Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of "circus" on the road causing danger

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After the meeting, Ngoc Trinh was made an administrative violation record by the Traffic Team - Thu Duc City Police Center with 2 violations including lying on the saddle to control the car and not having a driving license.

According to information from the Lao Lao newspaper, on the afternoon of October 9, Ben Thanh Traffic Team, under the Traffic Department (PC08, Ho Chi Minh City Police). HCMC) is impounding the red motorcycle license plate 59AA -001.51 that appears in the clip posted on Instagram by model Ngoc Trinh.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 1

Accordingly, the CSGT has made a record of fining Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (34 years old, Thu Duc City) for violations: Operating a 2-wheeled motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 175 cm3 or more without a driving license (fine from 4-5 million VND), lying on the driver's saddle (fine 6-8 million VND), with masking license plates (fine of 300,000 - 400,000 VND), no vehicle registration certificate (fine of 200,000 - 400,000 VND).

At the same time, the police are also impounding 2 motorcycles appearing in the clip owned by Ngoc Trinh. As a rule, until the date of issuance of the sanction decision, model Ngoc Trinh pays a fine to be able to receive this car back.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 2

In addition, the authorities are consolidating the file to handle the person who taught Ngoc Trinh to ride a motorcycle. According to many clips collected by the authorities, this person has committed risky motorcycle actions similar to Ngoc Trinh such as releasing his hands, lying on the saddle,... In particular, if the car owner hands over the car to someone who does not have a driver's license, the car owner will also be fined.

Currently, the authorities are continuing to expand the investigation and handle if more clips and images of violations of the Road Traffic Law are collected by Ngoc Trinh and related people.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 3

Previously, on Ngoc Trinh's accounts such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, there were many clips recording the g.irl riding a motorcycle constantly "performing a circus" with dangerous actions such as dropping 2 hands, standing on the motorcycle, standing 2 legs to the side, kneeling on the saddle,.. causing discontent. Through the footage in the clip, the authorities determined that this is an internal road in Thu Thiem ward (Thu Duc city)

In another clip, Ngoc Trinh posted a clip of driving a large displacement motorcycle, with a number plate "under it" circulating on Ba Son bridge, heading from Thu Duc City to District 1. Another clip was filmed in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, the model did not even wear a helmet to drive on the road.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 4

Until recently, Ngoc Trinh posted clips on her personal page and recounted the story of falling off the car. In the clip, the model boldly declared: "there is play with tolerance", "players are not afraid of falling rain".

In the past, many times, Ngoc Trinh caused public controversy because of her objectionable statements and actions.

No apologies despite receiving plagiarism

In 2022, Ngoc Trinh was accused of plagiarizing a design specifically for Kendall Jenner of the REN brand. Later, viewers criticized the model and demanded that she publicly apologize for "stealing the brain" of others.

Later, in a vlog called "Ngoc Trinh spoke out about not apologizing to the brand accusing her of wearing fake goods", whereby Ngoc Trinh admitted to copying this design without permission.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 5

However, in the end, Yu Trinh still refused to apologize. The reason is because she thinks that the brand that designed the dress does not respect her.

"The first reason is that their behavior makes me disrespectful, does not deserve my apology. There is no famous designer who is free to the extent, I do not tag (tag) but naturally scold me, then post myself on their page scolding me", Ngoc Trinh expressed.

Ngoc Trinh's statement immediately caused public anger and received a series of "bricks and stones". Many netizens bluntly called the model "thick-faced", unapologetic despite doing wrong.

News of buying 11ha of land in Bao Loc

Lao Dong once reflected, Ngoc Trinh posted on his Facebook page that he had just bought an 11ha land in Bao Loc with a homestay.

Soon after, Bao Loc City People's Committee initially verified and confirmed that this information is completely inaccurate.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 6

On 24.5.2022, Ho Chi Minh City Authorities Bao Loc confirmed that the land Ngoc Trinh said she had just bought to make a homestay was not in her name or managed separately. The land also has many unauthorised construction items.

Reality check, city authorities. Bao Loc said that the land that Ngoc Trinh said he bought was 11ha in fact only 1.1ha wide, assembled from 2 parcels, located in alley 61 B'Lao Srê (Dai Lao commune).

The owner of the land is Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Nguyet (39 years old). This person is not model Ngoc Trinh's personal manager.

Ngoc Trinh impounded motorbike, sanctioned for 2 violations after a series of clips of circus on the road causing danger - Photo 7

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