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Cao Thien Trang revealed her relationship with Dang Thu Thao for the first time, r.evealing a touching detail

Phi Đức18:30:50 29/11/2023
Cao Thien Trang and Dang Thu Thao have never appeared together before. So the fact that the two enjoyed cakes and drank tea together created a lot of surprises for the audience, everyone was curious about the relationship between the two beauties.

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Brian Tran: The male celebrity had a chin surgery, was once entangled in rumors of being in love with Bao Anh, and is famous for his uncle-nephew love story

Pinky17:12:10 20/11/2023
Model and actor Brian Tran can be said to be a face that is no longer too strange for those interested in showbiz. Famous for his handsome face, cool charisma and moreover, his dull voice because he is an overseas Vietnamese.

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Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series

Keng12:01:27 20/08/2023
Trang Le is a producer of popular fashion shows in Vietnam. She is also a guiding teacher, helping the career of a series of models and designers with a vision to reach out to the world.

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Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star "huffed" and lost nearly tens of billions

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:33:54 10/08/2023
In a recent sharing, model Tra Ngoc Hang attracted attention when mentioning Ngoc Trinh in the business case and then losing capital. The experiences of Tra Ngoc Hang's failed business events are sympathized by many people.

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Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs r.eveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now?

Gia16:24:00 13/06/2023
Tuyet Ngoc was a famous model of the 2000s. She was once entangled in rumors of back and forth with Lam Truong when he was married, which is said to be the key to the dissolution of the singer's first marriage.

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Vu Thu Phuong "physically affects" Minh Trieu on the set, suspecting "retaliation" for juniors about standing position?

Sa07:40:42 07/06/2023
Recently, the noise related to the couple Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu with two famous seniors in the Vietnamese fashion village, Anh Thu and Vu Thu Phuong, received attention from netizens. Accordingly, after the first episode of the TV show aired, a series of "drama" broke out...

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Kim Minh: The most beautiful long-legged catwalk in the Vietnamese fashion village, setting aside her own career to get married, how is her life now?

Minh Lợi15:46:09 03/06/2023
Model Kim Minh was famous at the same time as Ngoc Quyen, Xuan Lan, Anh Thu,... Before Vo Hoang Yen appeared, she was called "the most beautiful long-legged catwalk" of the Vietnamese fashion village for a while. Model Kim Minh was born in 1983, is one of the cult models of the...

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H.OT: Chau Kim Sang took his last breath, unable to say his last words

Nắng15:26:47 03/09/2022
Recently, according to information from the family, model Chau Kim Sang took her last breath at 14:15 pm on September 3, enjoying the age of 26. The departure of model Chau Kim Sang left many regrets in the hearts of friends, colleagues and the audience because she was young and...

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Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now?

An Nhi10:23:05 27/08/2022
Huu Vi is one of the male gods of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. He became the ideal boyfriend image many girls look for because of his perfect appearance, masculinity and warm voice full of charm. In the Vietnamese model village, Huu Vi is considered one of the most...

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Che Nguyen Quynh Chau - The multi-talented model, taking care of the beauty contest and unfinished love story with Quang Hung

An Nhi07:21:59 23/08/2022
With a lovely appearance and outstanding height, Che Nguyen Quynh Chau has been known to the audience since 2014 in a modeling contest. After 8 years, the beauty received support when she continued to compete in Miss Universe. Versatile model of Vbiz Che Nguyen Quynh Chau was...

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Fung La: "Dwarf Mushroom" conquered the fashion village even though it was only 3 meters tall and broke it in half, recovering after a series of events

Hoàng Phúc11:29:09 10/08/2022
Fung La (La Thanh Thanh) is one of the most special models in Vbiz. Because Fung La is only 1m55 tall, her face is not too beautiful, but she is still crowned the runner-up of Vietnam's Next Top Model 2016. Overcoming her limitations to become a professional model with a modest...

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Ngoc Quyen's mother helps her daughter catch thieves in the US, watching the camera and having a heart attack

An Nhi11:50:26 16/07/2022
The whole process of catching Ngoc Quyen's mother was recorded by the camera. Many netizens have expressed admiration for her quickness and ingenuity in this situation. Recently, Ngoc Quyen shared a situation of encountering crooks when doing business in the US. According to the...

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Ngoc Trinh despite the controversy "buying 11 hectares of land as a homestay", constantly doing one thing

An Nhi17:10:54 29/05/2022
Despite the recent scandals, Ngoc Trinh is still carefree showing off her bold figure on social networks. It seems that the "Queen of Thi Phi" of Vietnamese showbiz does not care about the noise surrounding herself. While public opinion has not stopped talking about "Ngoc Trinh...

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Bang Chau: multi-talented runner-up, refusing to take b.ikini photos, marrying giants, disappearing from showbiz for 15 years now?

Hoàng Phúc17:02:16 18/05/2022
Not only is a talented beauty, successful businessman, the runner-up with the longest name in the history of Vietnamese beauty also makes many people admire when she has a perfect marriage with a rich husband. Childhood lack of affection, parents broke up, mother struggled to...

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H.ot g.irl 10x has a standard beauty with a height of 1m81

Nam Phương19:36:27 20/11/2021
The program The Next Face Vietnam is getting hotter and hotter and continues to make the online community "wake up" when witnessing the dramatic contest for contestants between 3 mentors - Miss H'Hen Niê, Miss Luong Thuy Linh, and Topmodel TyhD. In addition to the "difficult"...

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