Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected

An NhiApr 05, 2022 at 16:24

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After opening up about his ambition to "export" new movies abroad, Tran Thanh continued to cause a stir with the news that he wanted to remake Squid Game.

Recently, at the press conference to launch the movie screening for Tet, Tran Thanh had a moment to open up about the new film project and the stories happening around him.

The actor said that when he heard that The Godfather was nominated by the Film Bureau to attend the Oscars, he felt very happy but did not dare to dream, because he knew the possibility of the film. Accordingly, Tran Thanh clearly stated that the above awards are the dream of his life. He promised to make more films with higher quality, to meet the needs of the audience in the future and gradually conquer the big and small awards.

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 1

The actor expressed his ambition to "export" movies to foreign markets. And in the future, Tran Thanh and his team want to do that. Tran Thanh added that he faced a lot of pressure with this project. However, as the saying goes: "Pressure produces diamonds", the more pressure he puts on, the more he will turn it into motivation.

Besides, Tran Thanh said that he does not run after revenue but focuses on the content, meaning and message of the film. The male MC hopes that the audience will sympathize with a part of the story he wants to convey. Talking about the expectations for this new work, Tran Thanh said he hopes the film will surpass The Godfather - his most recent film. In particular, this time film critics will have a new perspective on Tran Thanh's films.

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 2

Also in this press conference, Tran Thanh revealed about negotiating to buy the rights to remake the movie Squid Game - a Korean survival blockbuster. Specifically, Tran Thanh said: "We have only just accepted the invitation, do not know if the negotiation is successful or not. The team is not clear on how much the partner's budget is for us to make the version. This is my pressure. I hope if I can reach an agreement to carry out this project, I will not disappoint the Vietnamese audience."

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 3

It is not known where the outcome of this agreement will go, but Vietnamese audiences are currently reacting quite negatively to this statement. Fear that Tran Thanh will turn Squid Game into a comedy with tears and morals, fear that Tran Thanh will bring his familiar close friends to the film, ... are the issues that the audience talks about most.

Squid Game is the first Korean survival movie. The film caused a global fever, becoming an unprecedented phenomenon of the Korean screen. When the film caused a fever, Tran Thanh and Hari Won themselves used to dress up as characters in the film.

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 4

Talking about Tran Thanh's movie "The Godfather", the success of this project in the country is recognized by the audience. However, in foreign markets it is different.

Specifically, in February 2022, film review site Rotten Tomatoes announced the score the Godfather received based on user reviews. Specifically, the film received 98% from the general audience, but was only rated by 29% by critics with 7 reviews, of which 5 were critical and bad reviews.

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 5

The critic writer of Variety - a prestigious magazine in the field of American art, commented that The Godfather disappointed viewers because it was heavily influenced by dramas and used too much tension and tension. scream. However, owning a massive but fuzzy character system also "strangles" the central father-son relationship, which is a bright spot in this film. However, the critic of Variety still gave The Godfather encouragement that: "Tran Thanh with his cinematic "voice" will have the potential to spread widely and be understood if he knows how to restrain himself. his own screams."

Before that, The Godfather was first released in the US from May 28, 2021. The film proved itself to be a formidable competitor on the revenue track when it earned $ 350,000 in the first 3 days despite facing many difficulties from the epidemic situation and Hollywood blockbuster titles. At that time, The Godfather entered the top 10 highest-grossing films of the week and had the top ticketing rates in theaters.

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 6

If compared with another Vietnamese film also premiered in the US, Hai Phuong by Ngo Thanh Van, it can be seen that The Godfather's score is much lower. On Rotten Tomatoes, Hai Phuong has a 95% rating and received many compliments from 22 reviews.

Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected - Photo 7

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