Ngan Chi: Bu Tot "daughter of Zhencheng", the future of domestic cinema

Phương ThảoApr 08, 2024 at 10:29

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Ngan Chi is not a strange face to Vietnamese audiences, although she is only 13 years old, she has been highly appreciated by many older directors and artists for her acting potential and professional demeanor.

Ngan Chi's real name is Nguyen Ngoc Ngan Chi, born in 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City. Although born into a family with no artistic traditions, Ngan Chi has been fascinated with acting since the age of 4. According to Ngan Chi's mother, since childhood, Chi was slow to speak and shy, so the family created conditions for Ngan Chi to participate in acting to be more bold. Up to now, Ngan Chi has acted in a number of movies such as Star Teacher, Eyes of Yin and Yang, Yu Qiu, My Wife, Sunshine 3: Father's Promise, The Godfather.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 1

Her mother, Truc Linh, said she went to kindergarten at 18 months old, often being reminded by her teacher to be slow to speak and afraid of strangers. The family was worried, took the b.aby to the doctor, but the doctor said there was no problem, just letting the b.aby participate in many activities would improve the limit. Ngan Chi's father - Mr. Nguyen Kien Trung - used to put aside many jobs to take his children to bookstores, supermarkets, cultural houses, help them integrate into the environment, practice speaking.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 2

Once in a cultural house, seeing her children attentively watching adults perform plays, the family asked for Ngan Chi to enter the class. After a period of participating in the stages, the b.aby gradually became energetic and spoke fluently. The c.hild actor's first role, co-starring Quynh Lam, aired on Vinh Long Television. She said: "Look at my aunt and uncle, my friends on stage I want to follow, gradually get used to it and fall in love all the time. Going to film I love it because I get to hang out, hear a lot of compliments."

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 3

Ngan Chi's mother shared that she often receives scripts, reads suitable roles, touches and will tell her children, if they like, they will accept. Parents often arrange a reasonable time, ensure their studies, and satisfy Ngan Chi's desire to act in films. The projects she participates in usually shoot in the summer, the directors arrange the schedule without having to shoot at night. When she had to study online because of the epidemic, Ngan Chi brought books to the set to review lessons when there were no scenes.

Ngan Chi, when she just turned 5 years old, caused a fever in the online community because of her loveliness for her extremely excellent incarnations in the gameshow Tieu Lin Four Pillars C.hild. Despite her young age, Ngan Chi is always confident in front of the camera and has many talents such as acting, hosting, fashion shows. Many people know Ngan Chi as "Eight Mén" (Super Comedy C.hild), the role of Nhan An in the movie "The Curse" and other children's shows.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 4

Thanks to seeing the potential of this c.hild star, the series of directors targeted Ngan Chi for his film and received extremely good feedback from the audience.

One of her impressive roles is the role of Bu Tot in The Godfather directed by Zhencheng. Bu Tot, Sang's youngest daughter, is often discriminated against by relatives for claiming that Sang picked her up from the temple. In the film, in many scenes of Quán's brother (Tuan Tran) arguing with his father, Bu Tot appears with funny gestures and lines, reducing the tense atmosphere of the work.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 5

In addition to the "young man" temperament, Bu Tot is also a clear proof of the saying "The cardboard c.hild, unlike feathers is also like wings". Living with Ba Sang - a father who likes to take care of people's affairs, Bu Tot also likes to go "skimming" things in the house outside the alley. But above all, she is an emotional person, whenever Uncle Hai Rich asks for m.oney or says bad things to Ba Sang, Bu Tot immediately tells Quan to "go for justice".

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 6

With Compensation, Ngan Chi showed stable acting ability. There are many moments in the film that make viewers remember forever. That's when Bu Tot sat happily with his ex-girlfriend without knowing it was his mother. That's when she suppressed her emotions because she was told she was adopted. Or the phrase "Give me back to you," Bu Tu said to Quan when Ba Sang disappeared. All help Ngan Chi's Compensation create an emotional journey that touches the audience's heart.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 7

Not the main character, but it must be recognized that Bu Tot is an important link in the conflicts between Tran Thanh and Tuan Tran. It is no coincidence that Tran Thanh chose Ngan Chi to play the c.hild role among hundreds of c.hild actors in Vietnamese showbiz. The two have worked together on many shows, seeing how natural acting ability helps Ngan Chi score points in his eyes. Even Zhencheng was not afraid to give winged words to the c.hild actress. He insisted she was rolling like no one else and was proud to have Ngan Chi in the cast.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 8

Although he did not start as a family c.hild, he had not been properly trained through a large school. However, perhaps the abilities that Ngan Chi has are the innate talent that God gave her. Every scene of crying or laughing, Ngan Chi tries to imagine in her head to have emotions expressed. She is often chosen to play colorful roles rather than creating the shape of a lady or princess, acting with her eyes is a strong point that makes Ngan Chi stand out from other c.hild actors.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 9

In the near future, Ngan Chi will continue to accompany director Li Hai's hit film project - F.lip F.ace 7. This promises to be an impressive role, creating an interesting color for the film.

Ngan Chi: Bu Tot daughter of Zhencheng, the future of domestic cinema - Photo 10

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