Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman?

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Nam Em had an impressive night with two male singers, Quoc Thien and Song Luan, at a cozy tea room. During the music night, the original beauty of Tien Giang brought her favorite songs and covers over the past time to serve the audience present.

Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman? - Photo 1

Notably, before starting a song, Nam Em shared with the audience: "Recently I really like to write music, because I find that when I'm confused in my mind, I don't solve it. If I can decide by speaking out, I will write it down. feel.

There are times when I find myself a bit of a multi-personality, sometimes I am a different person, but sometimes I am also a different person. Sometimes the people next to me are really tired because they don't know how to please me. Sometimes I also feel a bit sad because sometimes I feel very sad because of my efforts, why don't people recognize it? But sometimes I forget one thing that there are still a lot of people who love me next to me that I can't see, but I only focus on suffering and pain.

Until I reached the bottom of the pain, I felt that I was too miserable because I saw that my material conditions were not lacking at all, because my living needs were just like that. But in terms of emotional needs, the need to be loved, since childhood I was severely lacking in affection, I did not have family meals, nor did I have sweet, easy-to-listen, easy words. but I only listen to the harsh words of people around, and gradually it became a... habit.

Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman? - Photo 2

I am now a very rough talker, I also learned to be soft and gentle. Because I know there is not a person who likes to talk to someone who is always grumpy and grumpy. Many times I feel that it may be due to the childhood habits of people around me that accidentally infect me. Later, if I have a family, have children, then surely the first thing I will have to teach myself, I must learn to speak softly, learn to be responsible and learn to protect my family. self.

Nam Em said that in the past, she often chose to avoid marriage, the beauty shared: "Well, let's stay for the rest of my life, my parents are already unhappy, then I don't need to be happy either. Whatever I do, I just live a lonely life.

Then I discovered that if we are born without happiness, it is the fault of the family. But if we continue to be unhappy, it is our own fault. So I'm trying really hard so that in my life I won't have any regrets."

Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman? - Photo 3

Nam Em said that the fact that she decided to tell about her life in front of such a large audience would inevitably have mixed opinions. However, she still chooses to speak out to share about her failures in life, and Nam Em also hopes that no one will make the same mistakes that she has made.

Previously, Nam Em caused a stir when posting a picture of a man wearing a white shirt with the caption "my husband". She still hid this man's face. The move of the beauty of Tien Giang origin made the online community unable to help but discuss.

Before the audience's comments, Nam Em opened up about the love story: "I'm sure everyone understands that after so many storms, what I need now is peace and a home. I have found a destination. I've passed my own. I also ask for permission not to make my man public. I hope everyone can understand and help because I myself do not want to add to the market right now."

Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman? - Photo 4

Miss Mekong Delta 2015 further confided that her standing on stage performing with someone is the nature of her work, so "hopefully everyone can understand so I can protect my family's happiness." family and can also continue artistic activities".

At the end of the post, Nam Em confided: "Having both at the same time, and having to protect work and family is really difficult. But I still hope that people only love my music. Thank you."

Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman? - Photo 5

Nam Em decided to do a shocking thing after publicizing her husband as a famous businessman? - Photo 6

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