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Trang Fa was openly admitted by 1 star Viet as her husband, and jealous

Thiên Di06:57:44 07/03/2024
Trang Fa is a name that has been of interest to the audience since the end of Sister Dep. Recently, appearing at an event, she attracted attention with her beautiful beauty and glamorous outfits. In particular, a popular Vietnamese star also expressed j.ealousy to attract attention to netizens.

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Lan Yue suddenly announced her s.hock about her pregnancy, expecting everyone to wait until the day she gave birth

Nguyễn Kim14:02:28 03/03/2024
Lan Ngoc once surprised the public when she decided to study abroad in the midst of her developing career. Even some netizens thought that she secretly went abroad to give birth, causing Ning Duong Lan Ngoc to deny it.

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Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was "caught" kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity

Uyển Đình15:04:36 29/02/2024
The moment the two queens Minh Kien and Dao Hien kissed each other's cheeks drew special attention from many people. Since their coronation and accompanying each other in many events, their relationship has become increasingly close.

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Check out 4 single mothers of Vietnamese showbiz: Talent integrity, extremely skillful parenting

Thiên Di08:18:37 11/02/2024
After the turbulence of marriage, raising children alone and developing a career does not make these Vietnamese beauties degraded, but everyone must admire because they always appear young and radiant.

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HH Thuy Tien officially announced the great news after many days of anticipation, fans "can't sit still"

Mưa14:31:12 29/11/2023
In recent days, social networks have been abuzz with the news that the Miss Grand International 2021 fan group - Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien with more than 100 thousand members suddenly disappeared from the Facebook platform.

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Runner-up Ngoc Hang officially took off for the international competition, is she beautiful enough to establish "B2B" after Bao Ngoc?

Bình Yên10:46:27 27/11/2023
When asked about exchanging experiences with the reigning Miss Intercontinental - Bao Ngoc, Ngoc Hang said she had learned a lot from her seniors, especially effort and discipline.

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"Hot g.irl Viet Kieu" Who is he showing off his dream life after 4 years of returning to Vietnam to live

Mai Trúc13:37:44 03/11/2023
Amandine Thuy Trinh once made headlines when she became the female lead of the show Who is he 2022 . The beauty was born and studied in France, returned to live in Vietnam for about 4 years, owning a dream life that makes people admire.

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Dieu Nhi posted an article accusing the organizers of Ms. Dep Dap Gio of cutting the waves 3 times and being absent from the event, so she became a "stepchild"?

Huỳnh Phúc14:51:08 21/10/2023
Right from the debut MV, Dieu Nhi was completely invisible, making many viewers wonder. The actress's recent move once again caused a stir in the online community even though the show has not officially taken place yet.

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Miss Thuy Tien was panic-stricken when fans asked her directly about her pregnancy because of an unusual point, and quickly spoke up

An Nhi14:18:45 24/09/2023
While interacting with fans on livestream, Miss Thuy Tien was suddenly suspected of being pregnant, making her extremely confused. Right after that, the queen also quickly made a very humorous correction that attracted attention.

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Runner-up Kieu Loan exposed messages of intimidation, threats to pay debt, and unexpected response

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:12:50 22/09/2023
Runner-up Kieu Loan recently shared a photo of being texted by a strange phone number demanding debt, making many viewers worried. However, the queen later pointed out the abnormality and gave a warning to everyone.

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Runner-up Phuong Anh suddenly announced that she had "moved" a job even though the wedding day was close, people applauded loudly.

An Nhi10:39:11 17/09/2023
On her personal page, runner-up Phuong Anh just revealed her dream-like wedding photos with her businessman husband Duc Ho. However, besides that, the queen also had a sudden action near the wedding day that caught everyone's attention.

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Ning Duong Lan Ngoc encountered "turns" in the western sky, mobilized fire engines, the police had to step in

An Nhi10:03:08 09/09/2023
Sharing the images in New York, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc made many viewers worried when she revealed that she had an unexpected incident. However, despite being a little confused, the actress was quite optimistic that the incident was not too serious.

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Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising

Nguyễn Kim14:35:52 06/09/2023
The new image of Miss Nong Thuy Hang attracted the attention of a large number of netizens. Many people can't help but wonder why the queen decided to cut her hair like that.

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Shocked with the past beauty of the new Miss Ocean Vietnam, far from the present, fans argued fiercely

Nguyễn Kim11:01:54 26/08/2023
The beauty fan community cannot help but be surprised by the series of pre-coronation photos of the new Miss Ocean Vietnam 2023 -Thu Uyen. The beauty of the queen has many different features compared to the present.

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Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover "say" something terrifying

Uyển Đình10:49:17 23/08/2023
Miss Yanxiang worried fans when the beauty shared a terrifying moment while sleeping when she noticed a green snake crawling across her stomach. The people after hearing the incident couldn't help but be bewildered.

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Runner-up Phuong Nhi used to be obsessed with Isaac, now "turning the car", openly "holding hands, holding faces" this character

Uyển Đình15:02:41 22/08/2023
At the time of her coronation, runner-up Phuong Nhi once revealed that her boyfriend was singer Isaac. However, recently, the queen was caught by netizens openly showing affection for a person in a crowded place.

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Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc revealed hint to participate in the Vietnamese version of "Pedal Wind", 3 other female stars were also announced?

Uyển Đình10:21:10 21/08/2023
Recently, the organizers of the Vietnamese version of 2023 have announced the first 4 beautiful sisters to appear in the program. Now fans are anxious to know which female star will be involved?

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Runner-up Hoang My continues to be hospitalized for strange diseases, what condition do colleagues ask

Uyển Đình15:31:49 11/08/2023
The health condition of runner-up Hoang My has recently been of interest to many viewers. The beauty's latest post has left many viewers and colleagues worried, sending a visit.

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Ngoc Trinh was named in a loss-making business, a female Vbiz star "huffed" and lost nearly tens of billions

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:33:54 10/08/2023
In a recent sharing, model Tra Ngoc Hang attracted attention when mentioning Ngoc Trinh in the business case and then losing capital. The experiences of Tra Ngoc Hang's failed business events are sympathized by many people.

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Runner-up Dang Thanh Ngan talks about the beauty pageant, r.evealing something special after the international coronation

Kim Lâm16:35:42 08/08/2023
After 1 month of being crowned 4th runner-up in Miss Supranational, Dang Thanh Ngan has shared about the scandals in beauty contests over the past time. At the same time, the queen also revealed her upcoming plans during her time in office.

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Gui Yun, the beauty who once made Changjiang "suffer" with love, now "only likes to chant Buddhist chants"

Uyển Đình14:33:16 08/08/2023
Referring to Gui Yun, people often remember the series of noises in her private life, especially the romance with Changjiang that once attracted attention. Currently, she lives in hiding, away from the market and also has a special habit.

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Y Nhi and the beauties are supported by her boyfriend in the beauty contest: All psychological marshals, beautiful love story like a dream

An Nhi09:43:19 27/07/2023
Not only possessing beautiful beauty, this set of beauties is also admired for having a psychological boyfriend, giving full support when participating in the beauty contest. It can be said that this is a great motivation for the beauties to f.ight and win the best results.

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Miss Y Nhi was asked about breaking up with her boyfriend after the contest, the answer made others "spray glue"

Nguyễn Kim12:34:01 24/07/2023
After being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023, Huynh Tran Y Nhi did the unprecedented thing, publicizing her boyfriend of 6 years. Quickly, the online community dug up the clip that New Miss shared about the other half before.

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Chi Pu revealed her face was white due to suffocation while filming, fans regretted that the MV "faded color" from Youtube

Nguyễn Kim11:11:20 14/07/2023
After becoming the first Vietnamese artist to participate in the 2023 Wind Pedal program in China, Chi Pu is currently receiving a lot of attention from the audience. Her previous images were also dug up and noticed by fans.

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