Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers

Hoàng PhúcFeb 03, 2024 at 19:14

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Recently, Nam Em and her fiancé went shopping for Tet. However, the miss caused a stir on social media, causing people to be angry because she carried out a series of controversial actions at the supermarket.

Specifically, recently, Nam Em livestreamed while going to the supermarket with her fiancé. However, the actress caused controversy for her act of sitting in a cargo car and asking her "other half" to push away. Many viewers expressed their frustration on live air. The majority of opinions said that this is a disrespect for goods and a violation of supermarket regulations.

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 1

When reading the netizens' reflections, Nam Em said: "I was pushed away by his vestibule in his car. It's not annoying."

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 2

Not only that, Nam Em also copied the online sales of a famous designer. She sat in the trolley, bidding on every item she held in her hand and burst out laughing. Her fiancé also made fun of the actress's joke.

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 3

On entertainment forums, many netizens criticized Nam Em's actions. Because shopping carts are designed to help shoppers easily move when there is a volume of goods inside. Sometimes parents put small babies in the car for convenience of shopping. However, the car will easily tilt and potentially many risks.

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 4

T.M.'s account exclaimed: "Why are public figures so unaware?" Friend V.V expressed: "I did this to the supermarket clerk. They will be fined and reprimanded." The A.T. account identified himself as the person who was at the supermarket at the time, and revealed that the employee did his duty, inviting Nam Em out of the car. After that, the actress expressed her unhappiness, reproached this person and left for a country.

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 5

Currently, Nam Em's story is still a topic of discussion on social media.

Over the past time, Nam Em has continuously had livestreams to share personal life stories that have received a lot of attention from the audience. The beauty of Tien Giang origin frankly talked about hidden corners in Vbiz, admitted her mistakes and made many shocking statements such as: Having "coupled" many giants, broken plastic surgery, billions in debt, mentioning other artists with bad words, telling room stories ... or even outright antifan.

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 6

Besides, Nam Em also said that being an artist makes her very tired, and working as a fishmonger in the market makes her happier. She sobbed and then angrily expressed: "Is it any good, is there a feed, is there a day... Take the right, what do you say?"

During a live broadcast, when fans asked to sing the song "Tomorrow people get married", Nam Em suddenly said: "Tomorrow people go to get married, no matter what people have to do with my life, they ask me to sing that song. I don't care, don't mention songs that do that much damage, you know?"

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 7

Previously, Nam Em's public affair with her fiancé also became noisy when this person became entangled in rumors of having a bad past and being in debt. The singer was also accused of using the song without permission at teahouse shows. In 2022, she pleaded guilty and learned from her experience after being accused of not asking permission or paying royalties for singing many works.

The constant gossip makes Nam Em gradually become one of those beauties that, when mentioned, the audience only remembers scandals rather than talent. Many viewers advised the singer to calm down, limiting livestreams.

Clip of Nam Em sitting in a supermarket shopping cart, livestreaming with viewers - Photo 8

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