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Ngan Chi: Bu Tot "daughter of Zhencheng", the future of domestic cinema

Phương Thảo10:29:10 08/04/2024
Ngan Chi is not a strange face to Vietnamese audiences, although she is only 13 years old, she has been highly appreciated by many older directors and artists for her acting potential and professional demeanor.

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"Ut Luc Lam" Tuan Tran burst into tears talking about his poor past, his father's early d.eath, and his regrets in life

Juni Nguyễn15:07:50 18/10/2023
Recently, Tuan Tran was moved because he sympathized with the pain of losing relatives of orphan children, r.evealing his biggest regret in the past.

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Hari Won is pregnant, colleagues compete to congratulate each other, Tran Thanh also reveals how to educate his c.hild

Juni Nguyễn18:03:20 30/09/2023
With the photo r.evealing Hari Won's enormously large waist, rumors of pregnancy arose and received many blessings from the couple's close friends and colleagues. Faced with this good news, Tran Thanh also happily stated.

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Actor The Godfather Al Pacino: U90 also became a father, his girlfriend is 53 years younger, r.evealing his hobby of only loving "old buffalo"

JLO14:00:08 02/06/2023
Currently, international showbiz is witnessing a number of famous veteran male artists suddenly having more children born at the age of U80, even... U90. Information about their private life shocked the media and the international public. Accordingly, on May 30, Page Six...

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Phuong Le patted Tran Thanh's face very harshly about crying, telling him about the suffering at the event, asking a question that made the male MC stiffen

JLO09:22:30 23/03/2023
The fact that Tran Thanh cried and said "the life of an artist is difficult to swallow" at the event received mixed arguments from the audience. Even recently, Miss Phuong Le also suddenly spoke before the "tears" of male MC. Accordingly, at the event to announce the film...

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Tran Thanh revealed to buy the rights to remake "blockbuster" Squid Game, netizens strongly objected

An Nhi16:24:45 05/04/2022
After opening up about his ambition to "export" new movies abroad, Tran Thanh continued to cause a stir with the news that he wanted to remake Squid Game. Recently, at the press conference to launch the movie screening for Tet, Tran Thanh had a moment to open up about the new...

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MC Tran Thanh was positive for Covid-19, Hari Won posted a bewildering status line

Hoàng Phúc08:47:38 18/03/2022
Fans were extremely worried about the news that Tran Thanh was infected with Covid-19. Recently on his personal Facebook page, Tran Thanh said he was infected with Covid-19. Soon after, Hari Won also posted an article confirming that her husband was positive for Covid-19. The...

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Tran Thanh's "Godfather" received poor marks abroad, what did international critics say?

An Nhi18:02:46 18/02/2022
Not as successful as the domestic market, "The Godfather" in the country was severely criticized. The Godfather of Tran Thanh is still the top 1 film at the Vietnamese box office. Not only showing in the country, Tran Thanh also brought the film to "beat the country", making the...

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Le Giang: 13 years old, famous, 2 times broken marriage, never wore a bridal gown, U50 is still single

Hoàng Phúc07:50:25 11/02/2022
At the age of 50, Le Giang is perfectly happy with her career, finances as well as her children, despite her unfinished love story twice and is a single mother. 13 years old already famous Le Giang was born in 1972 in a province in the Southwest region. Le Giang's parents are...

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Tran Thanh received great news after the noisy statement and drama with Mrs. Phuong Hang

Le Tuan10:17:25 20/12/2021
At the Blue Star Awards 2021, The Godfather won Best Motion Picture. Actors including Tran Thanh Tuan Tran, Le Giang and director Vu Ngoc Dang also brought home prestigious individual awards. On the evening of December 19, the Godfather team was named 5 times at the Blue Star...

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Tran Thanh lamented when Hari Won cut his pocket m.oney from 5 to 3 million: "It's so bitter!"

Rosé14:17:11 20/08/2021
The epidemic period may also affect the male MC's "pocket". As the most popular star in the entertainment industry today, Tran Thanh's income is in the "terrible" category. But since going home with Hari Won, the popular MC, despite earning billions, still suffers from...

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La Thanh - The "Godfather" star once loved Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, almost lost his career because of g.ambling

Hà Hà17:13:40 11/08/2021
La Thanh's full name is La Tan Thanh, born on November 6, 1987 in Ho Chi Minh City. He is a versatile artist with success in both theater and film and television. Although La Thanh does not possess a model-like handsome appearance like other Vbiz male gods, La Thanh always shows...

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Singer Truc Nhan was upset when the captain of the airline yelled at him

team youtuber19:06:01 12/04/2021
Recently, Truc Nhan had an interesting post on his personal page. Accordingly, the male singer angrily shared the story of being yelled at at the airport. Specifically, while standing at the ticket gate at the security gate, Truc Nhan was yelled at by an airline captain and asked to move aside for VIP passengers to move. Originally Posted

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Tran Thanh harshly corrected the statement that "Vietnamese people have psychological problems"

team youtube17:44:29 17/03/2021
A few hours ago, on his personal page, Tran Thanh livestreamed to correct his statement that was said to be disrespectful to his audience. Tran Thanh was very angry and denounced an online newspaper for deliberately distorting his interview for the purpose of saying like and...

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