Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang

Bảo NamFeb 19, 2024 at 16:13

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The livestream lasted nearly 3 hours, subtly mentioning many Vietnamese artists of Nam Em, causing netizens to talk. In one of them, she revealed the shocking news that a beauty named "Touch A Plus M" was the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé.

Nam Em also promised to ask her husband to tell this love story at the next livestream.

Immediately after Nam Em's open sharing, netizens kept calling Sam's name. Because the characters through Nam Em's allusion can be combined with Sam's name, netizens suspect the actress is related to the story Nam Em intends to tell. While many people were confused, and flooded their personal pages to ask for clarity, Sam shared an attention-grabbing share.

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 1

On her personal page, the actress posted only 3 words: "What is it" with an icon as if to express bewilderment. Although Sam did not directly address the issue, many speculated that this was her reaction to being involved in "flying ears" related to her personal life.

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 2

Sam is currently one of the pregnant mothers that netizens pay a lot of attention to. Although he was comfortable attending the event as well as posting photos showing off his "surpassing" belly, Sam still decided to keep his husband's face private. For this reason, the actress has been entangled in a series of negative rumors related to the identity of her "other half".

Sam fired back: "Why do people keep asking where my husband is, who is my husband? Then suddenly the rumors ran out. While I've already publicly registered my marriage, I don't know what else to do. My husband is an ordinary person, not an artist. I just wish him the most peaceful life. That's how I protect my happiness and my little family. I hope everyone understands for me, I am pregnant and I have heard rumors about my pregnant mother's family."

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 3

Sam's husband is a non-entertainer but is very sympathetic and supportive of his wife's work. He has no idea or gets jealous whenever Sam has intimate scenes with male colleagues on film. Sam admits he has changed a lot from how he uses m.oney to his outlook on life after being with this man. During the implementation of IVF of her first c.hild, the actress was always accompanied and encouraged by her husband.

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 4

Regarding the incident of Nam Em - Que Van and the livestream giving a lot of hidden information related to figures in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, lawyer Nguyen Quoc Cuong - Director of INFINITY Vietnam Law Firm said: "In this case, the law is very difficult to intervene because these people only talk nonsense, did not name the characters mentioned on the livestream. However, in cases where such insinuations make it possible for everyone to understand who the person mentioned in the story is, it can still be handled. Those directly affected have the right to sue and demand the revocation of such information on social media as well as a public apology.

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 5

In case this online information causes social disturbance, the authorities may intervene and impose administrative penalties. If these acts are repeated repeated, those who spread false information risk criminal prosecution, as in the case of Ms. Fang Hang before."

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 6

On Nam Em's side, despite facing criticism, Nam Em continued to open a livestream. Worth mentioning, this time Nam Em said he would stop exposing the "hidden corners" in showbiz. Nam Em said: "I am not stupid to call anyone's name anymore, I talk vaguely who wants to stay listen, listen, not listen. I don't have the need to talk anymore, people don't click me to call my name, in a few days there will be an 'invitation card on the table, time and place' to go to the ward." She said she would have to "fall down" in the coming time, not specifically calling anyone by name to avoid being dealt with by authorities.

Nam Em reveals that Sam is the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé, declaring to wait for Mrs. Fang Hang - Photo 7

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