Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star "huffed" and lost nearly tens of billions

Quỳnh QuỳnhAug 10, 2023 at 17:33

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In a recent sharing, model Tra Ngoc Hang attracted attention when mentioning Ngoc Trinh in the case of "business loss" and capital loss. The experiences of Tra Ngoc Hang's failed business events are sympathized by many people.

Recently, when appearing as a guest at a show, Tra Ngoc Hang talked about her arduous business process and received a lot of attention. Specifically, the model said that she used to "do business" to open a joint restaurant with Ngoc Trinh but had to quit because of losses. Verbatim of Ngoc Hang Tea:

"I had entrepreneurial b.lood from a young age because it was very difficult in my house. That day I went to middle school, everyone was given m.oney by my parents and I didn't have it because I was poor. I immediately took it upon myself to be your "master". When I went to Saigon, I worked as a café waitress and took advantage of my free time to sell fashionable clothes. I don't have capital, so I have to tell people to let me sell them to eat commissions, not dare to import goods.

After entering showbiz, I cooperated with Ngoc Trinh to run a restaurant business. I remember, at that time, I was about to give birth and still closed the lease of the premises, had to ask someone to sign the contract for me. Ngoc Trinh gave me capital but also said that it was always unmanageable, trusting to give it all to me. After giving birth for a week, I started to supervise the construction, after a full month of my son's opening of the restaurant, going to work. My restaurant is doing very well, always crowded but not having an epidemic. Ngoc Trinh quit the restaurant completely, but I regret that this is the brainchild I built, so I tried to bear the burden of two years of translation", Tra Ngoc Hang shared.

Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star huffed and lost nearly tens of billions - Photo 1

In difficult times, Tra Ngoc Hang added: "At that time, the restaurant could not open but I still had to feed 30 employees, pay quite high, plus housing. When I couldn't brace myself anymore, I let go of the restaurant and moved in a different direction. Before that, I already loved baking and wanted to sell cakes. At the time of the epidemic, the sugarcane cake emerged, I tried it for my friends. People found it delicious, so they introduced each other and my customers were very large. So right at the time of the epidemic, even though I had to close the restaurant, I could sell sugarcane cakes. When I switched to selling cakes, I had a lot of difficulties because I ran out of m.oney. There are times when I don't have m.oney to import ingredients. Luckily, many customers like my cake so they still buy it."

Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star huffed and lost nearly tens of billions - Photo 2

Tea Ngoc Hang shared that 2021 was the year she continuously got into bad luck. In addition to the failed business, the restaurant closed, she was also deceived by a friend, the model confided: "I invested in transporting car parts with you and lost all the big m.oney accumulated over the years. I remember that time I and 3 other friends invested together. The four of us lost tens of billions. I personally lost nearly tens of billions. At the time, I believed you were too reckless, doing business without any paperwork. By the time it all broke loose, I couldn't do anything about that friend. Now, he keeps promising to pay but he doesn't see it," the model told Women of the Capital.

Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star huffed and lost nearly tens of billions - Photo 3

Tra Ngoc Hang and Ngoc Trinh are known as close friends of showbiz, although many times the two have been questioned for "slashing their faces". They participated in the Miss International Vietnamese pageant and this was the springboard for both of them to start their modeling careers. At this contest, Ngoc Trinh excellently won Miss and 1st runner-up went to Tra Ngoc Hang.

Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star huffed and lost nearly tens of billions - Photo 4

Throughout the years the couple has frequently supported each other, appearing close at events. Ngoc Hang Tea makes many people admire in that she is very multi-talented when doing many things such as model, singer ... Especially, Western long-legged Tra Ngoc Hang was once evaluated by netizens to surpass Ngoc Trinh in physique. Specifically, Ngoc Hang possesses an outstanding height of 1.71m, fair skin, and a pretty face. Even she used to be the one with a round of 3 more than 1m and the largest in showbiz.

Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star huffed and lost nearly tens of billions - Photo 5

Tra Ngoc Hang is known as a famous model, having won the title of Miss Dat Mui, Top 10 Vietnamese Supermodels 2010, 1st runner-up Miss International Vietnamese in 2011. She has also encroached on film, singing and achieved some success. After many life events, Tra Ngoc Hang is now a single mother and her own business.

Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star huffed and lost nearly tens of billions - Photo 6

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