Hien Ho relied on Nam Em's defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living

SnowFeb 21, 2024 at 16:35

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After a series of scandals in the past, Hien Ho gradually returned to the entertainment industry but was not well received by the public. When asked what she was doing, she had an answer that surprised everyone.

Recently, Hien Ho has attracted attention when she regularly organizes livestreams on social networks to interact and chat with the audience. The female singer surprised many people by frankly responding to comments that were sarcastic and sarcastic about her, as well as not being afraid to share questions about her personal life and career.

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 1

Recently, the online community was constantly buzzing about the clip cut from the singer's recent livestream of Meeting But Not Staying on her personal page. In the clip, she wears pajamas, does skincare, and livestreams to confide in fans.

Notably, when reading a comment with the content: "What do you do now?", Hien Ho thought for a long time, then responded: "You go to sing now and I don't know." See? I sing to earn m.oney to make many products to contribute to everyone."

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 2

Not stopping there, encountering many comments wondering about the sale of the G63 supercar, the female singer frankly said that she had sold the car for nearly a year. "Is that car so important to everyone, why do you keep mentioning it and asking about it?", she said.

Not long ago, a clip appeared on social networks recording the image of Hien Ho singing in the G63 supercar. However, this is actually an old clip and was re-posted by sites to attract views.

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 3

The singer originally from Dak Lak then also left a comment confirming that he had sold this supercar. At the same time, she also revealed that the reason for G63's "leaving" was to get m.oney to make music videos.

Hien Ho's share attracted a lot of discussion from the online community. This is probably the first time the female singer has directly spoken out about the reason for selling her "car" after rumors that she was strapped for m.oney, or even in need, due to her lack of post-noisy shows.

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 4

During the previous livestream, when seeing a comment from an audience that was being sarcastic because she had only been singing at bars and clubs all this time, Hien Ho immediately smiled and responded.

"This guy is so discriminatory, the image of me performing in bars and clubs like that is very good, brother. Performing in bars and clubs is also a lot of m.oney, brother. The audience everywhere is the audience you said." "What's so funny, do you have shows at bars or clubs? Customers at clubs spend how much m.oney to come hear me sing, people go out and drink beer and wine and pay a lot of m.oney, brother," she said.

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 5

On the evening of February 16, Hien Ho once again became the center of attention because Nam Em mentioned it during the livestream. Accordingly, the beauty from Tien Giang expressed sympathy and defended her juniors after the scandal. The beauty queen also called on everyone to leave the singer "Meet But Not Stay" alone because she wanted to "turn around".

"Is there anyone who hasn't been with a rich guy? And is there anyone who's been with a g.irl? Let's talk. She knows she's unlucky, but now it's okay if she doesn't repeat that path. Why do people advise her to be beautiful?" But it's such a waste, she's so beautiful, she's like this, she's like that. She's also beautiful, she's also rich, but it's because she's unlucky, there's no shortage of wealthy couples in showbiz.

It's just that she was unlucky, but later Hien Ho also realized what was wrong, she was happy, playing games and living. People know they are wrong, they correct them, why don't they let them correct them instead of dragging them down day and night?", Nam Em expressed sympathy for Hien Ho.

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 6

Also during the livestream, Le Nam's younger sister continued to r.eveal the "hidden corners" of showbiz: "But now people have changed, if you want to live a peaceful life, let them live in peace. R.eveal the whole showbiz thing." go, there's no one to marry a rich man, I'm going head first. Everyone is a rich man, it's just that they haven't been exposed yet.

Everyone wears branded clothes, but the pay in showbiz is not high, where do they come from? There are no clean snowflakes, don't think showbiz's aura is clean, it stinks. So since Hien Ho wants to turn around and go to shore, then leave it alone and let people live...".

Hien Ho relied on Nam Ems defense and blatantly responded to the anti when asked what she did for a living - Photo 7

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