Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details

Tuyết NgọcAug 30, 2023 at 17:05

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After visiting Vietnam a few days ago, Mr. Nawat suddenly made a move related to Miss Thuy Tien, causing beauty fans to be stunned, but there was a detail released by netizens that showed that the president has not calmed down.

Since the news emerged that Mr. Nawat - President of Miss Grand International came to our country to attend the final of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023, people have been very curious about how he will react when he meets Miss Thuy Tien.

Because earlier, this chairman was very angry when Thuy Tien arbitrarily removed the international title on his personal pages. Although the queen later updated herself and apologized profusely, Nawat criticized the queen as "immature" and unfollowed her on Instagram.

Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details - Photo 1

Until recently when meeting Thuy Tien in Vietnam, the president was happy and accepted the late birthday gift that she gave her. Later, Mr. Nawat also actively posted a photo taken with Thuy Tien at the Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 Finale on his personal page. This is also the first time he has posted information regarding his "pet daughter" after the emotional rift.

Under the comment section of the article, Thuy Tien quickly expressed her affection with the words "Love papa" as if to prove to everyone that, after all, the queen always loves Mr. Nawat like the first day of participating in Miss Grand International 2021. Thereby, it can be seen that the two still keep a happy and close attitude to each other, making fans excited.

Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details - Photo 2

However, Nawat has yet to follow up on Thuy Tien, prompting speculation, and the chairman has not really calmed down. Many fans even thought that the chairman had a "long-term grudge" because Thuy Tien apologized and many times expressed his goodwill to make up such as posting happy birthday and giving him gifts.

Having said it again and again, Mr. Nawat attaches great importance to the contest he founded, so it is certainly not easy to console when Thuy Tien suddenly removes the title. Because in the past, the president always praised Thuy Tien as the most successful Miss Grand International, giving her many favors.

Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details - Photo 3

Especially the fact that the queen was brought back to the original crown, so when she acted indiscriminately, he was extremely disappointed. Hopefully, through these things, along with sincerity, Mr. Nawat and Thuy Tien can restore the relationship of love and trust as before.

Previously, Mr. Nawat made a move that was said to "ignore" the Miss Grand Vietnam organization when he received an invitation to Vietnam to attend the final of the pageant.

Specifically, on the eve of the final, the official page of Miss Grand Vietnam posted a status line, announcing to the public the participation of international guests in the finale. Accordingly, Miss Grand International President - Mr. Nawat, Vice President Teresa and current Miss Isabella Menin will arrive in Vietnam on August 25-26 respectively at Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City).

Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details - Photo 4

Receiving the news on the afternoon of August 22, Ms. Teresa Chaivisut - Vice President of Miss Grand International, revealed that she will attend the final of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 when commenting in Miss Thuy Tien's article with the content: "Me too, see you in Vietnam".

Next, Ms. Teresa posted a photo welcoming Mr. Nawat to Vietnam on her personal page, but the president also clicked "drop heart" without any further sharing on this issue. Since then, many speculators have speculated that Nawat will not be present until the official Miss Grand International in October.

Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details - Photo 5

The source of the discord probably stemmed from the wave of controversy when Miss Thien An slipped into the top 10 at Miss Grand International 2022 and Nawat's statements about representing Vietnam. Especially when the following on the Miss Grand International homepage is also heavily damaged because of the loss of the number of followers after the noise.

Since then, despite being regularly tagged by netizens in articles and photos of contestants at Miss Grand Vietnam, the president from Thailand does not seem to care much. In addition, Nawat Itsaragrisil has rarely shared information about the contest on his personal page lately as in previous years. In particular, Vietnam is also the host country of Miss Grand International of this year's season.

Mr. Nawat took the initiative to refer to the noisy Fairy Maiden, who still shed light on unusual details - Photo 6

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