Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild

Juni NguyễnSep 30, 2023 at 18:03

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With the photo revealing Hari Won's enormously large waist, rumors of pregnancy arose and received many blessings from the couple's close friends and colleagues. Faced with this good news, Tran Thanh also happily stated.

Not long ago, at a party with friends and colleagues, Hari Won appeared with a b.ody and a large bust, which sparked rumors of pregnancy. Even many fans and colleagues flocked to comment, leaving blessings for Tran Thanh - Hari Won's family.

After being promoted many times, Tran Thanh recently had a livestream sharing about his wife Hari Won's pregnancy after many years of waiting. Accordingly, Tran Thanh said: "Many people sent me pictures, saying congratulations because Hari was pregnant. But those pictures were when we filmed the game show 4-5 years ago."

Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild - Photo 1

Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild - Photo 2

Besides, Tran Thanh said that at this time, he and his wife still have a lot of plans, the plans have not yet been implemented, so giving birth cannot take place soon.

The male artist shared: "I am a person who only does what I want to do. When I see that I have fulfilled my ambitions and dreams, when my life is stable and when I want to have more joy, I am ready. give birth. But right now, my husband and I still have many unfulfilled ambitions."

Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild - Photo 3

At the same time, Tran Thanh also emphasized that raising a c.hild is important and requires sacrifice of time and effort from parents. He said giving birth must be done at the right time when the spirit is ready to ensure the c.hild's happiness and avoid the c.hild having to go through difficulties.

The male artist also did not hesitate to express his opinion, he shared: "I am a person who only does anything that I can do. I have not done anything that I find bad, for example, giving birth to children." When I stop wanting to play, when I no longer have dreams that need to be fulfilled, when my life stabilizes and I want to have children to have more joy, I will be ready. But now my husband and I still have many unfulfilled ambitions. present".

Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild - Photo 4

The Godfather actor also gave the opinion that couples should not have children just because of pressure from family and traditional thinking of society. Instead, Tran Thanh gave advice to all of you. Today's children have a perspective on having children because this is an important issue and needs to be considered carefully. You should not give birth and then not be able to take care of your c.hild in the best possible life, or after giving birth, you will abandon this. makes the c.hild feel more guilty.

"When you give birth, you will have to spend a lot of time, sacrifice, and m.oney to raise your c.hild. Whether a c.hild grows up to be a good or bad person depends on how you raise him or her. Working, being busy, and not having time to educate your c.hild will lack many things.

Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild - Photo 5

Only when we feel we have fulfilled all our ambitions and dreams will we consider having children. Don't let anyone say this or that to my husband and me. Having children is very easy, it's just a matter of wanting it or not. To be honest, we don't want to, we agree that we are still young," the actor shared.

"Those who love children should have children, but just to have children out of habit, according to the formula "get married and have children", I advise you not to. Having children is very important and needs to be considered carefully. Parents must give birth to their children at the right time when they are mentally ready for their children to be happy, do not give birth to children so that they will suffer.

Tran Thanh also emphasized that this is only his personal opinion and he does not represent anyone or force anyone to follow his opinion.

In this world, 9 people have 10 opinions. As an artist, you must understand that everyone will have different opinions about you. This is just my way of thinking, there are no standards of right or wrong. Whoever understands, I thank you, whoever disagrees, don't say sorry to me," Tran Thanh said.

Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild - Photo 6

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