Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam

Châu AnhJun 04, 2024 at 10:34

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Successive beauties decided to give up going to Vietnam to attend Miss Charm due to the delay in organizing that caused a wave of controversy. Notably, a Filipino representative told about a bad experience when going to Vietnam to compete in the beauty pageant.

According to the original plan, Miss Charm 2024 was scheduled to take place in April. However, until now it is June 6, the organizers are still quiet and have not given the tentative schedule of this year's contest, causing many beauty fans to be impatient.

Recently, the news that beauty Krishnah Gravidez relinquished the title of Miss Charm Philippines 2024 received a lot of attention from beauty fans. Because, she is a very strong contestant if she has a chance to f.ight at Miss Charm 2024.

Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam - Photo 1

On her personal page, the beauty posted an emotional mood: "To the fans of the pageant, my supporters in Vietnam. After much consideration and reflection, I regret to inform you that I have decided to withdraw from the Miss Charm International pageant."

Although she did not specify the reason for withdrawing from Miss Charm 2024, the majority of viewers implicitly understood that she herself wanted to f.ight in a fiercer beauty arena. Krishnah Gravidez has been in the Top 5 of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. She owns a height of 1m75 and a beautiful physique like a statue.

Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam - Photo 2

Remember when she was awarded the ticket to Miss Charm Philippines 2024, the beauty had a street parade back to her hometown. As such, Miss Charm rights holders in the Philippines will be looking for a replacement for Krishnah Gravidez.

After Krisnah Gravidez relinquished the title, beauty Ashley Subijano – the first representative of the Philippines – sent to Miss Charm 2019 also spoke out about her experience while waiting for the pageant to be held.

In 2019, when the Miss Charm pageant was announced, Ashley Subijano was chosen as the representative of the Philippines. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the competition was postponed several times. Tired of waiting, Ashley turned her attention to Miss World Philippines 2022.

Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam - Photo 3

In her latest post, Ashley Subijano shared, "After the organizers of Miss Charm postponed the competition for the 5th time during my time in office, they kicked all of us contestants out of the group chat because they begged them not to cancel the pageant anymore. And then, I withdrew. I was heartbroken with the way we were treated."

Ashley Subijano's sharing received the attention of beauty fans. Many people criticized the Miss Charm organizers for their unprofessional way of working.

In early May, Indonesian beauty Lulu Zaharani Krisna also decided to give up the title of Miss Charm Indonesia 2024 to continue her university studies, giving way to beauty Melati Tedja.

Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam - Photo 4

In the face of angry comments from international fans, the organizers of Miss Charm remained silent without giving an explanation. Not only did the beauty fans disparage, but the Miss Charm organization also received many complaints from partners - who were National Directors who bought the rights to the pageant.

Miss Charm Portugal said it could not contact Miss Charm organizers. Accordingly, when asked to choose a representative for Miss Charm 2024, the Miss Charm Portugal organizers sent a list of potential beauties but were not responded to by the Miss Charm organization.

In November 2023, Miss Grand India's national director, when asked about the Miss Charm rights purchase, bluntly said that the Miss Charm organisation was lazy and had an unprofessional working style.

Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam - Photo 5

Up to now, although nearly 30 countries have announced representatives, Vietnam has not yet made moves to find a successor to Thanh Thanh Huyen. Certainly, the organizers will continue to apply the casting and screening of candidates, not in time to organize a separate playground to choose a new miss.

Currently, Vietnamese and international beauty fans constantly leave many critical comments on the contest fanpage, many viewers also think that this scandalous contest should be closed, but in response, the organizers are still silent.

Filipino beauty denounces being treated badly when competing in Miss Charm in Vietnam - Photo 6

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