, with almost no excess fat.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 2

Ngoc Trinh chose a pink, clear makeup tone combined with a low bun hairstyle to enhance the elegance of the photo shoot. However, her nails lost points because they were quite old and exposed the base of her nails. Many fans reminded Ngoc Trinh to get new nails to look more presentable.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 3

After returning home and receiving a suspended sentence, Ngoc Trinh once said that she was still not used to the rhythm of life and needed more time to start again. When entering the photo shoot set, the female model chose a gentle style, posing not as seductively as before because "it's still very slow".

Currently, Ngoc Trinh still spends a lot of time with her family and close friends. On her personal page, she just shared a series of photos of her vacation at the beach with her family.

"Try to become beautiful, even when your heart is full of hurt and the days you live with tears. To know that, even if life has many unfortunate events, one day Today, I am still resilient, still proud, and beautiful. Wishing all the roses always shine and o.ff their beauty in their own way" - Ngoc Trinh shared.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 4

Until recently, the Tra Vinh beauty and her manager had a "lemongrass" gathering to celebrate their birthday together. In particular, this time the seductive female model has reappeared, wearing a dress that hugs her figure and shows off her s.exy bare back. Even though she has gained weight, Ngoc Trinh is still very beautiful, impressing with her radiant appearance.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 5

Before getting into trouble, the public often immediately thought of Ngoc Trinh's skimpy photos or attention-grabbing but supposedly "honest" statements about love and m.oney. Ngoc Trinh once overwhelmed the public when showing off her "huge" assets, notably a "suitable" colored car worth 30 billion VND.

In 2015, Ngoc Trinh bought a 180m2 penthouse for about 20 billion VND. Next, in 2020, Ngoc Trinh caused a stir in the entertainment industry when she revealed that she bought a new villa worth 50 billion VND, more than 800 m2 wide, for 25 billion VND. Ngoc Trinh invested in more furniture imported from abroad, costing more than 1 million USD. Therefore, the total value of the house is nearly 50 billion VND.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 6

Not only does she own beautiful houses and real estate, Ngoc Trinh also owns many expensive cars. In addition, branded goods and luxury trips are also keywords associated with Ngoc Trinh. Many times, netizens ask the question "How rich is Ngoc Trinh?" and "Why is Ngoc Trinh so rich?". But after the incident, she seemed to be much more restrained. However, it is unknown how long this moderation will last.

Ngoc Trinh was born in 1990, she is widely known to the public as a model, actress, and businesswoman. The model was once crowned Miss Vietnam Global 2011 and participated in films such as Waist 56, Vu Quy Dai Noo, Sister Mother Learns to Love, Sister Sister Sister 2.

Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this - Photo 7

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