Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone "poured rice and water", r.evealing her husband's "first time".

Uyển ĐìnhNov 28, 2023 at 10:11

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In recent days, information about Nam Em publicly announcing that he is dating and preparing to get married has attracted the attention of many netizens. In the latest share, Nam Em revealed her past of being chased away by her fiancé, not allowing her to come close enough to attract attention.

In recent days, information about the appearance and identity of Nam Em's boyfriend has been revealed, especially attracting public attention. Recently, Nam Em and her fiancé had an interview with the media before the big day of their lives. Accordingly, after 6 months of getting to know and dating, the two decided to go public and prepare for the big day in early 2024.

Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone poured rice and water, r.evealing her husbands first time. - Photo 1

Besides, Nam Em also opened up about the moment of her fateful meeting with her boyfriend. Specifically, Nam Em said that in the past, her fiancé was a difficult person who kept pushing her away and not allowing her to have close contact. Nam Em humorously recounted: "In the past, he was very difficult and wouldn't let me come close. One time, sitting next to him, he even chased me away, asking me why I was sitting next to him and to go somewhere else.

But from a difficult person, I never expected that one day he would 'say yes' (Agree - Reporter). I want to conquer him and am determined to do it!".

Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone poured rice and water, r.evealing her husbands first time. - Photo 2

Nam Em said her boyfriend has changed a lot since he was with her. The beauty born in 1996 shared: "When I met, everyone 'filled rice with water' and served him. By the time he and I got to know each other, he held a bowl of rice and told me: 'Here. Okay, this is my first time doing this!'".

Miss Mekong Delta 2015 said she was loved and cared for by her boyfriend from food to sleep. Nam Em affirmed that her current boyfriend has compensated for the hurt she suffered in the past.

Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone poured rice and water, r.evealing her husbands first time. - Photo 3

After Nam Em announced her love story, in addition to congratulatory comments, the female singer received many words of encouragement from fans. The reason comes from the fact that Nam Em's boyfriend has a bad past, typically having had 2 wives, being a gangster, going to prison, and being in debt.

Despite facing harsh reactions from many fans when they publicly dated, Nam Em still did not give up. She even continuously posted to correct and protect her fiancé.

Talking about the noise about her other half's private life, the female singer said: "I don't care about your past, I only know that all this time, I have always been loved and cared for by you. I am satisfied." Satisfying the desire for family love, he is like a friend, father, and teacher to me."

Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone poured rice and water, r.evealing her husbands first time. - Photo 4

Sharing more with the media, Nam Em said that her boyfriend's name is Cuong, and he is from outside the showbiz industry. He is running a feng shui store. This is also the first place where the beauty from Tien Giang and her fiancé met each other. When they first met, the beauty was "captivated" by her boyfriend thanks to her radiant appearance.

"I don't like people with tattoos, but when I met him, the aura around him surprised me, clean, bright and noble. At that moment, I was captivated," Nam Em said.

Nam Em and her boyfriend dated for about 6 months before going public in mid-November. The beauty said she and her lover always accompany each other in work and life.

Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone poured rice and water, r.evealing her husbands first time. - Photo 5

It is known that the couple is ready to go home together and is preparing for the upcoming big day. On his personal page, Nam Em constantly "communicates" about the wedding day. She said that if she didn't do it, it would be fine, but if she did, her wedding would have to be magnificent.

Over the past time, Nam Em's love story has been constantly wasting paper and ink in the press because of noisy troubles with many male stars such as: comedian Truong Giang, actor Lanh Thanh, MC Quoc Bao, actor Bach Cong Khanh, etc. .. Currently, fans are happy to see Nam Em preparing to get married after many ups and downs.

Nam Em was once chased away by her fiancé, everyone poured rice and water, r.evealing her husbands first time. - Photo 6

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