Nam Em "exposed" her fiancé's past, mentioning being "cuckolded" and having a patriarchal personality

Quỳnh QuỳnhNov 28, 2023 at 08:36

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Being rumored by netizens about her husband-to-be's past, Nam Em couldn't help but angrily speak out. In addition, the beauty from Tien Giang also personally shared the old story of her 14-year-old boyfriend, attracting attention.

After many days of secrecy, Nam Em also publicly announced the identity of her fiancé. Immediately, people rushed to check "info" that the feng shui giant was from Hai Phong. The two have known each other for 6 months before making their relationship public in recent days.

Regarding the other half, Nam Em commented that right from the first meeting, he saw a shining aura, impressed by his clean and bright appearance even though he had tattoos. Besides, the female singer also praised her fiancé and affirmed that she had found the right person.

Nam Em exposed her fiancés past, mentioning being cuckolded and having a patriarchal personality - Photo 1

Recently, in an interview, Nam Em shared a lot about important decisions in her life and her current boyfriend. Besides, the beauty from Tien Giang also revealed her fiancé's past of being cuckolded.

Nam Em said that when she was conquering her current boyfriend, she often received the statement "Do whatever you want, there is no love" from her boyfriend. According to Nam Em, the reason my boyfriend often says this is because he has suffered many hurts in the past.

"Because in the past, I knew someone and was hurt a lot. She was in the West, I loved her regardless until she met and lived with someone else. My ego is very big, I don't I never agreed to that because I was patriarchal. She was a cuckold but I still loved her very much, but when this happened a second time, I didn't accept it and promised myself I wouldn't love anyone else again. . I closed myself off until I met Nam Em, then I 'broke' the rule," Nam Em's boyfriend said.

Nam Em exposed her fiancés past, mentioning being cuckolded and having a patriarchal personality - Photo 2

According to Nam Em, she and her boyfriend came together because of sympathy and understanding of past hurts. Sharing more, Nam Em's boyfriend said that for him, the past is something that he and his girlfriend never want to repeat.

"But without the past, there would be no me today. My life has gone through many ups and downs in life, but without them, there would be no enlightened person today. Now I decide to work hard. I told Nam Em that when I make it public like that, public opinion can 'dig up' my past, I can't change it. Right now, I only think about the present and the future. ", Nam Em's boyfriend shared more.

Nam Em exposed her fiancés past, mentioning being cuckolded and having a patriarchal personality - Photo 3

Before that, Nam Em's current fiancé was caught up in a series of rumors about his past love for many people. Although she also responded that everyone has a past, but to please netizens is probably impossible.

On her personal page, Nam Em shared some rather tense and implicit comments about her husband-to-be's past being "dug up" by netizens. Accordingly, the beauty expressed: "Are you sure your past is clean or not, then bring up someone else's past to torment you? Then people bring up your past and ask why it's unlucky. Cause and effect comes very soon." ".

Nam Em exposed her fiancés past, mentioning being cuckolded and having a patriarchal personality - Photo 4

Although not directly mentioning the specific story, many people believe that Nam Em wants to protect her fiancé from the "storm of public opinion". On social networking forums, information appeared that Nam Em's fiancé had had two wives and had a notorious playboy past.

The public is even worried about whether the beauty born in 1996 is safe with such a person. That's why Nam Em's move to speak up to protect her fiancé is currently attracting attention.

Nam Em exposed her fiancés past, mentioning being cuckolded and having a patriarchal personality - Photo 5

Previously, Nam Em posted a picture of a huge ring she allegedly received from her future husband. Next, the beauty did not hesitate to publicly r.eveal her future husband's appearance and her engagement plan in April 2024.

Nam Em exposed her fiancés past, mentioning being cuckolded and having a patriarchal personality - Photo 6

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