Doubt that Trieu Le Dinh had a new love, all in one action as soon as he left the set in a hurry?

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Since officially divorcing Phung Thieu Phong, Trieu Le Dinh has always publicized her happy and relaxed state, and at the same time enthusiastically participated in film projects than before.

Recently on the set of Da Man Sinh Truong, the little flower born in 1987 was captured to act as if she had a "new love" for her.

Specifically, on Douyin (TikTok China) is spreading a series of images of Trieu Le Dinh tossing and turning after a long tiring day of filming. Still keeping the thick curly hairstyle of the heroine Da Man Sinh Truong, Trieu Le Dinh looked at her phone while walking, her face could not hide her joy and bright smile.

Doubt that Trieu Le Dinh had a new love, all in one action as soon as he left the set in a hurry? - Photo 1

Many netizens believe that only when a woman is in love can she be happy and comfortable being herself. However, there are also many objections, confirming that at the present time, Trieu Le Dinh is definitely not in the mood to love anyone. Maybe in the phone at that time was a picture of her son, or a funny message from her friends or even she was "eating melon" on MXH (i.e. looking forward to "drama").

After all, Trieu Le Dinh is very satisfied with her current "single mother" life, which is also the best way for her to continue to develop her career. Recently, Trieu Le Dinh was also caught lovingly holding someone's arm in a shopping mall, but that was just a scene in Da Man Sinh Truong. More than anyone else, the fans are the ones who hope "Dinh Bao" can be happy and quickly find true love for life.

Doubt that Trieu Le Dinh had a new love, all in one action as soon as he left the set in a hurry? - Photo 2

Da Man Sinh Truong takes the theme of a female owner, about Hua Ban Ha - an ordinary g.irl who works as a steel collector, then gradually becomes one of the biggest names in the business world. The movie has no official release date.

About Phung Thieu Phong, Sina recently reported that a reporter caught Phung Thieu Phong at Shanghai airport because of his work schedule. The actor went alone, without any staff accompanying him. This is the first appearance of the actor surnamed Phung in the midst of rumors to hold Trieu Le Dinh to remarry.

It is worth mentioning that when appearing at the airport, Phung Thieu Phong made many people worried when he revealed his old, sad and lifeless image. A close-up photo of the face shows that the former love of the beauty of the Trieu family is clearly visible, no longer as handsome as before. Cbiz's lack of family caused a stir because his sunken eyes clearly showed fatigue.

Doubt that Trieu Le Dinh had a new love, all in one action as soon as he left the set in a hurry? - Photo 3

One of the details that many people realize is that actor Minh Lan Truyen constantly bows his head, not looking straight ahead. Perhaps, Phung Thieu Phong meant to avoid reporters, not wanting to become a topic of discussion between a series of love dramas. Last time, the handsome Phung family was quite quiet, not participating in any showbiz events or acting.

In April 2021, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong shocked the Chinese entertainment industry when they announced their divorce. Notably, there are many sources confirming that the actress's mother, surnamed Phung, is one of the reasons why the couple broke up. Rumor has it that she feels that Trieu Le Dinh has a background and education that is not for her family, along with a wish that the beauty of the Trieu family will soon give birth to a second c.hild, leaving the entertainment industry to specialize. family matter.

However, page 163 recently had an article that caused a stir when it revealed the latest developments of the Phung family. Currently, Phung Thieu Phong is feeling extremely guilty and regretful about his divorce from Trieu Le Dinh. The actor confided this story to his mother. Not stopping there, actor Minh Lan Truyen also asked someone to tell Trieu Le Dinh that he really wanted to remarry.

Doubt that Trieu Le Dinh had a new love, all in one action as soon as he left the set in a hurry? - Photo 4

However, the detail that surprised many people was the fact that Phung Thieu Phong's mother suddenly changed her attitude 180 degrees. Previously, she was a difficult mother-in-law and had high requirements for her daughter-in-law, but now she discovered that Trieu Le Dinh is still the best bride. She also suggested that the couple should spend time together to build up their feelings.

Page 163 commented that not only Phung Thieu Phong but also his mother regretted the divorce last year. Because of this problem, the media and fans are speculating whether the couple Phong - Dinh will have the opportunity to return in the future. Perhaps this is still an unanswered question, fans can only look forward to the future.

Doubt that Trieu Le Dinh had a new love, all in one action as soon as he left the set in a hurry? - Photo 5

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