Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong!

Vân AnhFeb 21, 2024 at 08:14

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Defeating all anti-fan criticism, it can be firmly affirmed that height will not be a barrier, making it difficult for Miss Mai Phuong to reach the Miss World 2024 crown. Because in 2019, the beauty is only 1m67 tall. was crowned.

Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong is the representative of Vietnam fighting in the world's toughest arena Miss World 2024. Possessing extremely good beauty, thinking, and communication, the country's beauty fans are still worried. worried that height will be a big barrier for girls born in 1999.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 1

But few people know that one of the beauties crowned in the last 5 years, the one who surpassed Vietnam's "thousand-blooded warrior" Luong Thuy Linh to be crowned in 2019, is only 1m67 tall.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 2

Although it is clear that Toni Ann Singh does not have the same height as many other beauties, her face also does not leave a strong impression. However, her determination and will are not inferior to any h.ot beauty on the planet. The proof is that Toni Ann Singh successfully surpassed more than 100 other beauties to reach the highest position of Miss World 2019.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 3

Surely Toni Ann Singh could not believe her ears when her name was announced for the highest position, because at that moment, while her hair was still messy and her face was still surprised, she became the new Miss. World 2019. The innocent and confused image of a beauty who is only 1m67 tall in front of a group of beauties several tens of centimeters taller than her is definitely one of the most unforgettable images of the Miss World 2019 Final.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 4

Toni Ann Singh's opponent that year was the strongest representative that Vietnam had ever sent to this arena - Luong Thuy Linh. She is a queen who is highly appreciated for her beauty, qualifications, skills and demeanor from the time she was crowned until now. Luong Thuy Linh is 1m78 tall and has 1m22 long legs. She not only has a good education, but also possesses extremely shining performance skills, always being the top "legacy" of Golden Lotus on the catwalk.

Yet that year, Luong Thuy Linh had to sadly stop in the Top 12 finals and the winner was a petite g.irl only 1m67 tall.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 5

This confirms once again that height is definitely not a barrier for Miss Mai Phuong on her journey to conquer the prestigious crown. Because up until now, this queen has often been "bashed" for two things: her height and her strong personality. Up to now, she has moderated and harmonized her personality to suit her position. So the only thing that anti-fans still cling to to "take down" her is her modest height of 1m70.

Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong not only possesses a great educational background (reached 8.0 IELTS), the beauty also received a "rain" of compliments from the public for her sharp thinking and ability to communicate in English fluently. She is expected by fans to be able to surpass the achievements of previous representatives such as Do Thi Ha and Luong Thuy Linh and reach the final Top 5.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 6

In the early days of her participation, Mai Phuong continuously made the domestic audience "bloom" with her extremely engaging interactions with friends from other countries. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Vietnamese beauty is standing out as a "diplomatic queen" among beautiful queens from more than 100 countries and territories.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 7

Not only did she carefully prepare for costumes and extra competitions, Mai Phuong spent 2 years carefully "training" her behavior skills, performance skills, and especially her charity project. So fans can absolutely set high expectations for this "export". With her strengths and confident, brave demeanor, I am sure that the 1999 queen will bring great pride to the nation.

Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong! - Photo 8

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