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Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other person's family, and Jin was involved?

JLO15:59:45 22/05/2024
Jin - Xiu was once known as a couple in the LGBT community that received a lot of love from everyone. The couple even participated in a dating show and proposed to each other on stage.

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Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the "chicken coop"?

Phượng Vũ15:21:16 06/03/2024
After being fined 37.5 million for a speech error, Nam Em still does not stop livestreaming on his personal page. Recently, she confused people by acting strangely with the beauty who appeared on the show Who Is He? .

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Jin - Xiu breaks up: Not "used to money", the real reason for the rift is because there is a 3rd person stepping in?

Gia Linh11:39:07 27/08/2023
Recently, the livestream Jin (Mingming) exposing the true personality of his ex as well as things only insiders know is receiving attention from fans. But even in the comments section, another story is equally attention-grabbing.

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Tiktoker Jie Dan breaks up with same-sex lover Thanh Tat , OTP swinging fans cry because of meeting "long term"

Thảo Mai15:51:01 06/08/2023
Recently, Jie Dan suddenly announced his way with Cheng Tat causing netizens to be confused. Before that, the two had 4 years of dating together very sweetly, so this information caused even more regret for fans.

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LGBT couple Jin - Xiu officially broke up, shocking with the last message for each other

Mưa17:35:40 24/07/2023
The lesbian couple Minh Minh - Anh Thu (also known as Jin - Xiu) attracted attention at the show Who is he. The dreamlike love story of the two makes many people admire.

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Crying on the livestream when being sarcastic to Jin for m.oney, if it's not worth taking advantage of, "kicking ass"

Ban Mai11:20:59 14/07/2023
During a recent livestream with fans, Xiu choked and revealed that I was also scolded for taking m.oney from Ms. Minh, so I left. As soon as she finished speaking, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

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The female LGBT couple Jin - Xiu clearly spoke out about breaking up, begging netizens for this one thing

Minh Lợi12:01:23 13/07/2023
Not only famous for his beautiful love and sweet images, Jin - Xiu also caused a fever on the stage Who is he with a very romantic proposal. The two thought they would have such a happy ending, but the couple recently had doubts about breaking up.

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The LGBT female couple Jin - Xiu implied "everyone goes their separate ways", the reason why people were so shocked?

Bình Yên15:16:52 12/07/2023
Lesbian couple Jin - Xiu are well known on social networks when they often appear beautiful together. In many posts on the personal page, the couple did not hesitate to show their affection for each other.

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The LGBT male couple following in the footsteps of Jin - Xiu proposed in Who is it, Quan Han - Van Vinh officially dated?

JLO13:01:10 14/06/2023
In the latest episode, Duc Nguyen - a co-founder of an English center in Ho Chi Minh City, appeared purple and held hands with his boyfriend Luan Vu on the stage of Who Is Who.

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Who is he: 2 LGBT fraternal twins appear for the first time, saying emotional comeout

Minh Lợi09:00:58 24/05/2023
In the second round of episode 1 Who Is It, season 5, the female lead Elli Gia decided to choose Phu Nguyen to stop the game because it was not the man she was aiming for. It is known that this is also a male god with a very special story. True to the advisory board's...

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LGBT couple Jin - Xiu spent billions "finding children", netizens shouted Ms. Nhan Vlog's name, reminding one of this!

Minh Lợi14:49:32 18/03/2023
After Who is He, Jin - Xiu's every move received the attention and support of fans. One of the most notable is probably the couple's plan to "find a c.hild". Specifically, recently, one of the most famous LGBT couples in the internet is probably Minh Minh and Anh Thu (close names...

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Minh Minh - Anh Thu (Jin - Xiu): The same-sex couple that caused NALA fever revealed that they are about to have a b.aby together

Hoàng Phúc09:55:22 15/12/2022
After causing a fever with a romantic proposal on the show Who is he, Jin - Xiu has received more and more attention from many people. Recently, the couple also revealed their desire to have children, making everyone anxious. Accordingly, the couple Minh Minh - Anh Thu (also...

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Minh Minh - Anh Thu: The couple that caused a fever at Who Is Who has a luxurious life, driving a billion-dollar box

Mộc11:38:27 06/12/2022
The full and deep love that two young girls have for each other has become an inspirational story for the LGBT community and is supported by many people. After causing a "fever" at the show "Who is that person", the current life of the "Bay Hop" couple Jin - Xiu made many people...

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Minh Minh - Anh Thu (Jin - Xiu) wore a couple to respect same-sex love, fans immediately urged to get married for 1 reason

Hoàng Phúc10:06:57 06/10/2022
Together in a festival honoring same-sex love, famous LGBT couples on social networks attract the attention of many people. In which, it is impossible not to mention the extremely lovely couple Jin - Xiu. In recent years, the love of members of the LGBT community is increasingly...

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Minh Minh (Jin) - Anh Thu (Xiu) celebrates 1 year of getting to know each other, causing curiosity about the huge fortune

Hoàng Phúc11:31:04 26/08/2022
The love story of Minh Minh and Anh Thu inspires many people in the LGBT community. Not only love each other sincerely, but the two also work together to support each other's career, making many people admire. No matter who He is, the same-sex couple Minh Minh and Anh Thu (Jin -...

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Ly Nha Ky ran away, Thai Khoa won the flower, the female-female marriage proposal and unprecedented things NALA

Hoàng Phúc10:18:56 25/08/2022
In addition to the successful "destined" couples, or the meaningful "owned" appearances, NALA 2022 also brings "unprecedented" things such as Ly Nha Ky's embarrassment, decided not to give flowers to any guy. Ly Nha Ky ran away, Thai Khoa "won" the flower of the female lead In...

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Anh Thu (Xiu): H.ot streamer is loved by the same s.ex - CEO Jin is pampered, his birthday is given 1 billion

Hoàng Phúc13:51:34 24/08/2022
Not only beautiful and h.ot, Vo Tran Anh Thu (Xiu) is also loved by a beautiful love story with CEO Minh Minh (Jin). This is one of the very famous female-female couples on social networks, time and time again making the online community admire because of the love story that is...

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Minh Minh - Anh Thu (Jin - Xiu) met and sobbed on the livestream after the proposal at NALA

Hoàng Phúc09:52:19 22/08/2022
Jin - Xiu, one of the very famous female-female couples on social networks, from time to time makes the online community admire because of the love story that is so "lovely" and as beautiful as her beauty. both. After a shocking proposal at NALA, recently Xiu livestream shared...

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Minh Minh - Anh Thu (Jin - Xiu): The couple proposed marriage in NALA, the biological mother said a sentence and everyone choked.

Hoàng Phúc17:20:38 20/08/2022
The love story of the couple Minh Minh and Anh Thu positively inspires the LGBT community. Not only are they happy together, the couple is also fully supported by their families. Who is that person season 4 closes with a special episode for the first time with the male lead...

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