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Ngoc Chau "crying" talking about pumping "abdomen", officially "rioting" after a series of scandals?

Phương Nam10:54:51 21/03/2023
In the face of many discussions about "fake" abs suspected of touching cutlery, Miss Ngoc Chau recently officially spoke up. However, the queen did not deny the cutlery and said that because the audience loved it, she was told. The fact that Ngoc Chau was entangled in the...

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Ngoc Chau wrote an apology letter after the top performance at MU, Catriona Gray burst into tears in memory of Miss USA 2019

Hoàng Phúc10:06:01 17/01/2023
Recently, the Vietnamese audience couldn't help but regret when Miss Ngoc Chau was unexpectedly not in the Top 16 finalists. Although the queen has made great efforts and efforts, her opponents are also highly appreciated. Recently, Ngoc Chau wrote a letter on her personal page...

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Ngoc Chau missed the top 16 MU regretfully, Thailand - Philippines shared the same fate, Laos made a miracle

Hoàng Phúc10:17:44 15/01/2023
In the 71st Miss Universe finale, Miss Ngoc Chau was not named to the top 16. Although she could not keep the top 16 for Vietnam for 5 consecutive years, the recent journey of the beautiful Tay Ninh was She tries her best and the audience at home is always proud of her. On the...

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Ngoc Chau received bad news, Miss Universe leaked results before G, Vietnam did not enter the top 16?

Minh Lợi18:20:56 14/01/2023
Miss Universe 2022 has officially entered the final stage of the journey to find the owner of the Force of Good crown worth 6 million USD. Before G time, a series of information was released that made the beautiful cassava fan wave. Accordingly, after Missosology released the...

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Ngoc Chau "face salt" because he was late, blocked by the event organizer at the door, Phuong Anh burst into tears the day he returned home

Hoàng Phúc09:43:13 22/12/2022
On the evening of December 20, many Vietnamese stars landed on the red carpet of the TikTok Awards Vietnam 2022. However, for some objective reasons, many people were present at the venue later than the specified time, had to wait for the organizers to reopen. Notably, including...

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Ngoc Chau was not pleased with Miss Universe BTC, she immediately did one thing to create sympathy in the midst of the noisy profile picture

Hoàng Phúc09:53:43 18/11/2022
Ngoc Chau is a name that has received a lot of attention in the Vietnamese entertainment industry after being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. From then on, all activities of the post-Tay Ninh queen have especially attracted netizens. and beauty fan community. In the midst of...

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Ngoc Chau is "underdog" in front of Thien An, underestimated by beauty experts but recognized for 1 thing

Hoàng Phúc11:39:19 18/10/2022
After 3 months of coronation, although there were no strong media "storms" like Thuy Tien or Thien An, Ngoc Chau still proved her bravery when silently doing what her heart told her. 1. Get feedback and progress Recently, all over the domestic beauty forum posted the latest...

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